I Love You Frame

Feb 13, 2015

This spark­ly chip­board frame is going to be added to the front cov­er of a mini album. I plan to cov­er the album with vin­tage sheet music and ledger paper than add pho­tos of Ter­ri and Ans­ley. If you want to make this chip­board frame it’s super sim­ple and here’s the tuto­r­i­al. Sup­plies Need­ed: 2 Maya Road Chip­board Frames, Maya Road Glit­ter ~ Red & Sil­ver, Red & Sil­ver Acrylic Paint, Vin­tage Sheet Music, Martha Stew­art Crys­tal Coarse Glit­ter, Vin­tage Glass Vial, Flocked Flow­ers, White Seam Bind­ing, Dia­mond Glaze, Glue Stick, Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue, Dina Wak­ley Gel Medi­um, Book Page Words “I LOVE YOU”, Adhe­sive Foam Squares Tools Used: Scis­sors, Paint­brush, Craft Knife, Craft Matt, Tweez­ers Instruc­tions: Using a glue stick type adhe­sive, cov­er the front of one chip­board frame with vin­tage sheet...

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Weekend Fun

Apr 7, 2014

Since Ter­ri and Laren live right in the heart of Deep Ellum, Sat­ur­day Alan and I head­ed down to see them, grand dog Lola AND go to the Deep Ellum Arts Fes­ti­val. Laren’s par­ents came down too so it was a super fun after­noon. First we walked over to Pepe’s & Mito’s to fill up on their awe­some Mex­i­can food. After we were all stuffed we start­ed walk­ing the streets. The fes­ti­val had some great bands play­ing and we had a won­der­ful time walk­ing, talk­ing, laugh­ing, dodg­ing rain drops and see­ing some amaz­ing art. I was so busy look­ing at art that the only pho­to I took was of this band. I can’t even tell you who they were but they were good. All the pho­tos of Lola were tak­en by Laren’s mom, Michelle. I was...

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Walk, Eat & Shop

Mar 5, 2014

To off­set all the calo­ries Alan and I have been con­sum­ing with just one meal a day Lola has been get­ting some nice walks when the sun decides to show its face. My gosh, Ter­ri and Laren live near so many amaz­ing places to eat.  Hon­est­ly, all we can eat is one meal and I can’t even fin­ish my entire meal. The food in Deep Ellum is so incred­i­ble. For Lunch/Dinner Alan and I went to All­go­od Cafe. He had their amaz­ing Chick­en Fried Steak and I had their OMGOSH lick your plate clean Truck Stop Hot Beef Sand­wich. This sand­wich was so darn incred­i­ble. Their mashed pota­toes are absolute­ly to die for too. I could only eat half of my sand­wich so Alan fin­ished it off for me. I have no idea how...

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Watching the Grand~Dog

Mar 4, 2014

While these two cuties enjoy a lit­tle vaca­tion in Cal­i­for­nia Alan and I are tak­ing care of our grand~dog Lola. Ter­ri and Laren live in the coolest loft in the coolest spot in Deep Ellum. So basi­cal­ly Alan and I cater to Lola’s each and every whim (treats, snug­gles, eat, pot­ty, and repeat) while we work dur­ing the day and then go walk to din­ner. Thank­ful­ly, Ter­ri and Laren come home tomor­row or Alan and I would need to pur­chase larg­er pants. Sat­ur­day, we walked to din­ner and ate at Pepe’s & Mito’s. It was super awe­some. We ate out­side and obvi­ous­ly this was before the cold front hit with sleet, ice and snow. I ate their Chick­en Chipo­tle Enchi­ladas and Alan ate their Rib Eye En Sal­sa Ranchera. We cleaned our plates. Sun­day,...

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Hot Chocolate Recipe

Dec 10, 2013

Dur­ing our iced in long week­end I made sev­er­al pots of this hot choco­late. One batch for the fam­i­ly and a sur­prise batch for the neigh­bor­hood kids so they could warm up as they played out­side. They had so much fun all week­end sled­ding down our dri­ve­way and ice skat­ing in the street. And when you are between the ages of 6 & 10 years old there’s noth­ing bet­ter than hav­ing some­one bring out a crock pot filled with Free Hot Choco­late, a Bag of Marsh­mal­lows and Dix­ie Cups then sit­ting every­thing on the porch telling you to drink all you want. Oh and I got a great laugh as I over­heard one lit­tle boy telling his friend, “This is actu­al­ly real­ly good hot choco­late.” These kids real­ly reaped the rewards of me ter­ri­bly...

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Cyber Monday Etsy Sale

Dec 2, 2013

I hope you and your fam­i­ly had a won­der­ful Thanks­giv­ing. I know I have a few added pounds from mom’s awe­some turkey, stuff­ing and desserts. After din­ner every­one was stuffed and all us adults need­ed naps except Made­lyn and Bel­lie, they were run­ning around like the ener­giz­er bun­ny and were glued to Ans­ley’s hip. Made­lyn and Bel­lie LOVE Ans­ley. After 50 years, mom and dad final­ly have a table to sit the entire fam­i­ly. This has been one of mom’s wish­es for years and I’m so glad it final­ly came true. Thanks­giv­ing din­ner was a won­der­ful way to break it in too.  From left to right are Mom, Laren (son-in-law), Ter­ri (daugh­ter), Aman­da (niece), Steve (Aman­da’s boyfriend), Dad (San­ta), Brit­tain (nephew), Bel­lie (niece), Ans­ley (daugh­ter), Me and Made­lyn (niece). Today, through Dec. 16th I’m...

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Bees Wax Tools & Tips

Jun 21, 2013

Bees Wax is a medi­um I real­ly enjoy cre­at­ing with and if you are think­ing about giv­ing it a try I thought I would share some tips. First, if you are new to this medi­um there real­ly is no need to go out and pur­chase expen­sive encaus­tic sup­plies right off, if you find out you love work­ing with wax then you can begin adding high end encaus­tic wax and tools. But for what I do the tools I’m going to tell you about work per­fect­ly. Insert here… hus­band clap­ping hands and doing a lit­tle hap­py dance. The heat tools I use are a Non-Stick Craft Sheet (always work on a Non-Stick Craft Sheet), Heat It Craft Tool, Melt­ing Pot, Clover Quilt­ing Iron and a Wal­nut Hal­low Wood Burn­ing Set. As far as wax, I...

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Studio Makeover ~ Part 2

Mar 27, 2013

I am so close to being fin­ished with my stu­dio makeover. I just need to hang the cur­tains over the shelv­ing unit to the left, find a small piece for addi­tion­al stor­age to put up on the shelves along the wall on the far left then hang some vin­tage pho­tos I have and bam… it’s done. I’m real­ly lov­ing the mix of all the things I love with my sup­plies. To me, per­son­al touch­es are what make a room warm and invit­ing.  So let me give you a close up tour and show you how I com­bined per­son­al trea­sures and vin­tage finds among my crafty prod­ucts. This is what I see when sit­ting at my work table. I’m using a berry bas­ket to hold my adhe­sives, a mini pie tin works per­fect­ly for my...

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Family is Everything

Dec 26, 2012

This is the can­vas I cre­at­ed for Mom. I made her a fam­i­ly tree sor­ta can­vas. You will see me at the top as I’m the old­est, then I placed my two daugh­ters Ter­ri and Ans­ley under­neath me. Next is my broth­er Richard, then my sis­ter Belin­da and her kids Aman­da, Brit­tain, Made­lyn and Isabel­la (Bel­lie). I cre­at­ed this can­vas using the Maya Road Por­trait Chip­board pieces, Clau­dine Hell­muth Stu­dio Acrylic Paint Char­coal Black, Tra­di­tion­al Tan and Blank Can­vas. I accent­ed the sides using the Heart sten­cil by Dina Wak­ley as the hearts were the per­fect size for this piece. I traced mine onto the sides using a pen­cil then using a paint brush filled them in with black paint and white accents. I paint­ed each por­trait chip­board piece using black paint. Once dry...

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Kitting and a Contract

Aug 8, 2012

I’m so hap­py to show you this pho­to… the offi­cial con­tract for book 3 arrived. I’m so super excit­ed about the con­cept for this book I can hard­ly stand it. I’m also very for­tu­nate to get to con­tin­ue work­ing with such loy­al spon­sors. I have a few new spon­sors that I’m real­ly hap­py to have that will be added to this LIST soon! Thank you all so much for your sup­port and ongo­ing spon­sor­ship. I real­ly appre­ci­ate both tremen­dous­ly. This week it’s been all about get­ting kits ready and shipped to Lake Como, Italy for “A Kiss On The Chic’s Cre­ative Retreat in Italy” Lau­ra’s put togeth­er a fab­u­lous event and Sept. 15th can­not get here soon enough. I’ve nev­er in my life wished I had a Sizzix Vagabond Machine so bad­ly as I...

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A Birthday Luncheon Surprise

Jun 28, 2012

Made­lyn had a super spe­cial day, yes­ter­day. In this pho­to she had no clue what fun was head­ed her way. Before com­ing to see us this week, she dis­cov­ered there was an Amer­i­can Girl store in Dal­las. Made­lyn LOVES her Amer­i­can Girl My Twin and want­ed so bad­ly to go and get her dolls ears pierced. So me being me could not just set­tle for that know­ing her 9th birth­day was so close… July 2nd. Before she arrived I called and made reser­va­tions for a sur­prise birth­day lun­cheon in her hon­or. Ans­ley and Ter­ri were able to come cel­e­brate with us and my mom and dad and her mom and Mal­colm made sure to send her mon­ey (unknow­ing­ly to her it was tucked inside her suit­case) so Made­lyn could pur­chase her beloved McKen­na doll. The...

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Rose Shaped Crayons

Jun 27, 2012

Made­lyn had such a fun time cre­at­ing these rose shaped crayons. All you need is crayons and gosh do I ever have a stash of crayons (I always saved those left over from Ter­ri and Ans­ley’s school days) and a sil­i­cone rose muf­fin pan. I found mine at Hob­by Lob­by in the cake sec­tion. I have seen sil­i­cone ice cube trays in the $1 sec­tion at Tar­get in dif­fer­ent themes so look there too. I saw hearts, stars and luau themes, just yes­ter­day. All you need to do is take the paper off of each cray­on, break each cray­on into 4 pieces, place into molds until the crayons fill each mold, place into pre­heat­ed oven and bake at 350 degrees for 10 — 13 min., remove from oven and let cool com­plete­ly. Once the...

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I’m a Grandmother

Apr 11, 2012

Well a grand­moth­er for only a few days. Gosh did I ever have fun tex­ting my sis­ter, “I’m going to be a grand­moth­er” she has nev­er called me back so fast ever. Tex­ting Ter­ri she was going to be an “Aunt” was pret­ty fun too. Our tex­ting ses­sion went like this… Me: You are going to be an Aunt Ter­ri: To what? Me: A baby Ter­ri: This is a joke right? Me: No (tech­ni­cal­ly it is a baby… right?) Ter­ri: Answer your phone So back to Ans­ley, she is tak­ing care of Luke for her Child Devel­op­ment class and I think this is the best expe­ri­ence ever for a teenag­er! Ans­ley has had to take Luke to work with her (Big thanks to her boss, Can­dy) and has to take care of Luke’s each...

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Flea Market Finds

Mar 30, 2012

I’ve been doing a lot of flea mar­ket and antique shop­ping with my mom and dad over the past few months. We all have the “Thrill of The Hunt” gene deep with­in our DNA. It is so fun just head­ing out to dig hav­ing no idea what you will find that day. This past week­end when Ter­ri and I went down to sur­prise them I found a few things that I can­not wait to incor­po­rate into projects. Every­thing I found was minia­ture which I LOVE so much. The two tart tins are going to be turned into a two tiered piece to store tiny baubles on my work table. It will be the per­fect size and look so cute. These adorable birth­day cake can­dle hold­ers will work per­fect­ly in a shad­ow box project. I...

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Surprises are so FUN!

Mar 26, 2012

Ter­ri and I head­ed down to Beau­mont, Wednes­day to sur­prise my mom and dad. This sur­prise has been in the mak­ing for over a month and if you know me well, you know it is a mir­a­cle that I kept the sur­prise. The pho­to above was tak­en on our way home because on the way down it was pitch black. We decid­ed to leave at 8 o’clock in the evening instead of bright and ear­ly, Thurs­day morn­ing. This means we arrived at mom and dad’s at 1:30 in the morn­ing. There is noth­ing more fun than sur­pris­ing your par­ents with an unex­pect­ed vis­it and of course hear­ing your moth­er come out of a sound sleep say­ing, “What in the hell is going on” (still makes me gig­gle) as Ter­ri, Aman­da (my niece) and I...

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Olivia at 1 Month

Mar 6, 2012

It is hard to believe Olivia is already a month old. A few weeks ago my moth­er and father-in-law went to meet their newest grand­daugh­ter for the first time. Need­less to say they are in love and got in as many snug­gles as pos­si­ble. There is noth­ing cuter, sweet­er or more demand­ing than a new baby. Dou­glas and Karen have sur­vived the first month with­out too much sleep depri­va­tion and are enjoy­ing Olivia tremen­dous­ly. I must admit it seems so odd to me see­ing pho­tos of Dou­glas feed­ing and burp­ing a baby. I first met him when he was 18 and just out of high school prepar­ing to head off to Texas A&M. Once Dou­glas grad­u­at­ed he moved to Dal­las not too far from where we lived. He would come over some week­ends to...

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Growing up with Santa

Dec 19, 2011

No mat­ter how old San­ta’s grand­kids are they’re nev­er too old to have a pho­to tak­en with San­ta. This year, Laren (SIL) and Ter­ri my old­est daugh­ter went to Beau­mont for Thanks­giv­ing. This meant they were able to get their pho­to tak­en with San­ta. It’s been sev­er­al years since they’ve been able to make it down for the hol­i­days and Mr. and Mrs. Claus were very hap­py to see them. This pho­to is of San­ta and my sis­ter Belin­da’s kids… from left to right is my adorable nephew Brit­tain (poor boy he is the ONLY boy out of 6 grand­kids), Isabel­la, Paw Paw San­ta, Made­lyn hold­ing Grand-Dog Zeus and niece Aman­da. Believe it or not this pho­to was the first one they took! Talk about a Christ­mas mir­a­cle. Even Zeusy was good and looked...

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Quick and Easy Mini Album

Aug 29, 2011

A lit­tle bird once said…  Here is the mini album I told you I would share, last week. It is one of Ter­ri I did for her, her senior year in High School in 2006. It seems like it was just yes­ter­day, we were tak­ing these pho­tos. Now Ans­ley is a senior. Peo­ple are not kid­ding when they say time flies! It does and FAST. The chip­board and flower embell­ish­ments on the cov­er of the album are by Maya Road that I altered using crack­le paint, glit­ter and Dia­mond Stick­les. I cov­ered the back of each page with a sol­id piece of pat­terned paper, this was Scenic Route… sure do miss them… the front of the remain­ing album pages I cov­ered with pat­terned paper, pat­terned paper strips cut using dec­o­ra­tive scis­sors, a pho­to and jour­nal­ing....

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A Blast from the Past…

Aug 25, 2011

I thought it would be fun to show you some lay­outs I cre­at­ed using Cocoa Daisy kits from around 2007. Now that Ans­ley is a senior this year I find these lay­outs even more spe­cial. She grew up way too fast. In the lay­out above I felt there was too much white space in the back­ground of Ans­ley’s pho­to so I used the end of my paint­brush and some acrylic paints to cre­ate a pol­ka dot back­ground. I like the pop of col­or the pol­ka dots cre­ate and they fill in the white space per­fect­ly. To pop the pho­to a bit more I paint­ed yel­low acrylic paint all around the edge of the pho­to cre­at­ing a bright col­ored bor­der. To fill in the white space on the pho­to above I attached clear but­tons to...

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Back to Reality…

Aug 22, 2011

Today, sum­mer is over as Ans­ley start­ed back to school as a senior. My good­ness did these years pass by fast. I still can­not believe this is her last year in high school. I best enjoy her as much as pos­si­ble this year as I know she will be ready to fly the coup soon. Which brings me to ask this ques­tion… What in the world will Alan and I do with just the two of us at home? We have always had a child in the house as I mar­ried Alan when Ter­ri was 2 years old. I’m just going to put all this way deep in the back of my mind for now and share with you some pho­to col­lages from my trip to Buck­han­non, WV. It was an awe­some vis­it with...

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Us ~ 1972

Jul 4, 2011

Above is the com­plete lay­out using the sil­hou­ette I cre­at­ed of me and my broth­er, Richard. I was around 7 or 8 and Richard was around 5 or 6. Sad­ly, Richard passed away in 2004 from alco­holism at the age of 38. The pho­to below has always been a favorite of mine and even though I can­not see or talk to him now, I know he’s always at my side. July 4th has nev­er been the same since he passed. His 5 niece’s and 1 nephew (poor boy) knew Richard would pur­chase a ton of fire­works for them to shoot off. He would either take all the old­er kids out of the city lim­its to shoot them off or take his chances and shoot them off down the street at mom and dad’s house. Watch­ing Richard...

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