Cupcakes & Frosting

Apr 6, 2015

I have to share with you an amaz­ing frost­ing that is so sim­ple and so good. I’m all about sim­ple when it comes to the kitchen. I love to cook and bake as long as a recipe does not involve ingre­di­ents that are hard to find or is one that keeps me in the kitchen for­ev­er. If this is the case well, count me out on cook­ing that recipe. Ingre­di­ents Need­ed: Lemon Cake Mix or mix of your choice plus eggs, Water & Oil, Lemon Curd, Wilton White Sparkling Sug­ar, Cup­cake Lin­ers, So here is a fab­u­lous cup­cake recipe that is sim­ple and does not take long at all. First mix a lemon cake mix as instruct­ed on the box. Fill a muf­fin pan with cup­cake lin­ers, place lemon cake mix inside each lin­er  then...

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 17, 2015

Noth­ing like a french bread clover cov­ered in cin­na­mon sug­ar to start your St. Patrick­’s Day morn­ing. This is real­ly easy to make and pret­ty darn yum­my too. All you need to make french bread clovers is a tube of Pills­bury Crusty French Loaf, melt­ed but­ter, ground cin­na­mon and sug­ar. Instead of greas­ing my cook­ie sheet I placed mine on a cook­ie sheet cov­ered with parch­ment paper. Pre­heat the oven per instruc­tions on the tube. Cut 5 long strips of the Pills­bury Crusty French Loaf. Leave about 2 inch­es at one end for the clover stem, then loop the strip as shown in the upper left pho­to. Cre­ate the sec­ond loop as shown in the upper right pho­to. Cre­ate the third loop as shown in the low­er left pho­to, tuck the end of the strip...

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Mom’s Sugar Cookies

Feb 23, 2015

Ingre­di­ents 1/2 Cup But­ter, Soft­ened 3/4 Cup Sug­ar 1 Egg 1/2 Tea­spoon Vanil­la Extract 2 Cups All-Pur­pose Flour 1/4 Tea­spoon Salt 1/2 Tea­spoon Bak­ing Pow­der 2–3 Table­spoon Milk Direc­tions Pre­heat oven to 375 Degrees. Cream but­ter and sug­ar in mix­er bowl until light and fluffy. Add egg; beat until blend­ed. Mix in vanil­la. Add sift­ed mix­ture of flour, salt and bak­ing pow­der alter­nate­ly with milk; mix well. Chill dough until firm 15–30 min. Roll to a 1/4‑inch thick­ness on floured sur­face. Cut with 4 to 5‑inch cook­ie cut­ter. Arrange on greased cook­ie sheet or one that is lined with parch­ment paper. I pre­fer parch­ment paper. Bake for 5–7 min­utes. Mom’s oven is 5 min. mine is 7 min. Cool cook­ies on cool­ing racks com­plete­ly then add icing. This recipe makes about 1 1/2 Dozen Cook­ies....

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Weekend of Family Fun

Dec 23, 2014

This past week­end, my sis­ter and her fam­i­ly came up for the week­end. Her Christ­mas gift to Brit­tain was a tick­et to see the Cow­boys play the Colts, Sun­day. It was­n’t the game Brit­tain was hop­ing for but it was a fun time spent with his mom. Since he isn’t able to go to Beau­mont for Christ­mas I decid­ed to have a fam­i­ly Christ­mas par­ty for him at our house. Sat­ur­day morn­ing, Made­lyn and Bel­lie made snow­men out of donuts for break­fast. These were a big hit with the girls. All you need are pow­dered donuts, orange jel­ly beans for the nose and mini choco­late morsels for the mouth and eyes. A cup of hot choco­late is a great drink to go with the snow­man donuts too. Sat­ur­day evening, we had our fam­i­ly par­ty....

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Fun Getting To Know You Christmas Questions

Dec 19, 2014

Here are some fun get­ting to know you Christ­mas ques­tions you can share with friends and fam­i­ly at a fam­i­ly gath­er­ing or par­ty. I always find it inter­est­ing in how oth­ers cel­e­brate the hol­i­day sea­son. If you don’t cel­e­brate Christ­mas you can eas­i­ly change the ques­tions to fit your hol­i­day cel­e­bra­tion. My sis­ter and her fam­i­ly arrive late tonight and I can­not wait to have some fun with every­one. You know I’m on “best week­end ever” notice for Made­lyn and Isabel­la. I LOVE being their aunt. I have a week­end of fun all planned out that includes lots of hot choco­late, s’mores, cook­ie bak­ing, hol­i­day light look­ing and presents. It’s going to be a fab­u­lous week­end. 1. Wrap­ping paper or gift bags? This year it’s all about Gift Bags.  2. Real tree or arti­fi­cial? We...

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Lemon Crinkle Cookies

Dec 16, 2014

A few days ago, my sis­ter found this Lemon Crin­kle Cook­ie recipe and shared it on my Face­book page ask­ing me to make them when she comes to vis­it this week­end. I’m not sure who orig­i­nal­ly cre­at­ed this recipe but my good­ness am I ever so hap­py they did. These cook­ies are amaz­ing and have been giv­en two thumbs up from every­one that tries one. I high­ly rec­om­mend you make these this hol­i­day sea­son, your friends and fam­i­ly will love them and you! Ingre­di­ents: 1 Box Lemon Cake Mix 1 Egg 2 Cups Cool Whip, thawed ½ to 1 Cup Pow­dered Sug­ar Direc­tions: In a large bowl, com­bine cake mix, egg, and Cool Whip. The bat­ter will be sticky! Form dough into table­spoon­fuls and roll in pow­dered sug­ar. Bake for 8 to 10 min­utes in hot 350 oven...

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DIY Sugar Body Scrub

Aug 27, 2014

Ingre­di­ents: 1/4 Cup Coconut Oil (sol­id jar form not liq­uid form) 1 1/2 Cups Sug­ar (I used Impe­r­i­al Pure Cane Sug­ar but you can use Raw Sug­ar if you want a coars­er scrub) 10 Drops Lemon Essen­tial Oil 2 Drops Pep­per­mint Essen­tial Oi Direc­tions: Place coconut oil into medi­um sized microwave safe bowl for 25–30 sec­onds to melt. Add essen­tial oils to melt­ed coconut oil and stir. Add sug­ar to coconut oil and stir until mixed well. This sug­ar scrub makes enough to fill a small mason jar and one large med­i­cine bot­tle, I know odd choice but it’s all I could find to hold the excess sug­ar scrub. This sug­ar scrub is not over­ly oily which is how I like my sug­ar scrubs. If you pre­fer more oil in your body scrubs you can increase...

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Charm Bracelets and Bangles

Aug 13, 2014

I love the sweet sound of charm bracelets and I’m so lucky to have my grand­moth­er’s charm bracelet. I still remem­ber the sound her bracelet made as she wore it. I LOVED being able to find the engraved charm with my name and birth­date, it hung nes­tled among all her grand­chil­dren and oth­er spe­cial charms she had been giv­en. These two charm bracelets are craft­ed from hand cut vin­tage tin, that I cut, sand­ed and turned into charms. Each charm cre­ates a soft sweet sound that reminds me of a wind chime far off in the dis­tance on a Texas farm. I accent­ed each charm bracelet with a strand of pearl like beads and the bot­tom charm bracelet has vin­tage clear glass beads wire wrapped and attach between the tin charms. Each bracelet is a one of a...

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Being an Aunt…

May 29, 2014

Means you can sur­prise your nieces before bed for a sur­prise adven­ture in their jam­mies. Means you can load your nieces up on a Son­ic Shake sug­ar high right before bed, take them home and let your sis­ter deal with their sug­ar high. Means you will crawl out of bed bright and ear­ly to take them to school for Muffins with Mom & their Book Fair. Means the only pay­ment you want for get­ting up super ear­ly to attend Muffins with Mom and the Book Fair is a sweet self­ie with your nieces plus one best friend. Means you get to throw a sur­prise mini birth­day par­ty for a very spe­cial 7 year old when she comes home from school. Being an aunt is the next best thing to being a mom. Aman­da, Brit­tain, Made­lyn and...

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Mom’s Sugar Cookies

Dec 30, 2013

I got a hands on les­son in mak­ing mom’s sug­ar cook­ies while vis­it­ing my par­ents for Christ­mas. I did my best to doc­u­ment just how she makes her cook­ies so you too can enjoy the best sug­ar cook­ies ever. Let me know if you try the recipe and send me a pho­to of your cook­ies as I would love to see them. Once the dough has chilled for about an hour roll the dough to about 1/4 inch thick. Cut with cook­ie cut­ters and coat each cook­ie with sug­ar. Bake cook­ies at 375 degrees for 5–6 min­utes. They should be a light gold­en brown on the bot­tom and slight­ly firm to the touch. When pressed with your fin­ger­tip, if a dip remains in the cook­ie cook for anoth­er minute. Once baked, place cook­ies on...

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Home For Christmas

Dec 27, 2013

This year, we seemed to cel­e­brat­ed Christ­mas a lit­tle bit at a time. We had a fam­i­ly get togeth­er with Ter­ri and Laren at their loft on the 23rd then a small Christ­mas cel­e­bra­tion at our house Christ­mas Eve.  Christ­mas morn­ing, my nephew Brit­tain and I head­ed down to Beau­mont to see fam­i­ly and cel­e­brate Christ­mas with my par­ents. Alan and Ans­ley both had to work on the 26th so they could­n’t come along but when I return home they’ll have a small Christ­mas cel­e­bra­tion with the gifts I bring back. We arrived at mom and dad’s house in the late after­noon and every­one was ready to exchange gifts. It’s always a flur­ry of excite­ment dur­ing Christ­mas at mom and dad’s. I’ve been very blessed to always have an amaz­ing Christ­mas. Mom and Dad...

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Old Fashioned Sugar Cookie Recipe

Nov 26, 2013

This is the sug­ar cook­ie my mom has used for years and every­one in the fam­i­ly loves them. I thought since lots of you will be start­ing your hol­i­day bak­ing I would share the recipe. My fam­i­ly can devour a batch of these in min­utes. They are...

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Jingle, Jingle, Jingle

Nov 6, 2013

The Jin­gles and Jin­gle Bell stamps from my new Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion “Win­ter Girl” stamp set makes me hap­pi­er than an elf on a sug­ar high. The jin­gle bell is the per­fect size for hol­i­day cards, tags, lay­outs, Project Life and your Decem­ber Dai­ly album. When stamped with Cof­fee Archival ink, reminds me of the vin­tage ones I see in antique shops. I used foam squares to attach mine to the card as I love dimen­sion­al cards and want­ed them to resem­ble those found strung togeth­er and hung for the hol­i­days. I can almost her them jin­gling. For DIY hol­i­day projects please check out my etsy shop as I have sev­er­al mini kits...

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Milk Glass

Sep 17, 2013

I have a seri­ous love for milk glass. When I spot pieces of it when I’m out look­ing for trin­kets to use in projects I think of every way pos­si­ble I can use it in my stu­dio. So today, I thought I would share with you some of the ways I use the pieces I’ve found. This lit­tle sher­bet dish holds some of my favorite glass but­tons. I placed the lit­tle bird on top of the but­tons just because it looked cute. This is a small ash­tray. I place beads in it when I’m accent­ing embroi­dery pieces or sewing them into flower cen­ters. This is a great way to keep lose beads in one spot when stitch­ing. These items… can­dy dish, cups and saucers, bowl and sug­ar and cream­er are per­fect to use as...

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Pre~Order ~ Delight In The Art of Collage ~ Book 3

May 23, 2013

I real­ly have no words to describe the excite­ment I feel over know­ing “Delight In The Art of Col­lage” is avail­able for PRE-ORDER on Ama­zon. This book pushed me cre­ative­ly in ways I would have nev­er imag­ined. But in order to grow as an artist you must push past your com­fort zone. There were days I thought I would nev­er ever have anoth­er cre­ative idea come to mind but they did and here I sit with book 3. This cre­ative jour­ney, as well as the oth­er two I’ve been on was filled with days of self doubt, ela­tion, frus­tra­tion, hap­py dances, I’m nev­er ever writ­ing anoth­er book again, this would be a great idea for book 4, call­ing my super awe­some edi­tor Kristy Con­lin in pure pan­ic mode and so on. But in the end...

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Altered House Shadow Box

May 9, 2013

Some of you  might have seen this post ear­li­er in the week and won­dered what in the world is she doing… well I’ve always said I’m not a techy kin­da girl. I had the wrong post date so it post­ed before I had the blog post fin­ished. This is one of the class­es I taught at Crop & Cre­ate. It has so many tech­niques and ideas that can trans­fer on to oth­er dif­fer­ent projects. The decoupaged Pink Paislee Cof­fee Fil­ters on the roof can eas­i­ly be placed onto a can­vas,  mini album, paper mache box, wood­en plaque and lots of oth­er items. The Pink Paislee Mask and Ges­so Tech­nique can be placed on the projects I just list­ed as well as tags. And oh good­ness you can do so many cute things with the...

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Jenni Bowlin Studio ~ Thank U Card

Apr 12, 2013

Here is Card 2 of 4 and I must say, I think this card set is one of my favorite sets I’ve ever cre­at­ed. I just love the pat­terned papers and embell­ish­ments on each card. I’m telling you Lisa Dick­in­son’s Mod­ern Mer­can­tile line she designed for Jen­ni Bowl­in Stu­dio is so super inspir­ing. I love to cre­ate mini col­lages as the focal point on all my cards. A col­lage is not just lay­er­ing and attach­ing paper and ephemera to a can­vas it can be items of any kind grouped togeth­er, which is what I had loads of fun doing with this card. The wood­en but­ter­fly, heart pins, milk cap and resin flower make an adorable col­lage and the “thank u” sen­ti­ment works great to bal­ance the col­lage per­fect­ly. Cre­at­ing 3D col­lages are won­der­ful ways to use...

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Imperfect is Perfect to me.…

Mar 29, 2013

When I found this beat up old util­i­ty cart at Frisco Mer­can­tile I could not get my hands on it fast enough. I had been walk­ing up and down each and every aisle look­ing for some­thing to put in this very spot. I knew I need­ed it to be a cer­tain width and height, want­ed it to be an open piece so it would not close off the room too much, look nice and it had to be large enough to hold all the items seen. Well when I stum­bled onto this cart and saw that the price was $18.00 it was sold. Yes it is scratched, yes it leans a bit to one side (but it’s still lev­el) and yes it squeaks when the wheels roll but I think it’s imper­fec­tions are what makes it...

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So much countdown fun

Dec 14, 2012

I’ve real­ly enjoyed get­ting night­ly pho­tos of my nieces Made­lyn and Bel­lie enjoy­ing their 25 Day Count­down to Christ­mas activ­i­ty. They are lov­ing every­thing I’ve includ­ed so far. Each night is a sur­prise for all me and them as I don’t know the order in which Belin­da has them doing their activ­i­ty. Warn­ing… this is a very heavy pho­to blog post but I real­ly want to share their fun with far away fam­i­ly so I hope you don’t mind it not being crafty today. Made­lyn and Bel­lie were mak­ing their Christ­mas cards, this night. I can only imag­ine how they dec­o­rat­ed them because both love any­thing that has to do with art. Here they had a blast mak­ing paper chain gar­lands. This is such a fun, sim­ple old fash­ioned dec­o­ra­tion to make that brings...

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25 Day Countdown to Christmas

Nov 23, 2012

Today, I’m mak­ing a 25 day Count­down to Christ­mas project with my nieces Made­lyn and Bel­lie. As you can see from the pho­to they are lov­ing their new match­ing jam­mies. New flan­nel jam­mies are the best espe­cial­ly when you find match­ing ones like my mom did with a mon­key print design. Ok sor­ry, back to the project. Both lit­tle sweet peas will dec­o­rate 12 stan­dard sized card envelopes using stick­ers, self adhe­sive gems, then stamp the num­bers need­ed on each of their bags. Made­lyn will stamp the odd num­bers and Bel­lie the even num­bers. I will dec­o­rate enve­lope 25 for them to either use as a sam­ple or for inspi­ra­tion. Once all the envelopes are dec­o­rat­ed I’ll fill each one with 2 pieces of can­dy and a print­ed strip of paper that has one...

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Homemade Hand & Body Scrubs

Jun 29, 2012

Each day while Made­lyn is vis­it­ing I’m doing some kind of fun craft or project with her. Yes­ter­day, she made some awe­some yum­my body and hand scrubs with prod­ucts I already had at home. Made­lyn had lots of fun and made 4 batch­es of each scrub. The pho­tos above show how she made her “Vanil­la Body Scrub”. Sup­plies Need­ed: Brown Sug­ar, Sug­ar in the Raw, Vanil­la Extract and Canola Oil, 1/2 mea­sur­ing cup, table­spoon, mix­ing bowl, mix­ing spoon, con­tain­er you will use for your body scrub Instruc­tions for ONE batch: Pour 1/2 cup brown sug­ar and 1/2 cup sug­ar in the raw into your mix­ing bowl and mix togeth­er. Place sug­ar mix­ture into the con­tain­er you will use to store your body scrub in then add 2 table­spoons of vanil­la extract. Mix the sug­ar...

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