So This Is Love ~ Tag

Feb 11, 2015

The star of this tag is one of my new hand­made Pen­ny Can­dy Dolls. I think she is the per­fect accent for this tag and I must admit she is one of my favorites. If you want to recre­ate a tag for your­self or a friend I put togeth­er a step by step tuto­r­i­al just for you. Sup­plies Need­ed: Mani­la Tag, Vin­tage Music Sheet, White Crepe Paper, Chip­board Heart, Dina Wak­ley Media Ruby Acrylic Paint, Maya Road Red Glit­ter, Plat­inum Stick­les, Dia­mond Stick­les, Small Red Flocked Flower, Brown & White Twine, 3 Cro­cheted Doilies, Doo­dle­Bug Rhine­stones, White Embroi­dery Floss, Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue, Fab­ric Tac Fab­ric Adhe­sive, Ranger Mul­ti Medi­um Mat­te, Martha Stew­art Crys­tal Coarse Glit­ter, Hand­made Pen­ny Can­dy Doll, Small Alpha­bet Stamp Set, Jet Black Archival Ink Tools Need­ed: Scis­sors, Paper Trim­mer,...

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Altered Art Journal Page 1

Aug 22, 2014

Well I final­ly did it, I start­ed an art jour­nal. But let me tell ya it was not an easy start. I start­ed out with one page, real­ly did­n’t like the bold col­ors because let’s face it, I’m not a bold col­or kin­da gal, so I then thought I would tone it down a bit, then I real­ly did­n’t like it and had to step away from the table because I could feel some major frus­tra­tion com­ing on. This is when I decid­ed I would try to make some DIY lip gloss, so I did. It was super fast, easy and I real­ly like it. DIY Lip Gloss Recipe All you need is 1 table­spoon of coconut oil, 1/4 tea­spoon of Vase­line and 5 drops of Pep­per­mint essen­tial oil or the essen­tial oil of your choice....

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Charm Bracelets and Bangles

Aug 13, 2014

I love the sweet sound of charm bracelets and I’m so lucky to have my grand­moth­er’s charm bracelet. I still remem­ber the sound her bracelet made as she wore it. I LOVED being able to find the engraved charm with my name and birth­date, it hung nes­tled among all her grand­chil­dren and oth­er spe­cial charms she had been giv­en. These two charm bracelets are craft­ed from hand cut vin­tage tin, that I cut, sand­ed and turned into charms. Each charm cre­ates a soft sweet sound that reminds me of a wind chime far off in the dis­tance on a Texas farm. I accent­ed each charm bracelet with a strand of pearl like beads and the bot­tom charm bracelet has vin­tage clear glass beads wire wrapped and attach between the tin charms. Each bracelet is a one of a...

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Handmade Eclectic Jewelry

Jan 29, 2014

Late­ly, I’ve been cre­at­ing unique pieces of jew­el­ry in my stu­dio using bits & pieces of vin­tage jew­el­ry I’ve been col­lect­ing. The heart shaped pen­dant in the pho­to above is one I cut from cop­per sheet­ing, sol­dered and accent­ed with a vin­tage post­card image, red rhine­stone trim and Ger­man sil­ver glass glit­ter. The front and back of this pen­dant is cov­ered with a lay­er of clear resin. Then I cre­at­ed the neck­lace from pearl, iri­des­cent pink and red beads. This bracelet is cre­at­ed from a vin­tage ear­ring that I could not pass up at a flea mar­ket. I LOVE the coral col­or and all the detail. The scal­lop lace around the out­er edge and flower cen­ter is so intri­cate. The ear­ring is attached to a bracelet that has a spring type hinge. This type...

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On My Table…

Jan 17, 2014

I’ve been play­ing around in my stu­dio, this week and have real­ly enjoyed work­ing on a few sol­der­ing projects. Sol­der­ing is some­thing I kin­da put on the back burn­er for a bit while cre­at­ing my last two books. I get so much sat­is­fac­tion from cre­at­ing items I have visu­al­ized in my head. I’m a true assem­blage girl at heart. The house above has an adorable vin­tage Valen­tine image inside and is cov­ered with a lay­er of resin. The vin­tage flocked flow­ers are a beau­ti­ful shade of pale pink and one is accent­ed with the words “Love is”. I added two small rhine­stones from a vin­tage neck­lace to the key. So I’m sure you fig­ured it out that the title of this pen­dant will be “Love is Key”. I’m going to drill a hole in...

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My Life In A Dinghy

Sep 18, 2013

Have you ever won­dered what it would be like if you gave a group of artists the same tem­plate and asked them to cre­ate some­thing in their very own unique style? Well, I have always won­dered this and decid­ed to act on this idea. I sent emails to my favorite artists in the craft indus­try, those who replied stat­ing they could par­tic­i­pate I then fol­lowed up by email­ing them a tem­plate and two rules… 1. use the tem­plate I sent and 2. the base of their project had to be made from a toi­let paper roll… yes, you read cor­rect­ly a toi­let paper roll. I was so hap­py to have enough artists want­i­ng to par­tic­i­pate that this new blog fea­ture “My Life In A Dinghy” was cre­at­ed. I will post each artists amaz­ing dinghy...

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Plaster Posy

Aug 19, 2013

Before falling asleep one evening, I was think­ing about things to cre­ate with plas­ter and thought a flower would be fun. So the next morn­ing, I grabbed some wire and start­ed bend­ing and twist­ing it into shape cre­at­ing the base for a neat plas­ter posy. Once I had every­thing the way I liked it I applied plas­ter and got real­ly messy. I love the raw­ness of plas­ter and find it so inspir­ing. After the plas­ter was com­plete­ly dry I used bees wax to seal images onto the posy. Then to accent the edges of each petal and the leaf I paint­ed metal­lic gold paint all along the edges. I love how this lit­tle unas­sum­ing pop of gold looks. Paint­ing the edges of any project real­ly does help fin­ish off your piece. To com­plete the...

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Enjoying the Process

Jul 31, 2013

These projects are sit­ting on my work­table just wait­ing for me to com­plete. I real­ly enjoy cre­at­ing sev­er­al dif­fer­ent plas­ter items at once. This way I have sev­er­al dif­fer­ent projects to pick from and I don’t have to wait for plas­ter to dry. I just dig around, pick out the piece that inspires me that day and start cre­at­ing. It’s a love­ly way to start the day. This heart is going to become a shad­ow box. It will be paint­ed, inked, stamped, waxed and filled with who knows what kin­da thrifty find. This plas­ter crown is just the first of many I plan on cre­at­ing. Good­ness was this fun to make. I must admit I did fuss with it far too long but I want­ed it to have lots of rough, uneven tex­tured areas...

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Vintage Button Bracelet

Feb 7, 2013

This bracelet is seri­ous­ly the eas­i­est bracelet I’ve ever cre­at­ed. I start­ed with the Pat­era Bracelet Small Cir­cle by Nunn Design for the base of my bracelet. I love the aged look of all the Nunn Design items and the qual­i­ty is beyond awe­some. First I select­ed 7 vin­tage shell but­tons that fit nice­ly and secure­ly inside each of the bezels of the bracelet. I did not want any space show­ing between the but­ton and the bezel so I made sure these but­tons were almost an exact fit. Using E6000 as my adhe­sive, I applied a small amount of adhe­sive inside each bezel of the bracelet then pressed a vin­tage shell but­ton on top of the E6000. Next I select­ed 7 addi­tion­al shell but­tons that were slight­ly small­er than the oth­ers. I attached these to the...

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Glittering Thrift Store Vases and Bottles

Jan 28, 2013

This was a fun late night, last minute project I decid­ed to do since I’ve seen this tech­nique many times pinned on Pin­ter­est. Some things on Pin­ter­est look super easy and amaz­ing but in the end, end up being epic fail­ures. I have heard sev­er­al sto­ries. But I am hap­py to say this tech­nique works like a charm and makes this glit­ter girl super hap­py. Sup­plies Used: Col­lage Pauge Instant Decoupage ~ Glossy, Rec­ol­lec­tions Extra Fine Glit­ter ~ Cham­pagne, Thrift Store Vas­es or Bot­tles, Non-Stick Craft Mat, Alu­minum Foil, Pop­si­cle Stick Instruc­tions: Squirt some Glossy Col­lage Pauge Instant Decoupage into the bot­tom of your vase or bot­tle. I just count­ed one, two, three while squirt­ing the Col­lage Pauge Instant Decoupage into the vase and stopped. No rock­et sci­ence here.  Next I placed about 2...

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Metal Gift Tag

Oct 18, 2012

This year, I plan on using what I already have on hand to cre­ate name tags for all my gifts. All you need are a few punch­es, alco­hol inks, met­al stamps, rhine­stones and twine. This tag will adorn my niece Made­lyn’s gift this Christ­mas. This gift tag was super hard to pho­to­graph so sor­ry for the bright­ness. My cam­era was not hap­py with it’s shini­ness at all but the good thing is the tag is real­ly easy to cre­ate. I’m also deter­mined to make most of my gifts this year. These past few days I’ve been exper­i­ment­ing with Resin and Poly­mer Clay and talk about fun! I have lots of projects in mind to cre­ate. The full step-by-step tuto­r­i­al can be found HERE in my Tips, Tech­niques and Tuto­ri­als online work­shop....

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Year In Review ~ Jewelry

Jan 5, 2012

I had lots of fun cre­at­ing neck­laces and bracelets using bro­ken pieces of jew­el­ry found at flea mar­kets or thrift stores. One of my favorite things to make are bracelets using vin­tage ear­rings. The hard­est part is find­ing ear­rings at a rea­son­able price. It is always so fun when I stum­ble upon a pair dur­ing my trav­els and thrift­ing. For Christ­mas I made my niece Aman­da and me match­ing bracelets. She pur­chased three pairs the two blue ones and the rhine­stone shell look­ing one in the cen­ter. Then I scoured antique stores from Texas to West Vir­ginia as well as Flea Mar­kets in McK­in­ney and Win­nie, Texas to Antique stores in Frisco, Beau­mont, Lum­ber­ton and Sour Lake, Texas. Final­ly, I gath­ered enough for us to have match­ing bracelets. I stamped XOXO on a small...

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Charm Inspiration…

Jun 23, 2011

I’ve real­ly had fun mak­ing charms for Ter­ri and Ans­ley as well as friends and fam­i­ly. I like to col­lect lit­tle things here and there to cre­ate some­thing mean­ing­ful from a spe­cial moment or event. Then I’ll think and think on it until I come up with a unique way to incor­po­rate the item or items into a small token to give as a remem­brance of that day. Last year, while I was in Greece for Cocoa Daisy Des­ti­na­tion ~ Mykonos I brought back a lit­tle bit of sand, some coins and evil eye charms. I had no idea what I was going to do with them at the time but fig­ured some­thing would come to mind. Well, I will be room­ing with Chris­tine and Ron­da at CHA‑S next month and decid­ed this would be...

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Wall Art

Jun 16, 2011

This is a great way to use your scraps. I cre­at­ed this piece years ago but love how it’s still some­thing I can dis­played to this day. I used Maya Road Chip­board Blos­soms for the flow­ers cov­ered with pat­terned paper scraps, then I attached a but­ton to the cen­ter of each one. The leaves and stems were hand cut and ran­dom­ly placed onto the pat­terned paper base to look like a wild­flower arrange­ment. The entire piece is attached to a can­vas and sits on a easel. I accent­ed the chip­board vase with rhine­stones and twill. The say­ing says, “I’d rather have ros­es on my table than dia­monds around my neck.” Which is very much me. So keep those scraps as they can help you cre­ate some real­ly cute wall...

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Make Art!

Jan 4, 2011

I love these two lit­tle words. I have a won­der­ful cheer­leader for a friend. She always sends me email filled with words like you can do it yes you can… I know you can… etc. She is the best and SHE is SUPER TALENTED too. She LOVES flow­ers and always signs her blog posts with “make art!” I love that. Late last night while I was look­ing at her blog I thought I would make her a lit­tle some­thing to give to her at CHA. I sol­dered this flower pin sev­er­al months ago and it’s been sit­ting on a shelf col­lect­ing dust. Actu­al­ly, I have lots of stuff sit­ting on my shelves col­lect­ing dust. So I’ve decid­ed to start shar­ing them with friends and fam­i­ly as well as in class par­tic­i­pants. My sweet friend...

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I’m focused… Promise!

Jan 3, 2011

While sit­ting here wait­ing for my Dis­tress Crack­le Paint — Rock Can­dy to dry I remem­bered I for­got to show you the bracelet dad and I made using one of my grand­fa­ther’s spoons. Well actu­al­ly it’s real­ly more like the bracelet I pound­ed flat, stamped poor­ly, dad bent into shape and fixed my stamp­ing. Poor man, I tell ya we had some laughs or rather I laughed at the looks dad would give me when I would hand it over for him to fix. Dad’s just got­ta love those crafty daugh­ter’s that ven­ture out into unknown art forms. We had fun though and it’s a bracelet I will cher­ish. All I could think of was the say­ing my grand­fa­ther would say from time to time when you got real­ly focused on the imper­fec­tions of...

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A Christmas Mouse

Dec 22, 2010

Mom and I love all the lit­tle fig­urines of Christ­mas mice that can be seen dur­ing the hol­i­days. My grand­moth­er on the oth­er hand could not STAND see­ing any­thing which slight­ly resem­bled that of a mouse. I can remem­ber once when I was very, very young being at my grand­par­en­t’s camp in Acton, Maine and gram run­ning out of the camp scream­ing. It was years lat­er I found out my mom had dis­cov­ered a lit­tle mouse nest in one of the kitchen draw­ers that had a baby mouse sleep­ing inside. Well gram did not want any­thing to do with that and left in a dash. Poor gram. So in the spir­it of all the adorable Christ­mas mice mom and I see dur­ing the hol­i­day sea­son I thought it would be fun to make one for her...

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For a great cause…

Aug 30, 2010

I was asked by Cheryl Dar­row to alter a can­vas how­ev­er I wished for a very good cause… this can­vas will be up for auc­tion at her Breast Can­cer Crop. I cre­at­ed this can­vas using a TENsec­onds Stu­dio 12″ x 12″ can­vas with a nitch as well as ledger paper from 1933, vin­tage but­tons, old book pages, scrab­ble tiles, rhine­stones, Maya Road trim and chip­board, a vin­tage flower frog, Stick­les and Dis­tress Stick­les. The pho­to inside can be removed and replaced with your own fam­i­ly pho­to. The hand­made flow­ers are cre­at­ed from old book pages. The instruc­tions on how to cre­ate these flow­ers can be found in my book “Delight In The Details”. I love how they look. The trim has been aged with creamy brown ink. The scal­lops are accent­ed with Dia­mond Stick­les...

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Altered Prima Bottle

Mar 29, 2010

This looks so much pret­ti­er in per­son. I wish you could see all the sparkle. It is hard to pho­to­graph it well so that you can see the entire thing. Any­way, I had fun get­ting my fin­gers messy today. Not some­thing I usu­al­ly do as I am a super neat scrap­per and have nev­er liked hav­ing my hands dirty… nev­er, ever, ever. And I passed that gene right on to my Sweet Pea Ter­ri. That girl does not get dirty either. I wish I could have my son-in-law share with you the sto­ry of their first camp­ing trip. He is a Saint is all I have to say, I have nev­er laughed so hard! I hope you enjoy today’s project. Try­ing to think of some­thing to make for tomor­row. I have a feel­ing it...

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Snow Day Tag

Dec 12, 2009

With all the snow lots of my friends seem to be hav­ing as of late I thought this might be a fun project to doc­u­ment their snow days. This tag can be used as an orna­ment for the tree or for an accent in any room of your house. I have always loved this pho­to of my Mom back in 1957. Salem, West Vir­ginia, where my mom grew up had a snow storm that win­ter that left her lit­tle town look­ing like a win­ter won­der­land. Her dog poochie loved play­ing out­side with her in the snow as you can see from the pho­to. I find it kind of amus­ing that Mom and Dad had the same knick­name grow­ing up of “Dick­ie” and their dogs had the same name of “Poochie”. Sup­plies Used: Maya Road...

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12 Day Advent Pocket Calendar Pocket #1

Nov 16, 2009

Instruc­tions: Stamp image onto heavy weight white card­stock, ink on top of stamped image using Dis­tress Ink, light­ly col­or image using jew­el tone chalks. Place glossy accents onto the back of a Frag­ments Charm and attach to stamped image. Using Alco­hol Ink, ink the top of the Frag­ments Charm, accent the Frag­ments Charm with Dis­tress Stick­les, let dry. Once the Dis­tress Stick­les is dry apply a clear dry­ing adhe­sive to the edge of the Frag­ments Charm and apply Gold Ger­man Glass Glit­ter to the edge, let dry. Once dry tie a piece of white seam bind­ing on top then attach gold paper wings to the back of the Frag­ments Charm. Cov­er the front top half of a 1 3/8″ x 2 3/4″ office tag with pat­terned paper, fold the end up to cre­ate a...

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