Society Lady ~ Card

Oct 22, 2013

Today I’m show­ing you how to cre­ate a sim­ple all occa­sion or note­card using my Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion Soci­ety Lady stamp set. First using Cof­fee Archival ink stamp the image of the lady onto card­stock or pat­terned paper. I used a sheet from the Pink Paislee Cot­tage Farms line. Next, cut a piece of pat­terned paper slight­ly small­er than the front of the blank note­card.  Using a Fiskars scal­loped cir­cle punch, punch a scal­loped cir­cle into the pat­terned paper piece in the low­er right cor­ner as shown in the pho­tos. Apply Plat­inum Stick­les along the out­er edge of the large pat­terned paper piece as well as along the edge of the punched scal­lop cir­cle as shown in the pho­tos and let dry. Trim the area around the stamped image so it is a bit larg­er...

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Last Sneak Peek of the Sneak Peeks

Jan 19, 2012

As you can see by the sneak peek of this sneak peek I was not kid­ding when I said I was lov­ing Dis­tress Crack­le Clear Rock Can­dy Paint. I love the look on top of the ad from the Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion Per­fumery stamp set. And just look at the detail of the per­fume bot­tle and crown, it’s spec­tac­u­lar. Judi at Pink Per­sim­mon did an amaz­ing job clean­ing up all the images. I col­ored the per­fume bot­tle using Dis­tress Ink Worn Lip­stick. All I did was wet a paint­brush with water then applied a small amount of worn lip­stick ink on to the paint­brush and used the ink as a water­col­or. How sim­ple and it’s the per­fect vin­tage shade of pink. Just make sure you use Archival Ink when you stamp your image. This ink...

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Stamped Muslin

Dec 16, 2011

Here is a won­der­ful way to cre­ate cus­tom rib­bon for any project or gift. All you need to do is tear strips of nat­ur­al or bleached muslin about 1″ wide and as long as you desire. Then place the Laven­der Salts stamp from my Anti­quat­ed  Col­lec­tion ~ Per­fumery Stamp Set ~ Pink Per­sim­mon onto an acrylic block, ink the stamp with Cof­fee Archival Ink and stamp all along the length of the torn muslin strip. I alter­nat­ed the top, mid­dle and bot­tom areas of the stamp to cre­ate a col­lage look. Super sim­ple and so pret­ty. This would look gor­geous tied around a gift wrapped in butch­er block paper and accent­ed with a sprig of pine, hol­ly or mistle­toe. May Flaum post­ed a tuto­r­i­al on her blog “Con­fes­sions of  a Choco­holic” show­ing you how...

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Always adding more…

Dec 9, 2011

So the more I looked at the domi­no art piece I post­ed yes­ter­day, the more I felt it need­ed more… it just lacked that lit­tle some­thing extra. So back into the scrap­room it went as I had ideas in my head and well, once and idea enters my head I can’t do any­thing else until I give it a go. So here is what the fin­ished piece looked like, yes­ter­day. And here is what it looks like now. Since I could not apply alco­hol ink to the face to dark­en the com­plex­ion, with­out wor­ry­ing that the alco­hol ink would ruin the stamped image, I decid­ed to stamp the image onto the blank mar­gin of a vin­tage book page then care­ful­ly and  ever so pre­cise­ly cut out the face. I then placed the cut out image...

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Domino Art

Dec 8, 2011

Each time I use a domi­no it brings me back to how I acquired them… One day as I was tak­ing Ans­ley some­place after school when she was around 13 or 14 years old, as we were about to leave the neigh­bor­hood I noticed domi­noes scat­tered all over the street. Well, I’m sure you can see where this is going… I imme­di­ate­ly stopped the car (thank­ful­ly, we live in a qui­et neigh­bor­hood) and had her jump out to pick up as many as she could out of the road. I just could not stand the thought of these get­ting ruined by cars dri­ving over them again and again. Well, Ans­ley was able to pick up all of them and not one car passed down the street. She on the oth­er hand was hor­ri­fied that I would...

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Seasons Greetings

Dec 7, 2011

I thought I would give you a heads up and let you know, you might want to head over to Pink Per­sim­mon and sign up for their newslet­ter… a lit­tle birdie told me there is going to be some things includ­ed in this months newslet­ter you just might enjoy. One of them has some­thing to do with the image above. And please join me on the Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion by Lisa M. Pace Face­book Page. There you can stay up to date on all the hap­pen­ings of my new stamp line, get inspired with all the inspi­ra­tion from the Design Team as well as par­tic­i­pate in fun give­aways and RAKS. See you there. I’m off to cre­ate....

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Christmas Baking

Dec 6, 2011

One of the things Ans­ley always looks for­ward to every hol­i­day sea­son is bak­ing Christ­mas cook­ies… wait, let me rephrase this… me bak­ing Christ­mas cook­ies. Each year, it is not Christ­mas to her unless I bake her all her favorites… Choco­late Chewies, Lemon Cook­ies, Pecan Sandies and Red Vel­vet cook­ies with a Her­shey Kiss in the mid­dle. The girl keeps me busy dur­ing the hol­i­days for sure. But I love it and it makes me hap­py that she loves them so much. So Ans­ley and her cook­ies were the inspi­ra­tion behind this card. I thought the Maya Road Heart Tart Tin Bot­tle­cap was per­fect to start with, then using Jet Black Archival Ink, I stamped the Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion Miss­es’ Aprons onto grungepa­per three times so I could cut out the apron from one and...

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Simple Stories and Maya Road

Dec 5, 2011

I hope you are ready for a fun blog hop this week. Sim­ple Sto­ries and Maya Road will be fea­tur­ing lots of awe­some projects for the hol­i­day sea­son all week using the Sim­ple Sto­ries 25 Days of Christ­mas line and loads of Maya Road prod­ucts. Last night, I cre­at­ed a card that reminds me of a hol­i­day scene from the ear­ly 1900’s. A lady and gen­tle­man stand­ing in front of their Christ­mas tree look­ing out the win­dow as peo­ple pass by their home all dec­o­rat­ed for the sea­son or maybe watch­ing snowflakes as they gen­tly fall to the ground. Either way it is a mag­i­cal evening for them both. The win­dow is attached to the front of the card using foam squares to give it a bit of dimen­sion. I attached the minia­ture hol­ly...

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Gentlemen’s Ornament or Gift Tag

Dec 1, 2011

I love the detail you get from the Gen­tle­men’s Puff stamp in the Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion ~ Fine and Dandy Stamp Set. Each fine line in the Puff can be seen and it makes me so hap­py. This project can be used as an orna­ment for your tree to rep­re­sent the men in the fam­i­ly or attached to a gift and used as a gift tag. The back is cov­ered with the blank mar­gin from a piece of vin­tage book page. I used two Maya Road Rec­tan­gle Foun­da­tion chip­board pieces as the base for this project. One com­plete rec­tan­gle front was cov­ered with vin­tage sheet music. Then just the out­er piece of the sec­ond rec­tan­gle was stamped using the fir tree stamp from Lit­tle Red Wag­on by Pink Per­sim­mon. I used Jet Black Archival Ink...

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Vintage Christmas Home Decor

Nov 30, 2011

I love accent­ing our house with lit­tle pieces tucked here and there for the hol­i­days. I feel it adds a bit of cozi­ness to the house. This year, I decid­ed to make some­thing that was a bit more appeal­ing to Ans­ley. She is not the tra­di­tion­al vin­tage col­ors of red, green and gold as I am. So I made some­thing with a vin­tage pink, aqua and sil­ver col­or scheme. It worked per­fect­ly and Ans­ley loves it. Now, she is hop­ing since I cre­at­ed some­thing with brighter col­ors maybe I can get past the vin­tagey old look­ing stuff all togeth­er, GASP… can you imag­ine… this will nev­er hap­pen and I think deep down inside she real­izes this as well. I was thrilled when I dis­cov­ered the label from the Crown Laven­der Salts bot­tle in the...

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Victorian Christmas

Nov 28, 2011

I love dec­o­rat­ing the house for Christ­mas but must admit some years I dec­o­rate more than oth­ers. The one thing that is pret­ty con­sis­tent dur­ing every hol­i­day sea­son is my love for old fash­ioned orna­ments. I have one 4′ tree that sits on top of a table and is dec­o­rat­ed with all hand­made paper orna­ments that reminds me of an old Vic­to­ri­an Christ­mas. This year, I plan on adding a few addi­tion­al orna­ments to this tree that I feel will accent it beau­ti­ful­ly. Although, to bal­ance out the tree I’m going to have to cre­ate more of each orna­ment using dif­fer­ent stamps from my Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion stamp sets. I cre­at­ed this orna­ment using the Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion ~ Fine and Dandy, Soci­ety Lady & Per­fumery Stamp Sets by Pink Per­sim­mon. The Scal­lop Frames and Hang­ing Chan­de­lier...

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Antiquated Collection and Studio 490…

Nov 24, 2011

Wendy did it again… I got this fab­u­lous sur­prise in my inbox today just after get­ting a text telling me to check my email. I can­not even describe the feel­ing of what it feels like see­ing my stamps used in projects but I can tell ya it is one awe­some feel­ing. When the Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion stamp sets were being put togeth­er nev­er did I at the time think of how per­fect­ly they would go with Wendy Vec­chi’s Stu­dio 490 Stamp Sets and Art Parts. But look for your­self… they work togeth­er per­fect­ly. In this project, Wendy used the gen­tle­man a.k.a. dap­per dude from my Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion Fine and Dandy stamp set. His robe is inked with the new Ranger Fes­tive Berries Dis­tress Ink. I’m so hap­py I just pur­chased this set while at The...

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Scented Sachet

Nov 23, 2011

This sweet scent­ed sachet is per­fect to hang any­where in your home or leave the twine hang­er off and place it in a dress­er draw­er. I am thrilled with how well Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion stamps on muslin. Each lit­tle detail of Dr. Warn­er’s Corsets stamp, stamps beau­ti­ful­ly. If you want to make a few of these sachets for gifts it real­ly does not take much time at all. Sup­plies Need­ed: Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion ~ Dr. Warn­er’s Corsets Stamp, Acrylic Block, Jet Black Archival Ink, Muslin, Cream Felt, Brown & White Bak­er’s Twine, Cream All Pur­pose Thread, Vin­tage But­ton, Maya Road Hang­ing Chan­de­lier Bead, Pale Pink Seam­ing Bind­ing. Cot­ton Balls, Favorite Per­fume or Essen­tial Oils, Fab­ri-Tac Tools Used: Sewing Machine, Scis­sors, Sewing Nee­dle, Pink Shears, Straight Pins Instruc­tions: Using Jet Black Archival Ink, ink your Dr. Warn­er’s...

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