Peeps Cake and Cupcakes

Mar 28, 2012

As soon as I discovered this “Peeps Sunflower Cake” on Pinterest I knew I was going to make it with or without a kid. I’m so glad I have two little nieces that are ready and waiting to make anything with me. I had a blast watching them create their Peeps Sunflower Cake and Peeps Bunny Cupcakes. And by the looks of these photos, they had lots of fun too. To make this a bit simpler I purchased both the chocolate cake and cupcakes from the bakery already iced. This way all Madelyn and Bellie had to do was decorate and I did not have to bake both a cake and an entire batch of cupcakes. Madelyn created her Peeps Sunflower Cake by following the instructions on the taste of home website. Click on the...

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For The Love of Peeps

Mar 21, 2012

Ahhh, it’s springtime which means flowers blooming, birds tweeting, the leaves on trees are a beautiful spring green AND the shelves in Target, Walgreen’s and Tom Thumb are FILLED with PEEPS! I love Peeps fresh from the package, dried out and a bit chewy or warmed in the microwave does not matter how they are given to me I will eat them. I do find it strange though that I prefer the yellow chicks and pink bunnies over the other colors. The taste is the same but for some reason the yellow chicks and pink bunnies are more appealing to me. Maybe it’s because I always got yellow chicks and pink bunny Peeps as a child every Easter. Since I’m addicted to Pinterest, I did a little search for “Peeps” and look at all the...

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There is a very happy…

Dec 22, 2007

person in my house and that person would be ME!!!

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Look what came my way…

Sep 30, 2007

you bet and I am going to savor every single bite and every little grain of sugar because I LOVE PEEPS! I see a unique mini album is going to be in the works regarding my love of Peeps.

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I love Peeps!

Apr 11, 2007

I changed the original photo as I felt the first one looked to small and the peeps really not as much of the focal point as they should be since the layout is about peeps.

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A Little “Peeps” show

Apr 10, 2007

The journaling reads: I love Peeps. I’ll eat them right out of the microwave all puffy and warm or having sat for a bit and now cool and crispy. They can be chicks or bunnies, pink, yellow or blue I don’t care… I just love PEEPS!

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