Pre-Teen Jewelry

Dec 27, 2012

For Christmas I made my niece Madelyn charms for each day of the week and a matching bracelet. This is a super easy project to create and one kids Madelyn’s age love. All I did was cut the brads off the back of some Basic Grey brads I’ve had in my stash forever using wire cutters. Then using E-6000 I attached each brad to a silver bail that is slightly smaller than the brad for each of the 7 days a week charms. To make the bracelet I just attached one brad to each blank of the pre-made bracelet. The bails and bracelet can be found at Hobby Lobby in the jewelry section. It’s as simple as that and Madelyn LOVES being able to pick which charm she is going to wear each day....

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Family is Everything

Dec 26, 2012

This is the canvas I created for Mom. I made her a family tree sorta canvas. You will see me at the top as I’m the oldest, then I placed my two daughters Terri and Ansley underneath me. Next is my brother Richard, then my sister Belinda and her kids Amanda, Brittain, Madelyn and Isabella (Bellie). I created this canvas using the Maya Road Portrait Chipboard pieces, Claudine Hellmuth Studio Acrylic Paint Charcoal Black, Traditional Tan and Blank Canvas. I accented the sides using the Heart stencil by Dina Wakley as the hearts were the perfect size for this piece. I traced mine onto the sides using a pencil then using a paint brush filled them in with black paint and white accents. I painted each portrait chipboard piece using black paint. Once dry...

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So much countdown fun

Dec 14, 2012

I’ve really enjoyed getting nightly photos of my nieces Madelyn and Bellie enjoying their 25 Day Countdown to Christmas activity. They are loving everything I’ve included so far. Each night is a surprise for all me and them as I don’t know the order in which Belinda has them doing their activity. Warning… this is a very heavy photo blog post but I really want to share their fun with far away family so I hope you don’t mind it not being crafty today. Madelyn and Bellie were making their Christmas cards, this night. I can only imagine how they decorated them because both love anything that has to do with art. Here they had a blast making paper chain garlands. This is such a fun, simple old fashioned decoration to make that brings...

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Ornamental Christmas

Dec 5, 2012

Ornamental Christmas is a PDF compilation of my 5 very popular ornament projects: Joyeux Noel Star Joyeux Noel Snowflake Happy Christmas Gift Card Holder Santa’s Angel Baby Season’s Greetings Bird Ornaments The complete supply list is included, which lists all the items needed to recreate each ornament. You may also use similar items you already have on hand in your crafting supplies. This way you can recreate these ornaments to fit your holiday theme and style. Step-by-step instructions for each project are included, with color photos of each ornament as well as PDF’s of scanned vintage papers I’ve collected during my antique and thrift store shopping. You can follow this link to purchase an optional Ornamental Christmas Kit, which includes some of the supplies needed to recreate these ornaments. Please Note: This template and...

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Reindeer Ornament

Dec 4, 2012

Isn’t this ornament cute. I love the whimsy style and think my nieces will too. So let me tell you how this ornament came about because this is NO WHERE close to being my vintage style. While cleaning and organizing my craft room I found a set of cookie stencils that I bought LAST year to do what with I have no idea but they were in the dollar bin so I grabbed them mainly for the snowflake and reindeer. Well the other day, while I was doing some serious procrastinating in the cleaning department I was looking on Pinterest and came across these really cute reindeer cookies click HERE and HERE. Inspiration hit right then and there. I thought how cute would it to be to make an ornament using the Gingerbread Man cookie...

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25 Day Countdown to Christmas ~ Recap

Nov 27, 2012

I had so much fun helping my nieces Madelyn and Bellie create their 25 Day Countdown to Christmas project over the Thanksgiving weekend. They were so excited and worked so hard on each and every envelope. We had a flurry of creativity going on as you can see by all the blurry photos. They were peeling, sticking, punching, stamping and Stickling like crazy. It was really cute to watch their creative minds at work. Madelyn loved accenting each of her envelopes with the rhinestone gems and snowflakes. She is all about sparkle and bling. But what little girl isn’t? And GASP, a niece of mine that does NOT like sparkle and bling… well that would be so wrong. Bellie LOVED these 3D stickers I found at the last minute in the $1 section at...

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25 Day Countdown to Christmas

Nov 23, 2012

Today, I’m making a 25 day Countdown to Christmas project with my nieces Madelyn and Bellie. As you can see from the photo they are loving their new matching jammies. New flannel jammies are the best especially when you find matching ones like my mom did with a monkey print design. Ok sorry, back to the project. Both little sweet peas will decorate 12 standard sized card envelopes using stickers, self adhesive gems, then stamp the numbers needed on each of their bags. Madelyn will stamp the odd numbers and Bellie the even numbers. I will decorate envelope 25 for them to either use as a sample or for inspiration. Once all the envelopes are decorated I’ll fill each one with 2 pieces of candy and a printed strip of paper that has one...

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Homemade Hand & Body Scrubs

Jun 29, 2012

Each day while Madelyn is visiting I’m doing some kind of fun craft or project with her. Yesterday, she made some awesome yummy body and hand scrubs with products I already had at home. Madelyn had lots of fun and made 4 batches of each scrub. The photos above show how she made her “Vanilla Body Scrub”. Supplies Needed: Brown Sugar, Sugar in the Raw, Vanilla Extract and Canola Oil, 1/2 measuring cup, tablespoon, mixing bowl, mixing spoon, container you will use for your body scrub Instructions for ONE batch: Pour 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup sugar in the raw into your mixing bowl and mix together. Place sugar mixture into the container you will use to store your body scrub in then add 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract. Mix the sugar...

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Rose Shaped Crayons

Jun 27, 2012

Madelyn had such a fun time creating these rose shaped crayons. All you need is crayons and gosh do I ever have a stash of crayons (I always saved those left over from Terri and Ansley’s school days) and a silicone rose muffin pan. I found mine at Hobby Lobby in the cake section. I have seen silicone ice cube trays in the $1 section at Target in different themes so look there too. I saw hearts, stars and luau themes, just yesterday. All you need to do is take the paper off of each crayon, break each crayon into 4 pieces, place into molds until the crayons fill each mold, place into preheated oven and bake at 350 degrees for 10 – 13 min., remove from oven and let cool completely. Once the...

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Felted Bunnies and a Winner!

Mar 12, 2012

  I just had to show you the two bunnies I made for Madelyn and Bellie, this weekend. I felted the bunnies and carrots and Mom made their tutus. You can see I’ve certainly been bitten by the felting bug. This weekend, I also went to a flea market and some antique shops to find items to incorporate with my felting projects. It was a very successful weekend for sure. I found lots of cute vintage items and I cannot wait to start creating with them. I plan on creating altered projects during the day and felting at night then filling up my online shop with all the felting items I obsessively create. It’s a win win for everyone… I get to create like a made woman and you get cute handmade items to...

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Growing up with Santa

Dec 19, 2011

No matter how old Santa’s grandkids are they’re never too old to have a photo taken with Santa. This year, Laren (SIL) and Terri my oldest daughter went to Beaumont for Thanksgiving. This meant they were able to get their photo taken with Santa. It’s been several years since they’ve been able to make it down for the holidays and Mr. and Mrs. Claus were very happy to see them. This photo is of Santa and my sister Belinda’s kids… from left to right is my adorable nephew Brittain (poor boy he is the ONLY boy out of 6 grandkids), Isabella, Paw Paw Santa, Madelyn holding Grand-Dog Zeus and niece Amanda. Believe it or not this photo was the first one they took! Talk about a Christmas miracle. Even Zeusy was good and looked...

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Water Well Carved by Dad

Oct 24, 2011

Dad is a woodcarver and has carved items for years from sea life, walking sticks, canes, boxes etc. but I think this water well he carved last week is just the cutest. He got the idea from a carving magazine and thought it would be fun to do. The well sits on top of a clear bottle so you can watch the bucket move up and down. This bottle is an old milk bottle from my grandparents. Mom told me grammy and grampa Childers used to sell whole milk to locals in the small town of Salem, WV,  from one of their jersey cows. I had no clue and was certainly happy to learn this tad bit of family history. The tiny bucket dad carved is smaller than a thimble. You can see it near...

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The Garden Fairy

Oct 13, 2011

This little album is one that can be found in my book Delight In The Details. The inside of the album was not able to be shown so I thought I would share it with you. The photos used are ones I took of my niece Madelyn when she and her family were staying with me and Alan during hurricane Rita, several years ago. Madelyn was having so much fun running around the backyard dressed up as a fairy. I just let her play while I snapped away catching her each and every move. I printed each of the photos in black and white onto a transparency then used a sewing machine set to a straight stitch to attach each photo to the patterned paper. You need to really pay attention to where you...

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Peep Houses

Mar 25, 2011

While on Pinterest I came across this fun tutorial and saved it to make with my niece Madelyn while she was supposed to visit this week for Spring Break. Well she decided she wasn’t ready just yet to stay a week so far away from home. So I sent the tutorial to my mom and she made them with Mad and Bellie. They were a hit so thanks a bunch Kasey Buick for this really fun project. Here are the photos dad emailed me. Mom made a batch of royal icing as it was a bit easier for the girls to keep their houses together when they started decorating. Not sure if little Bellie is still decorating or snagging a jelly bean. Mad and Bellie loved decorating their houses. You can see Bellie concentrating...

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Clayton Sherman Spinney

Aug 27, 2010

June 22, 1923 – August 27, 2010 May you always rest in peace Gramps. Gramps as a young boy with his three sisters. Not sure of the date this was taken but I am thinking sometime around 1935. I really love this family photo of my Gramps, Grammy and Dad. It was taken in1943 just before he went into the Navy during WWII. My goodness Dad was such a cute little boy. This photo was taken in Dec. of 2005. It makes me laugh because Madelyn was really giving him a fit. The little bugger was not wanting to sit down. Which meant she and Gramps were having one heck of a wrestling match and the littlest one almost won. Thankfully a tootsie pop was found and we got a photo but this one...

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feb 14, 2010

Little Red Wagon is one of my all time favorite stamp sets by Pink Persimmon. You will find a tag I created using this stamp set on page 66 in my book Delight In The Details. And the above card is a card I created last year (which just happens to be my all time favorite Valentine’s Day card) if it looks familiar to my long time blog readers. If you are new to my blog you can learn how to recreate this card here. I have been busy creating some adorable vintage inspired Easter Ornaments that can be used as either ornaments, tags or accents on a spring garland. This class will be taught in the morning on March 6th at Crop, Paper, Scissors in Waco. And the cool thing is you will...

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I’m not sure who…

Jun 29, 2009

is having more fun running to the mailbox me or Madelyn. Here are the two cards she has sent me so far. I think they are so cute. Madelyn created these all by herself with scrapping supplies I gave her. Not too bad for a nearly six year old (she might be reading so if I say 5 well… you know how that goes) I love her butterflies… to me there is nothing cuter than kids art. I just love, love, love it. And then of course there are the hilarious topics of discussion. Today’s card made me laugh out loud. Buster is our dog and Zeus is her dog. Glad he was just sleeping and that she isn’t drinking hot chocolate considering it was over 100 in Beaumont a few days ago. The...

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Summer Pen Pal…

Jun 24, 2009

Do you have one? I do and it is my 5 year old, no excuse me my almost 6 year old sweet little niece Madelyn. While I was down for my sweet niece Amanda’s High School Graduation (yes, lots of girls in the family… 5 to 1 poor Brittain) Madelyn and I decided we would be summer pen pals. So each week we send each other a handmade card. At first I kinda freaked because I feel like I have to make over the top cards complete with machine stitching, inking, glitter and all the other things I think I have to do but then I came to my senses and realized all Madelyn really wants is mail… nothing over the top. Just a card from me to her. So here is the second...

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Back Home…

Jun 16, 2009

We had a great time in Beaumont visiting family. It was an action packed week to say the least. So this week will be full of family type blog posts for those family members that live so far away. A few sneak peeks of some Americana Workshop projects will be thrown in here and there too. I cannot believe we are already into week 3’s projects. But first I must say being 2 and 5 sure is fun when school’s out for the summer. Isabella and Madelyn did a lot of this each day… They each loved it when I would pull their feet to get them swinging. Not sure what it is about that but they always wanted me to start them swinging in this manner. I guess it is the thrill of...

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Getting back in the groove…

Dec 30, 2008

Today I have about as much energy as a slug. Getting back into the groove after all the hustle and bustle of last minute holiday preparations always seems to be hard for me. We open presents at our house on Christmas Eve. I love baking cookies all morning and afternoon, cooking the dinner and watching Ansley go nuts counting down the hours until we open presents.  It is all so much fun and seeing happy faces on our girls is honestly the best gift ever. We had a wonderful visit with my mom and dad as well as my sister and her family. Alan, Ansley and I left to head down to Beaumont Christmas day. I love going home on Christmas day. Having the car filled with gifts and the excitement of seeing everyone...

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They’re in the mail…

Sep 17, 2008

I will tweak and tweak and tweak until I make myself nuts! I have to make at least two trips around the store before I can focus enough to think about purchasing items. I tell ya if you have never been to her store because you worry about the drive.

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