Allie Creates

Aug 21, 2013

Look at all the awe­some projects Kids Crafts Art Box Win­ner ~Allie has cre­at­ed with her grand­moth­er Sue Adams. Sue nom­i­nat­ed Allie for a chance to win the Kids Crafts Art Box I gave away sev­er­al weeks ago and it’s awe­some see­ing all the fun things they’ve made togeth­er from the items in the Art Box. They altered an apron, made a bead bud­dy, cre­at­ed a set of adorable altered jean pock­ets, a set of altered clothes pins and pen­cils and even had time for a man­i­cure using some pink glit­tered flock­ing. Talk about some seri­ous craft­ing. Those two have been busy! I love see­ing Allie’s projects so much that I’m going to do anoth­er Kids Crafts Art Box give­away, in the near future. It’s just a lit­tle way I can pay it for­ward...

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Nominate a Kid ~ Winner

Jul 29, 2013

I tell ya this aun­tie is one tired aun­tie. I enjoyed every sin­gle minute spent with those two sweet nieces of mine. Bel­lie went home Sat­ur­day, and all day Sun­day I was drag­ging. That is after noon because I slept until NOON! Total­ly crazy. I had a won­der­ful time with them doing crafts and mak­ing fun snacks and if you have kids, grand­kids, nieces, nephews, kids of fam­i­ly friends or heck even neigh­bor­hood kids you have got to make Rain­bow Spaghet­ti. Both Made­lyn and Bel­lie thought it was the great­est thing ever, every kid should have at least one meal in their life be Rain­bow Spaghet­ti. I also enjoyed shar­ing with you all the fun things we did dur­ing their stay. I have all the fun crafts and food fun snacks we cre­at­ed pinned...

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Kids Week 2 Day 5

Jul 26, 2013

Sim­ple sum­mer fun is what this day was all about. I made Bel­lie a water­ing can out of an emp­ty Sim­ply Orange con­tain­er. This con­tain­er is the per­fect size for young kids to hold when filled with water. I used a drill to drill holes in the lid, filled it with water, put the lid back on and we are talk­ing hours of fun. While I sat under an umbrel­la she filled and emp­tied her “Water­ing Can” over and over again with a gar­den hose. Bel­lie loved spray­ing the water in the air to make rain­bows and of course helped keep me cool by spray­ing my feet. It was a fun after­noon sit­ting out­side eat­ing Nil­la Wafers, sip­ping on lemon­ade and lis­ten­ing to her laugh.   Once Bel­lie was fin­ished play­ing out­side in the water...

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Kids Week 2 Day 4

Jul 25, 2013

Here is a real­ly fun snack to make with your kids. Bel­lie named it her “Gra­ham Crack­er Bear Snack”. I got this idea from Pin­ter­est so don’t think I’m that orig­i­nal. To make your very own “Gra­ham Crack­er Bear Snack” you will need Hon­ey Gra­ham Crack­ers, Peanut But­ter, Marsh­mal­lows, Milk Choco­late Morsels and a knife. Break one gra­ham crack­er in half. Spread peanut but­ter onto each gra­ham crack­er half, cut one marsh­mal­low in half and place one half onto each of the peanut but­ter topped gra­ham crack­ers. This will be the bear’s muz­zle. Place two milk choco­late morsels to make the bear’s eyes and one milk choco­late morsel in the cen­ter of the marsh­mal­low to make the bear’s nose. Bel­lie loved her snack and can’t wait to go home to show Made­lyn how to make...

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Kids Week 2 Day 3

Jul 24, 2013

These past few days real­ly have been some of the lazi­est days of my sum­mer. Bel­lie loves watch­ing movies and hang­ing out in her jam­mies all day. I must say, I have enjoyed watch­ing Cora­line, Fox in the Hound and My Lit­tle Pony over and over and over again. Now her broth­er and uncle well not so much but they are being good sports about it. After all this week is all about Bel­lie. When it comes to cre­at­ing things Bel­lie prefers mak­ing fun food cre­ations rather than actu­al crafts. Her favorite thing to do is draw which she will do for hours but crafts, well she likes them but they need to be fast. So since I had some wood­en clothes pins left over from Made­lyn alter­ing her clothes pins I thought it...

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Kids Week 2 Day 2

Jul 23, 2013

I saw this cute snack idea on Pin­ter­est while look­ing for fun things to do with my nieces dur­ing their vis­its. “Ted­dy on the Beach” as Bel­lie named it, is a real­ly fun snack for kids her age (6 yrs) to make. She loved putting hers togeth­er. To make your “Ted­dy on the Beach” you will need Vanil­la Snack Pack Pud­ding, Nil­la Wafers, Ted­dy Gra­hams, Fruit by the Foot, a small bag­gie and a paper drink umbrel­la. Place 4 Nil­la Wafers into a bag­gie and let your child crush them to fine crumbs. Open a Vanil­la Snack Pack Pud­ding Pack and have the child place all the Nil­la Wafer crumbs on top of the pud­ding. Cut a piece of Fruit by the Foot long enough to make the Ted­dy Gra­ham a “tow­el”. Place the “tow­el” on...

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Kids Week 2 Day 1

Jul 22, 2013

This week it’s Bel­lie’s turn to vis­it us for a lit­tle fun and spoil­ing. She and Made­lyn’s per­son­al­i­ties are so oppo­site. I can only imag­ine what Bel­lie is going to want to make and do. Bel­lie starts each day draw­ing as she eats her break­fast. This kid loves to draw. She always has a pen­cil and sketch pad close by and I love look­ing at her doo­dles and draw­ings. Kids art is the best. Which reminds me don’t for­get to nom­i­nate a kid for a chance to receive a free “Kids Crafts” art box HERE. While look­ing for things to make with the girls dur­ing their vis­it I found this cute “Glow Bug” idea on Pin­ter­est. I thought Bel­lie would love mak­ing one and I was right! The only plas­tic East­er egg I could find around...

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Nominate a Kid

Jul 19, 2013

Tomor­row, Alan and I go to pick up our youngest niece Bel­lie. It’s her turn to come and vis­it us for a week of fun and spoil­ing. This means all next week it will be Kids Week 2, on my blog and I’ll be post­ing all the fun crafty & arty things Bel­lie and I do in my stu­dio. I had a blast with Made­lyn dur­ing Kids Week 1. As I was get­ting all the arts and crafts sup­plies ready for Bel­lie I thought it would be fun for my blog­gers to nom­i­nate a child for a free “Kids Crafts” art box. If you know of a child between the ages of 6 and 10 that would love to receive a box of arts & crafts good­ies in the mail please nom­i­nate him or...

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Send Your Kid to Art Camp

Jul 18, 2013

This week my nieces Made­lyn and Bel­lie are attend­ing “Art Camp”, at the Beau­mont Art League. Each day is split into two ses­sions, Paper Mache and Draw­ing. Made­lyn has always loved to col­or and paint and Bel­lie has loved draw­ing since she was old enough to hold a pen­cil. I guess you can say my fam­i­ly is cer­tain­ly of the artis­tic side. Real­ly we are, if we had to walk into a cal­cu­lus or physics class we would all look at each oth­er and the pro­fes­sor with the blank­est set of eyes he/she has ever seen. But if you are talk­ing paint­ing, carv­ing, cro­chet­ing, sewing, papercrafts,mixed media, assem­blage, cross stitch, pas­tel draw­ing, sketch­ing and so on… we could instruct our own col­lege cours­es about any of these. This we know well. Mom can draw...

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Kids Week Day 5

Jul 13, 2013

Through­out this week, Made­lyn has been very fas­ci­nat­ed with some plas­ter faces I had on my work table so today I decid­ed to pull out some paints and let her use them to cre­ate. Once she fin­ished paint­ing the faces she then attached silk flower petals all around the edge cre­at­ing flower faces. I love watch­ing kids work through their cre­ative process. It’s fun see­ing which col­ors they pre­fer, their artis­tic style and the medi­ums they like. I enjoy it so much that I’m seri­ous­ly think­ing about how to go about teach­ing art to kids. This is some­thing that is going to be swirling around in the back of my mind for a bit. After Made­lyn cre­at­ed her flower faces I thought she need­ed to learn the art of decoupage and col­lage. This was...

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Kids Week Day 4

Jul 12, 2013

We are still going strong from dawn to dusk and beyond. Our first craft today was cre­at­ing a cup­cake stand for Made­lyn’s faux cup­cake she made yes­ter­day. We used Eileen Hul­l’s Cup­cake Stand and Pen­nant Die she designed for Sizzix, some pat­terned paper, ink, pink acrylic paint and glit­ter paint. Once she fin­ished the stand and sat her cup­cake on top she real­ized this would be a cute table for her Amer­i­can Girl Doll. So this is a very mul­ti-pur­pose stand in Made­lyn’s eyes. So cute! While wait­ing for the paint to dry on her cup­cake stand Made­lyn dec­o­rat­ed a few pen­cils using washi tape. This is such a sim­ple kids craft. I just gave her a few plain #2 pen­cils, some Doo­dle­Bug Design and Martha Stew­art washi tape and let her go. She...

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Kids Week Day 3

Jul 11, 2013

We are still going strong in the Pace house­hold. Each night before falling asleep, Made­lyn and I talk about all the things we will do the next day then dur­ing the day we talk about all the things we will do tomor­row… can you tell we are always talk­ing about what we are going to do each wak­ing moment of the day. So today, we made Hap­py Face cook­ies, made anoth­er Bead Bud­dy for a tuto­r­i­al, cre­at­ed a Faux Cup­cake and drank Fish Bowl Punch. Mak­ing these Hap­py Face sug­ar cook­ies is super easy and fun kids food to make. The only clean up is wash­ing the cook­ie sheet which is awe­some for moms or aunts that have a niece won­der­ing what they will be mak­ing after they fin­ish mak­ing cook­ies. To make Made­lyn’s...

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Kids Week Day 2

Jul 10, 2013

Today, Made­lyn decid­ed we should do her nails again this time using Martha Stew­art Vin­tage Leaf Glit­ter in Turquoise and Charoite. So we applied a clear top coat to her nails then alter­nat­ed the two Vin­tage Leaf Glit­ter col­ors onto her nails. Once each nail was cov­ered with glit­ter I applied a clear top coat to seal the glit­ter. After a fun few hours of bowl­ing with Ans­ley and Brit­tain we decid­ed for a quick after­noon snack Made­lyn should make “Flip Flop Cook­ies”. I found the idea on Pin­ter­est and have it post­ed in my “Things to Do with my Nieces” board. Dec­o­rat­ing each cook­ie is real­ly sim­ple. All you need is a pack­age of Nut­ter But­ter Cook­ies and two dif­fer­ent kinds of icing col­ors. When Made­lyn saw the Wilton Sparkling Gel which includ­ed...

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Kids Week Day 1

Jul 9, 2013

Day one has been a whirl­wind of fun. As soon as Made­lyn’s feet hit the floor she was ready to go. Thank­ful­ly, I planned ahead the night before and had chip­board pieces, Stick­les and Liq­uid Pearls for her to use while I was try­ing to get my first cup of cof­fee in me. This was a life­saver, she cre­at­ed and I woke up. Then she decid­ed she would like to make a video of how she alters her chip­board pieces using Stick­les and Liq­uid Pearls. I was real­ly impressed with how well she did since we did­n’t talk about what she would say or any­thing. I basi­cal­ly just got my cam­era and start­ed film­ing her very first unedit­ed on-the-fly 10 min. instruc­tion­al video. Not bad for a first time video. I love her. While...

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Kids Week 1

Jul 8, 2013

This week my super sweet amaz­ing­ly awe­some 10 year old niece Made­lyn is vis­it­ing. We have so many fun things planned to do each day that we decid­ed we would share them all week long. We will be doing things like Paint­ing with Can­dy, mak­ing Flip Flop & Sun­dae Cook­ies, Dec­o­rat­ing Jum­bo Marsh­mal­lows, mak­ing Rain­bow Col­ored Spaghet­ti, drink­ing Fish Bowl Punch, cre­at­ing Plas­ter Cup­cakes, design­ing a Fairy Doll, mak­ing our own Cus­tom Nail Pol­ish, mak­ing Bracelets and Charms and any­thing else we can think up or find on Pin­ter­est. I’m telling you it’s going to be an awe­some week I have a Pin­ter­est Board titled “Things to do with my nieces” if you want to check out the board. I pinned things I thought both Made­lyn (10) and Bel­lie (6) might like to do...

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Stained Glass Boiled Eggs

Apr 1, 2013

Ans­ley and I had so much fun mak­ing these eggs, last night. She heard about this stained glass tech­nique for boiled eggs and want­ed to give it a try. After she explained it to me I had to see if it real­ly worked so off to the store we went to get some eggs and neon col­ored food col­or­ing because well that is how Ans­ley rolls. No vin­tage col­ors for this girl. It’s bright neon or noth­ing for her. I can’t believe I birthed two daugh­ters that want noth­ing to do with any­thing vin­tage. How did this hap­pen? To make your stained glass eggs you will need the fol­low­ing: boiled eggs, food col­or­ing, vine­gar & Ziploc sand­wich bags First boil as many eggs as you want to make and let them cool. We ran cold...

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DIY Super Easy Bead Charm

Mar 7, 2013

Mak­ing a charm real­ly can­not get much eas­i­er than this one. I recent­ly pur­chased Mar­got Pot­ter’s 1 Pound Lux­u­ry Bead Soup Mix and as soon as Ans­ley saw the neon beads she instant­ly claimed them as hers. This bead mix is filled with all kinds of awe­some beads. When I poured all the beads onto my work table I was thrilled with the wide assort­ment. Ans­ley decid­ed she want­ed a dou­ble sided charm so I placed the small­er of the neon beads on one side and once the Dia­mond Glaze is ful­ly dried I will fill the back side of this charm with the larg­er neon beads shown above. To cre­ate this charm I used Dia­mond Glaze, Neon Beads, a sprin­kle of Iri­des­cent Glit­ter and a My Jew­el­ry Shoppe 3/4″ Cir­cle Dou­ble Sided Bezel...

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Pre-Teen Jewelry

Dec 27, 2012

For Christ­mas I made my niece Made­lyn charms for each day of the week and a match­ing bracelet. This is a super easy project to cre­ate and one kids Made­lyn’s age love. All I did was cut the brads off the back of some Basic Grey brads I’ve had in my stash for­ev­er using wire cut­ters. Then using E‑6000 I attached each brad to a sil­ver bail that is slight­ly small­er than the brad for each of the 7 days a week charms. To make the bracelet I just attached one brad to each blank of the pre-made bracelet. The bails and bracelet can be found at Hob­by Lob­by in the jew­el­ry sec­tion. It’s as sim­ple as that and Made­lyn LOVES being able to pick which charm she is going to wear each day....

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