Fun Getting To Know You Christmas Questions

Dec 19, 2014

Here are some fun getting to know you Christmas questions you can share with friends and family at a family gathering or party. I always find it interesting in how others celebrate the holiday season. If you don’t celebrate Christmas you can easily change the questions to fit your holiday celebration. My sister and her family arrive late tonight and I cannot wait to have some fun with everyone. You know I’m on “best weekend ever” notice for Madelyn and Isabella. I LOVE being their aunt. I have a weekend of fun all planned out that includes lots of hot chocolate, s’mores, cookie baking, holiday light looking and presents. It’s going to be a fabulous weekend. 1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? This year it’s all about Gift Bags.  2. Real tree or artificial? We...

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Needle Felted Doll

Oct 14, 2014

I’m in Beaumont for a bit getting mom and dad taken care of, they are nicknamed Gimp 1 and Gimp 2, at the moment. Dad has a nerve in his leg bothering him and mom has a knee that wont straighten. Between the two of them they are quite the pair. When I arrived last week my youngest niece, Isabella came down with a 24 hour tummy bug so while watching her for a few hours I made her a needle felted doll. She picked the wool colors and instructed me on how she wanted her doll to look. Collaborating with kids on a project is really fun. She loves her doll and I was ever so happy to make it for her. The tummy bug hit my niece Madelyn, last night. I’m really hoping...

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Bellie’s Here For A Visit

Jul 30, 2014

This past Saturday, Isabella (a.k.a. Bellie) my 7 year old niece came for her week of everyday fun. We have had a blast doing one paint project after the next. This girl LOVES to PAINT! She wants to paint over going to see a movie, getting a makeover at Sweet & Sassy, eating breakfast at IHOP etc. I suggest something fun to do for the day and all she says is can I just paint. So paint is what we have done all week. I asked her Sunday what she wanted to paint and she said a horse. At first I panicked because this auntie does not draw especially horses. So I found some coloring pages of My Little Pony online, printed some out, let her pick which one she wanted to paint then...

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Being an Aunt…

May 29, 2014

Means you can surprise your nieces before bed for a surprise adventure in their jammies. Means you can load your nieces up on a Sonic Shake sugar high right before bed, take them home and let your sister deal with their sugar high. Means you will crawl out of bed bright and early to take them to school for Muffins with Mom & their Book Fair. Means the only payment you want for getting up super early to attend Muffins with Mom and the Book Fair is a sweet selfie with your nieces plus one best friend. Means you get to throw a surprise mini birthday party for a very special 7 year old when she comes home from school. Being an aunt is the next best thing to being a mom. Amanda, Brittain, Madelyn and...

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Family is Everything

Dec 26, 2012

This is the canvas I created for Mom. I made her a family tree sorta canvas. You will see me at the top as I’m the oldest, then I placed my two daughters Terri and Ansley underneath me. Next is my brother Richard, then my sister Belinda and her kids Amanda, Brittain, Madelyn and Isabella (Bellie). I created this canvas using the Maya Road Portrait Chipboard pieces, Claudine Hellmuth Studio Acrylic Paint Charcoal Black, Traditional Tan and Blank Canvas. I accented the sides using the Heart stencil by Dina Wakley as the hearts were the perfect size for this piece. I traced mine onto the sides using a pencil then using a paint brush filled them in with black paint and white accents. I painted each portrait chipboard piece using black paint. Once dry...

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Water Well Carved by Dad

Oct 24, 2011

Dad is a woodcarver and has carved items for years from sea life, walking sticks, canes, boxes etc. but I think this water well he carved last week is just the cutest. He got the idea from a carving magazine and thought it would be fun to do. The well sits on top of a clear bottle so you can watch the bucket move up and down. This bottle is an old milk bottle from my grandparents. Mom told me grammy and grampa Childers used to sell whole milk to locals in the small town of Salem, WV,  from one of their jersey cows. I had no clue and was certainly happy to learn this tad bit of family history. The tiny bucket dad carved is smaller than a thimble. You can see it near...

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Getting back in the groove…

Dec 30, 2008

Today I have about as much energy as a slug. Getting back into the groove after all the hustle and bustle of last minute holiday preparations always seems to be hard for me. We open presents at our house on Christmas Eve. I love baking cookies all morning and afternoon, cooking the dinner and watching Ansley go nuts counting down the hours until we open presents.  It is all so much fun and seeing happy faces on our girls is honestly the best gift ever. We had a wonderful visit with my mom and dad as well as my sister and her family. Alan, Ansley and I left to head down to Beaumont Christmas day. I love going home on Christmas day. Having the car filled with gifts and the excitement of seeing everyone...

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Memory Makers…

Oct 16, 2008

Here is the last layout I did during my Memory Makers Masters term. It is in their current Nov. Dec. issue. I love these papers by Making Memories and the photos well, they are two of my favorites. But thanks to my sister I need to take another group photo because we need to include Isabella Kate. Now about the other big thing that is keeping me pretty busy and is one of the reasons my blog lacks new stuff off and on… my book. I am so happy with all the things I have created, which is a big thing for me because usually I can always find something I don’t like about everything I’ve made…. I just have 73 more projects to go. Hopefully after today it will be 72 and by...

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45 Years…

Jun 3, 2008

Dad says differently but in Dad’s defense Juanita wasn’t a very popular name back then… Well that night Dad called her house to tell her Mom and Dad that Juanita would not be coming home tonight.

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I’m back home…

Sep 19, 2007

Here is a photo of I took of him just a little over a week and a half after his surgery. Amanda had her braces taken off, got her drivers license and started her first job.

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Maya Road Sneak Peek… #4

Jul 12, 2007

old) now known as the “Big Sister” of the house (never mind that Amanda “THE BIG SISTER” will turn 16 in just a few days) said this the day Isabella Kate came home.

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How sweet…

Jun 30, 2007

Since everything I am working on at the moment is for CHA and I cannot share I thought I would share a few photos my sister sent me of Madelyn and Isabella. Madelyn and Isabella were watching a movie, then Madelyn decided to read Isabella a book and before she knew it Isabella was out like a light…

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I’m home…

Jun 8, 2007

There is nothing like a new baby to bring loads of happiness. I can almost smell the “Baby Magic” lotion on Isabella….why does “Baby Magic” lotion smell so good on babies and not on adults?

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We had a photo shoot

May 30, 2007

Far more than Isabella Kate but I think it has something to do with being a newborn with a full tummy and a 3 year old that is always ready to play. Tomorrow I am going to take photos of Isabella Kate’s toes and fingers.

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Belinda and Isabella are home…

May 28, 2007

Here are a few new photos of Madelyn and Isabella.

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My new niece “Isabella Kate”

May 25, 2007

was born May 23rd at 12:25 in the afternoon. Isabella is just adorable and should be coming home with my sister soon. I will be in Beaumont until June 5th so my blogging will be a bit off and on.

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