Plaster Posy

Aug 19, 2013

Before falling asleep one evening, I was thinking about things to create with plaster and thought a flower would be fun. So the next morning, I grabbed some wire and started bending and twisting it into shape creating the base for a neat plaster posy. Once I had everything the way I liked it I applied plaster and got really messy. I love the rawness of plaster and find it so inspiring. After the plaster was completely dry I used bees wax to seal images onto the posy. Then to accent the edges of each petal and the leaf I painted metallic gold paint all along the edges. I love how this little unassuming pop of gold looks. Painting the edges of any project really does help finish off your piece. To complete the...

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Enjoying the Process

Jul 31, 2013

These projects are sitting on my worktable just waiting for me to complete. I really enjoy creating several different plaster items at once. This way I have several different projects to pick from and I don’t have to wait for plaster to dry. I just dig around, pick out the piece that inspires me that day and start creating. It’s a lovely way to start the day. This heart is going to become a shadow box. It will be painted, inked, stamped, waxed and filled with who knows what kinda thrifty find. This plaster crown is just the first of many I plan on creating. Goodness was this fun to make. I must admit I did fuss with it far too long but I wanted it to have lots of rough, uneven textured areas...

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Jenni Bowlin Studio ~ Thank U Card

Apr 12, 2013

Here is Card 2 of 4 and I must say, I think this card set is one of my favorite sets I’ve ever created. I just love the patterned papers and embellishments on each card. I’m telling you Lisa Dickinson’s Modern Mercantile line she designed for Jenni Bowlin Studio is so super inspiring. I love to create mini collages as the focal point on all my cards. A collage is not just layering and attaching paper and ephemera to a canvas it can be items of any kind grouped together, which is what I had loads of fun doing with this card. The wooden butterfly, heart pins, milk cap and resin flower make an adorable collage and the “thank u” sentiment works great to balance the collage perfectly. Creating 3D collages are wonderful ways to use...

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Today She Is One

Jan 25, 2013

It’s hard to believe my sweet little niece Olivia is a year old, today. As you can see she is a super happy baby. Olivia has brought loads of joy to our family and I am so happy for facetime. It’s so exciting to see her look closer into the phone and smile at me as well as clap her hands and play peek-a-boo. Although our first game of peek-a-boo was totally an accident on my part but she knew exactly what she was doing. I talk with my hands and when I put my hand on my head she thought I was wanting to play peek-a-boo and started playing and of course I instantly played until she lost interest. Olivia’s first year has had many memorable moments of wondering why her parents sat...

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EnviroTex Memento Key Chain

Jan 4, 2013

Here is another keychain I created as a gift for Christmas. This one was for my mom. I started by cutting a piece of wallpaper from the old homestead that mom and I peeled off the wall one summer. I then placed the wallpaper piece inside the heart bezel. Using a paintbrush I covered the wallpaper with three coats of Nunn Designs Glue allowing the glue to dry thoroughly between coats. I then mixed a small batch of EnviroTex Resin and filled the bezel halfway. I set this aside and let it cure for 12 hours. Remember there is no need to waste any of your resin. If you don’t have another charm you want to create, create resin paper by placing the paper onto wax paper or foil and brush the leftover resin onto the papers...

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Family is Everything

Dec 26, 2012

This is the canvas I created for Mom. I made her a family tree sorta canvas. You will see me at the top as I’m the oldest, then I placed my two daughters Terri and Ansley underneath me. Next is my brother Richard, then my sister Belinda and her kids Amanda, Brittain, Madelyn and Isabella (Bellie). I created this canvas using the Maya Road Portrait Chipboard pieces, Claudine Hellmuth Studio Acrylic Paint Charcoal Black, Traditional Tan and Blank Canvas. I accented the sides using the Heart stencil by Dina Wakley as the hearts were the perfect size for this piece. I traced mine onto the sides using a pencil then using a paint brush filled them in with black paint and white accents. I painted each portrait chipboard piece using black paint. Once dry...

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Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 22, 2012

Forever on Thanksgiving Day The heart will find the pathway home. ~Wilbur D....

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Gotta Love UTEE

Oct 22, 2012

I LOVE frozen Charlotte dolls but really don’t love the price that comes along with the original ones when I find them in antique shops. So I decided to make a mold using Mold-n-Pour from the two I’ve been hoarding for just the right project. Once the mold set I popped out each frozen Charlotte doll from it’s mold then filled both molds with clear UTEE. I didn’t want to mix up a batch of white UTEE since I mainly use clear and just let it cool in my pot. Yes, I know… shame on me for not cleaning out my melting pot after each use but it is what it is… you really should clean it out after each use.  It’s really easy and takes no time at all… so in this case, do...

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The little cousins

Aug 17, 2012

Mom, dad and I have been staying with mom’s sister “Aunt Wilda” and brother-in-law “Uncle Jim” since we arrived in West Virginia. Yesterday, my cousin “Angie” brought her three boys (Patrick 7 yrs., Michael 5 yrs., Nicholas 3 yrs.) to see us and boy did they keep us entertained.  As you will see by the photos Nicholas was the major source of entertainment. Love that he still calls me his “little skunk” Makes the best jello salad ever! Nicholas blowing bubble after bubble after bubble. While looking around in an antique shop dad found some pieces from an old pipe organ for only $3.00 and had to buy them. Mom thought they were $3.00 to much. Nicholas on the other hand had fun making sound come out and thought it was the best $3.00...

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Craft Day with Madelyn

Jun 26, 2012

Madelyn, niece #2 is visiting this week. Each day we have a craft day so yesterday, we made a birthday banner and party hat for her My Twin doll. She had a blast with this craft since her 9th birthday is next week. Supplies Needed: Patterned Paper, Baker’s Twine, Alphabet Stickers, Diamond, Fruit Punch and Lime Green Stickles, White Boa, Yellow Seam Binding, Adhesive Tools Used: Fiskars Large Scalloped Heart Punch, Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch, Scissors, Scallop Scissors, Sewing Needle, Hot Glue Gun Instructions: My Twin Happy Birthday Banner Using the Fiskars Large Heart Punch and the Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch, punch 13 hearts and 13 butterflies out of two different patterned papers. Attach one alphabet sticker in the center of each punched butterfly to spell “Happy Birthday” Apply adhesive to the back of...

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Style, Discovery and Friendship a Free Online Webinar

Jun 20, 2012

Ronda Palazzari and I are up to something… and tomorrow is the day to find out! We are hosting a FREE ONLINE WEBINAR titled STYLE, DISCOVERY AND FRIENDSHIP It’s an Online Mixed Media and Papercrafting Meet Up Thursday, June 21, 2012 1:00 P.M. Eastern Time Register by clicking HERE  A Personal Style. We all have it. That artistic tendency, say, toward a specific color palette, or maybe a preferred subject matter, or perhaps we favor certain supplies and materials to the exclusion of all others. We simply refuse to budge. We are comfortable. These things we know. Maybe we are even a little bit intimidated by the mere idea of stepping a toe out of the box. But what if you had a best friend to take you by the hand and show you the...

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Maya Road Mid-Release Lisa Uppercase

May 17, 2012

I cannot possibly explain to you all just how much I LOVE the new Maya Road Lisa Uppercase ~ Chipboard Alphabet. And not because they are named after ME but because they truly are my favorite font style and size chipboard alphas Maya Road makes. When Maya Road discontinued their Philadelphia Uppercase alphas (my first true love) I nearly had heart failure and let Caroline know I was not happy with that decision and begged PLEASE NO NOT THESE but there I sat anyway with no more Philadelphia alphas. I begged some more, pleaded some more but they were gone, gone, gone!  BUT  NOW I have a new love and I really do love these more than the first so all is well, this new set is the perfect size and I’m super happy and Caroline...

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In The Works

Apr 17, 2012

Yesterday, I played with wax and must admit Encaustic art makes my heart happy. This canvas piece is still in the works but I love how it is turning out. The soft white and hues of cream make me swoon. The tiny doily is made by my mom. It was just too perfect not to use in this piece.  I’m thinking this might be a fun class to teach at “The Crafty Scrapper”, in the near future. What are your thoughts? I love how different these two mini canvas pieces are yet the colors are the same. It was so much fun experimenting with different tools and embellishments… doilies, dried flowers and small feathers are perfect additions for encaustic work. This one is one is my favorite. The photo is of my grandmother and mom...

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Creative Play

Feb 23, 2012

Yesterday, in between laundry and cleaning I did a little bit of playing and created this bracelet and spoon charm for a necklace. I really do enjoy putting odds and ends together to create unique pieces of jewelry. I love wearing things I’ve made because I can make them as funky as I want and I like funky jewelry a lot. I really like digging in the tins I have that hold all my baubles. I save EVERYTHING no matter how tiny because I am always thinking I will find the perfect project for it someday. I’ve had the little copper heart charm for YEARS. It finally found it’s home on a bracelet. And these dried flowers… I have no clue how long I’ve had these but I think they are perfect resting inside this...

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The Art of Felting

Jan 11, 2012

I’ve been playing around with several new mediums lately and felting has been the latest one. It has always intrigued me and I find taking wool roving and shaping it into something is quite relaxing, that is unless your my dad. Then, well… it’s not so relaxing. I taught him and mom how to do it during their Christmas visit and he was not too impressed. He’s decided to stick to woodcarving. But I do have a star and a bird that they both completed that I’ll show you tomorrow. They did a great job. I decided to take this felted heart and cover it with small scraps of stamped muslin, linen and burlap then accent them with vintage buttons, pearls and charms. I attached two jump rings at the top of the heart...

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Growing up with Santa

Dec 19, 2011

No matter how old Santa’s grandkids are they’re never too old to have a photo taken with Santa. This year, Laren (SIL) and Terri my oldest daughter went to Beaumont for Thanksgiving. This meant they were able to get their photo taken with Santa. It’s been several years since they’ve been able to make it down for the holidays and Mr. and Mrs. Claus were very happy to see them. This photo is of Santa and my sister Belinda’s kids… from left to right is my adorable nephew Brittain (poor boy he is the ONLY boy out of 6 grandkids), Isabella, Paw Paw Santa, Madelyn holding Grand-Dog Zeus and niece Amanda. Believe it or not this photo was the first one they took! Talk about a Christmas miracle. Even Zeusy was good and looked...

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Christmas Baking

Dec 6, 2011

One of the things Ansley always looks forward to every holiday season is baking Christmas cookies… wait, let me rephrase this… me baking Christmas cookies. Each year, it is not Christmas to her unless I bake her all her favorites… Chocolate Chewies, Lemon Cookies, Pecan Sandies and Red Velvet cookies with a Hershey Kiss in the middle. The girl keeps me busy during the holidays for sure. But I love it and it makes me happy that she loves them so much. So Ansley and her cookies were the inspiration behind this card. I thought the Maya Road Heart Tart Tin Bottlecap was perfect to start with, then using Jet Black Archival Ink, I stamped the Antiquated Collection Misses’ Aprons onto grungepaper three times so I could cut out the apron from one and...

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Nov 19, 2011

The day has finally arrived. Please visit me during the LIVE online chat at A Cherry On Top as I debut my new stamp line “Antiquated Collection”. It is going to be lots of fun chatting with everyone AND I have giveaways … my new book Delight In The Seasons, an Antiquated Collection stamp set and a set of the New Maya Road Heart Tart Tin Bottlecaps. I thought I would share with you one of my favorite projects. I combined several different Antiquated Collection Stamp Sets, then used Archival Ink in Jet Black to stamp the image onto muslin, cut out each one using pinking shears, and stitched all the pieces together with my sewing machine set to a zigzag stitch using a cream colored thread. I then attached the sewn pieces and...

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Smile Sweet Heart Card

Jul 1, 2011

Here is a bright and cheery card I created using the Cocoa Daisy Main Kit “Urban Loft” and the “South Loop” Add On Kit. I’m loving all the bright colors and designs on these flowers and accented with self adhesive pearls which are included in the main kit, makes them even cuter. You all know how much I love pearls! Today, I will be creating with some new CHA release products for Maya Road which make me so happy, just wait until you see them… oh my goodness did Caroline and Deb ever out do themselves with this release. I think it’s my favorite ever. Then tonight, I will be editing into the wee hours of the night, again. My Aunt would cringe if she saw my sleep schedule right now it’s worse than...

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Friendship Tokens

Jun 15, 2011

During the meet and greet at Paper Cowgirl we had a super fun friendship token exchange. The tokens can be anything you wish to create and give away. This exchange would be something fun to do at crops or any scrapping event. I just have to show you how creative everyone was at Paper Cowgirl. I did my best to get a good close up of each one I received. My name badge was full. One of the participants crocheted all her flower tokens. Some altered game pieces. As you can see my name tag was full… colored keys tied on with yarn, stickers, millinery flowers a metal dress form was created and watch faces were used. I’m not kidding when I said people made them from all sorts of items. Kraft tags were...

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Its been a Dogs day afternoon…

May 17, 2011

and soon to be bath day as well for three super wonderful doggies. Today, I am taking a day off from the studio to just relax and get myself organized. I’ve discovered I’m the worlds worst at relaxing. I just cannot do it. Always feel like I need to be doing something at all hours of the day or night. So today I sat outside with the four legged babies and threw toys and just chilled. They loved it and I love watching how they are all so different in personality. We can only throw rope toys or balls for one dog at a time. Chiefie being the youngest can out run the other two, Buster being the middle is a pure toot and will turn nasty the second Chief or Sonny even thinks...

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