Cupcakes & Frosting

Apr 6, 2015

I have to share with you an amaz­ing frost­ing that is so sim­ple and so good. I’m all about sim­ple when it comes to the kitchen. I love to cook and bake as long as a recipe does not involve ingre­di­ents that are hard to find or is one that keeps me in the kitchen for­ev­er. If this is the case well, count me out on cook­ing that recipe. Ingre­di­ents Need­ed: Lemon Cake Mix or mix of your choice plus eggs, Water & Oil, Lemon Curd, Wilton White Sparkling Sug­ar, Cup­cake Lin­ers, So here is a fab­u­lous cup­cake recipe that is sim­ple and does not take long at all. First mix a lemon cake mix as instruct­ed on the box. Fill a muf­fin pan with cup­cake lin­ers, place lemon cake mix inside each lin­er  then...

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Altered Drawstring Bag

Mar 30, 2015

I found this cute can­vas linen draw­string bag in the dol­lar spot at Tar­get. I loved it so much that I grabbed all they had know­ing I could alter them through­out the year. This design was super easy to make and is per­fect to fill with East­er can­dy. Sup­plies Used: East­er Ele­ments Tim Holtz/Sizzix Die, Burlap, Trim, Seam Bind­ing, Fab­ri Tac, Pearl Beads, Sil­ver Blank Disk, Jump Rings, Head Pin Tools Need­ed: Die Cut­ting Machine, Scis­sors, Bench Block, Brass Ham­mer, Long Nose Pli­ers, Met­al Stamps Met­al Stamp­ing Sup­plies can be found HERE at PJ Tool Jew­el­ry & Craft Instruc­tions:  Using the East­er Ele­ments die and burlap, die cut the bun­ny. Using Fab­ri Tac attach the bun­ny to the front of the bag Using Fab­ri Tac attach trims all around the top sec­tion of the bag as...

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Bunny Easter Egg or Treat Holder

Mar 19, 2015

How cute will this East­er egg or treat hold­er look sit­ting at each per­sons table set­ting for East­er brunch. You can fill it with a per­son­al­ized dec­o­rat­ed egg to use as a place card or fill it with choco­lates for an after brunch treat. It’s real­ly sim­ple to make and I’m cer­tain your guest will love the added touch. Sup­plies Used: Tim Holtz Alter­ations East­er Ele­ments Sizzix Die, Matt Board, Flo­ral Emboss­ing Fold­er, Tim Holtz Dis­tress Paint Aban­doned Coral & Cracked Pis­ta­chio, Dina Wak­ley Media Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Glitz, Self Adhe­sive Pearls, Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue Tools Need­ed: Scis­sors, Big Shot or Cut­tle­bug, Paint­brush, Paper Trim­mer with Scor­ing Tool Using a Big Shot or Cut­tle­bug die, Matt Board and the East­er Ele­ments die, die cut two bun­nies and two bows. Using a Big Shot...

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From The Archives ~ Paper Bag Easter Basket

Apr 8, 2014

This tuto­r­i­al was orig­i­nal­ly post­ed on my blog, April 11, 2011. Paper Bag East­er Bas­kets are fun to cre­ate and with East­er just around the cor­ner I thought I would re-share it. I love the sim­plic­i­ty of brown paper bags and think they make the per­fect East­er bas­kets. I remem­ber mak­ing them in grade school and being so excit­ed to bring them home to show mom and dad. This bas­ket can be left plain or altered using pat­terned paper, stamps, inks or paint. You can care­ful­ly use any of the many Fiskars bor­der punch­es to cre­ate gor­geous edges along the top of your bas­ket or you could take a hole punch and punch a hole just below where the scal­lop meets, thread a rib­bon through the holes and cre­ate a pret­ty bow by tying...

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Kids Week 2 Day 1

Jul 22, 2013

This week it’s Bel­lie’s turn to vis­it us for a lit­tle fun and spoil­ing. She and Made­lyn’s per­son­al­i­ties are so oppo­site. I can only imag­ine what Bel­lie is going to want to make and do. Bel­lie starts each day draw­ing as she eats her break­fast. This kid loves to draw. She always has a pen­cil and sketch pad close by and I love look­ing at her doo­dles and draw­ings. Kids art is the best. Which reminds me don’t for­get to nom­i­nate a kid for a chance to receive a free “Kids Crafts” art box HERE. While look­ing for things to make with the girls dur­ing their vis­it I found this cute “Glow Bug” idea on Pin­ter­est. I thought Bel­lie would love mak­ing one and I was right! The only plas­tic East­er egg I could find around...

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Studio Accents

Mar 28, 2013

Some of you emailed me ask­ing to see a few things clos­er up so here ya go. I find it fun to add per­son­al touch­es to my work area and when you are a col­lec­tor of many things like I am it’s easy to do. These are a few lit­tle fig­urines I’ve col­lect­ed from Good­will and oth­er Thrift Stores. I enjoy tuck­ing them (that is until I have to dust them) in among oth­er decor items. I think of them as lit­tle unex­pect­ed sur­pris­es.  The two small­er pho­tos are of fig­urines sit­ting on the pie crust table. I have the squir­rel posi­tioned so it is hid­ing behind the berry bas­ket filled with adhe­sives yet peek­ing out from in front of a chair. This is how my broth­er’s trum­pet, old home­stead Clorox bot­tle and farm­ing...

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For The Love of Peeps

Mar 21, 2012

Ahhh, it’s spring­time which means flow­ers bloom­ing, birds tweet­ing, the leaves on trees are a beau­ti­ful spring green AND the shelves in Tar­get, Wal­green’s and Tom Thumb are FILLED with PEEPS! I love Peeps fresh from the pack­age, dried out and a bit chewy or warmed in the microwave does not mat­ter how they are giv­en to me I will eat them. I do find it strange though that I pre­fer the yel­low chicks and pink bun­nies over the oth­er col­ors. The taste is the same but for some rea­son the yel­low chicks and pink bun­nies are more appeal­ing to me. Maybe it’s because I always got yel­low chicks and pink bun­ny Peeps as a child every East­er. Since I’m addict­ed to Pin­ter­est, I did a lit­tle search for “Peeps” and look at all the...

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Place mat Chalkboard

Apr 18, 2011

While I was in Joan­n’s the oth­er day I was look­ing at all the East­er items they had for 50% off and found a big stack of pas­tel pink, blue, green and yel­low die cut place mats. I kept look­ing at them think­ing there was some­thing I could do with them and then it came to me… make a chalk­board out of them. So I bought a few of the place mats along with a spray can of Chalk­board Paint. Once home,  I head­ed to the back­yard and sprayed away. After the paint has dried for 24 hours you need to rub chalk all over the dried paint and wipe it off with a dry paper tow­el. After doing this you can then write on it. I cut a mag­net­ic busi­ness card in 1/4’s...

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Paper Bag Easter Basket

Apr 11, 2011

I love the sim­plic­i­ty of brown paper bags and think they make the per­fect East­er bas­kets. I remem­ber mak­ing them in grade school and being so excit­ed to bring them home to show mom and dad. This bas­ket can be left plain or altered using pat­terned paper, stamps and inks or paint. You can care­ful­ly use any of the many Fiskars bor­der punch­es to cre­ate gor­geous edges along the top of your bas­ket or you could take a hole punch and punch a hole just below where the scal­lop meets, thread a rib­bon through the holes and cre­ate a pret­ty bow by tying the two ends togeth­er. This sim­ple bas­ket has so many pos­si­bil­i­ties. I hope you share pho­tos of the bas­kets you cre­ate as I would love to see them. Have fun cre­at­ing....

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New Tutorials…

Mar 22, 2011

I added a few new projects to my “Tips, Tech­niques and Tuto­ri­als” online work­shop. You will find tuto­ri­als show­ing you how to recre­ate a cute fleece flower and an adorable yarn bun­ny. Below are a few sneak peeks of the two projects. I’m kin­da scared, ok a whole lot of scared, to paint the face on the bun­ny so I’m leav­ing it blank. Although I do think it looks cute this way. Also if you like cre­at­ing for East­er, here is a code CCBF3 for my “Hip­pi­ty Hop East­er Work­shop”. This is a $5.00 dis­count and will make the cost of the work­shop only $4.95. I can­not believe I leave this week­end for Cincin­nati, OH for the tech­niques pho­to shoot at F+W Media. I look for­ward to meet­ing my edi­tor Jen­ni in per­son as...

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Another fun Blog Bounce

Mar 8, 2011

If you are com­ing here from Francine Clouden’s blog glad you’re here! If not, make sure you check out all those par­tic­i­pat­ing in this months blog bounce as it is so fun to see how every­one inter­pret­ed the theme “Favorite Treat”. And since spring is just around the cor­ner I thought I would share with you one of our fam­i­lies favorite spring treats. I’ve been mak­ing these “Bird Nest” cup­cakes since I was a lit­tle girl with my Mom. To me it just does not seem like spring if I don’t make them. I’ve made these with my girls each East­er and will most like­ly make them every East­er even when the girls no longer live at home. They are just a part of my child­hood I like to reflect on each year. Below is...

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A very ugly secret…

Dec 20, 2010

This indus­try that so many of us love and work very hard to make mon­ey at with our ideas and class­es has a very ugly secret. This indus­try has some in it that will make deals and not fol­low through. This indus­try has peo­ple in it who send nasty emails to artists accus­ing them of untruths. Why do we as artists allow such treat­ment? Is it fear of ruf­fling feath­ers among the fol­low­ers of these peo­ple? From now on I will not allow this… if my truths ruf­fle feath­ers well I am sor­ry, some­times it is hard to accept peo­ple for whom and what they are. Their fol­low­ers need to real­ize and accept it as well and be thank­ful that they have been saved from such treat­ment from these peo­ple as even­tu­al­ly it will...

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Happy Easter from my family to yours…

Apr 4, 2010

I thought I would share with you on this spe­cial day some fam­i­ly pho­tos from East­ers past. Oh how I love old fam­i­ly pho­tos. Here are my mom and cousins Lar­ry and Jim­mie East­er Sun­day. They are stand­ing in front of my Aunt and Uncle’s house on Dog Run in Salem, WV, in 1954 or 55. Love that the girls as well as the ladies wore gloves with their new East­er attire. I’m not sure where Mom is stand­ing for this pho­to but I am assum­ing it is either in the yard at her home or my aun­t’s. They were only 2 hous­es away from each oth­er. Which was so fun when the fam­i­ly would go vis­it in the sum­mers. I’m sure my broth­er and I cre­at­ed a path between their hous­es… we went...

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Altered Paper Mache Box

Mar 28, 2010

I tell ya clean­ing out my scrap­room has allowed me to find some things I had for­got­ten all about hav­ing. This paper mache but­ter­fly box was stashed away deep down in a draw­er and these bun­ny picks where hang­ing in a bag that had been pushed way back in the clos­et. Putting the two togeth­er sure did make for a super cute altered box. I’m so glad I found them. This is what the Rab­bit looked like orig­i­nal­ly. I found these in the East­er sec­tion at JoAnns. Sup­plies Used: But­ter­fly Shaped Paper Mache Box, Book Pages, Sta­mens, Creamy Brown Ink, Rab­bit Pick, Kry­lon Sil­ver Leaf­ing Pen, Strong Liq­uid Adhe­sive, Glue Stick, Craft Knife, Craft Mat, Col­lage Pauge Instant Decoupage — Glossy, Martha Stew­art Crys­tal Coarse Glit­ter, MM Mani­la Acrylic Paint Tools Need­ed: Paint­brush, Scis­sors...

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May Day Basket

Mar 27, 2010

This bas­ket can be used as East­er decor in your home or giv­en to a friend or neigh­bor filled with tum­my treats.  You could also use this as a May Day Bas­ket… One fun May Day tra­di­tion is to hang a bas­ket full of spring flow­ers or oth­er small gift on your neigh­bor’s door­knob. Just make sure you don’t get caught because if you do you will have to kiss them. Sup­plies Used: Peat Pot (Gar­den Sec­tion at Lowe’s), Maya Mist — Brown, Pri­ma Hydrangea Blos­soms, Self Adhe­sive Rhinet­sons ($1 Sec­tion at Michaels), Bethany Lowe Designs All Sea­sons Fes­toon­ing Gar­land, Pale Pink Seam Bind­ing, Creamy Brown Ink, White Che­nille Stem, Fab­ri-Tac Tools Need­ed: Scis­sors Instruc­tions: Mist entire peat pot using Maya Mist — Brown, let dry. Attach to the top edge of the peat...

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I found something fun…

Mar 26, 2010

If you like vin­tage look­ing East­er cards here is a tuto­r­i­al I found at a site call Vin­tage Image Craft. I kin­da stum­bled on them via Face­book and oh am I so hap­py I did. Vin­tage Image Crafts has some adorable projects I thought you my super sweet blog­ger read­ers might want to try. This morn­ing cre­at­ed their adorable Victo­ri­an styled East­er Egg card. I love inter­ac­tive cards espe­cial­ly when it involves an adorable vin­tage image of an East­er chick like this one. I hope you give this card a try… it is pret­ty sim­ple and oh so cute. Wish­ing you all a won­der­ful­ly cre­ative week­end. Oh and don’t for­get about this.. or this. Those that par­tic­i­pate have a chance to win a won­der­ful RAK.Hugs!...

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Glittered Easter Eggs

Mar 25, 2010

I see glit­tered paper mache eggs all over the stores this time of year and nev­er can allow myself to pur­chase them since they are so easy to recre­ate. I love how they sparkle when the light hits them. You can find paper mache eggs in all sizes but since I have a bag full of small ones I decid­ed to make some mini glit­tered eggs. Right now it is all about me try­ing to use up my stash. You can cre­ate and attach a hang­er to the top of each egg out of Bak­er’s Twine then place it on that East­er tree I keep talk­ing about… which should just about be filled if you are mak­ing these projects. I tell ya what, if you are cre­at­ing these East­er projects send me a pho­to...

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Altered Paper Mache Box

Mar 24, 2010

How sweet will this be filled with a lit­tle East­er sur­prise? I love sur­pris­es and think this altered egg shaped paper mache box is per­fect to hold that spe­cial East­er some­thing. Sup­plies Need­ed: Small Egg Shaped Paper Mache Box, Vin­tage East­er Post­card Image, Folk Art 526 Soft Apple Acrylic Paint, Col­lage Pauge Instant Decoupage — Glossy, Martha Stew­art Crafts Crys­tal Coarse Glit­ter, Col­or­Box Flu­id Chalk Ink — Creamy Brown, Maya Road Vin­tage Cro­chet White Zig Zag Trim, Pale Pink Seam Bind­ing, Fab­ri-Tac, Maya Road Clear Jew­el Pins, Cop­ic Ciao Mark­ers RV13 Ten­der Pink & G21 Lime Green, 3mm Rhine­stones, 5mm Self Adhe­sive Pearl Tools Used: Scis­sors, Pen­cil, Paint­brush Instruc­tions: Using a paint­brush paint the entire paper mache box, let dry. Light­ly ink the paint­ed box using Creamy Brown ink. Note:  You just want a...

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Sweet Treat Cup

Mar 23, 2010

Crepe paper and pipe clean­ers… can it get much sweet­er? For me, no. Here is a treat cup tuto­r­i­al that will fit on an East­er tree if you short­en the han­dle a bit from what is shown here. Or you could score major brown­ie points by plac­ing one of these lit­tle cuties on your co-work­ers desk filled with a few can­dy eggs, a choco­late East­er bun­ny, wrapped in cel­lo­phane and tied with a seam bind­ing bow. You could also make sev­er­al and use them as place­cards for an East­er brunch. Pure sweet­ness I think. Sup­plies Used: White Nut & Par­ty Cups (can be found in the Cake Sec­tion of large craft stores), Pink Crepe Paper Stream­er, Maya Road Pink Ruf­fle Edge Trim, Jen­ni Bowl­in Pink Embell­ished But­ter­flies, Fab­ri-Tac, Embroi­dery Floss (any light col­or as...

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Vintage Postcard Easter Ornaments

Mar 21, 2010

If you are cre­at­ing the East­er Orna­ments I am post­ing here are a few more for your tree. I love vin­tage post­card images… espe­cial­ly East­er ones. I real­ly think I was born in the wrong time peri­od. Sup­plies Used: Maya Road Foun­da­tion Chip­board Set, Maya Mist — Sil­ver Metal­lic, Ger­man Glass Glit­ter — Sil­ver, Col­or­Box Flu­id Chalk Ink — Creamy Brown, Glossy Accents, Dia­mond Stick­les, Cop­ic Ciao Mark­er RV13 Ten­der Pink, Self Adhe­sive Cream col­ored Pearls — 2mm & 5mm, Brown & White Bak­er’s Twine, Aleene’s Acid Free Tacky Glue Stick, Aleene’s Orig­i­nal Tacky Glue, Vin­tage East­er Post­card Images, Vin­tage Sheet Music (The Crafty Scrap­per most like­ly has a lot of this prod­uct if you need to order online… give them a call 972.923.3151) Tools Used: Craft Knife, Craft Mat, Sand­ing Block Instruc­tions: Cov­er...

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Altered Easter Eggs

Mar 20, 2010

While clean­ing out a draw­er in my scrap­room I found a pack­age of 12 small (1.5″ tall) paper mache eggs. By the way, it is amaz­ing what you find when you clean out draw­ers. I high­ly rec­om­mend you give it a try. You’ll be sur­prised at the things you have that you total­ly for­got about…  any­way, I thought some altered eggs would look real­ly cute on my East­er tree along with the East­er Orna­ments (only 1 kit left) from the class I taught at Crop-Paper-Scis­sors. I think a set of 6 glit­tered with Ger­man Glass Glit­ter and 6 cov­ered with vin­tage sheet music and crys­tal coarse glit­ter will look adorable. The Glass Glit­ter and the vin­tage sheet music will accent the vin­tage post­card images per­fect­ly and trans­form a plain Spring tree into an adorable...

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