Cocoa Daisy Blog Hop

Mar 10, 2012

Cocoa Daisy has done some remod­el­ing and updat­ing, mak­ing our home a place you want to be. Drop in and see how our scrap­book home is your scrap­book home too. To help cel­e­brate, we are doing a blog hop and give­away. Just leave a com­ment to be entered to win a $10.00 Cocoa Daisy Coupon. I will pick a win­ner, Sun­day. The cel­e­bra­tion does­n’t end there, we’re also offer­ing a cou­ple of pro­mo­tions for new sub­scribers: 1.Sign up for a 6 month kit sub­scrip­tion and you will receive 20% off your first mon­th’s kit. 2. Sign up for a 6 month kit AND a 6 month stamp sub­scrip­tion and you will get 20% off your first mon­th’s kit and stamps PLUS an exclu­sive Cocoa Daisy Tote bag. If you are com­ing to my blog...

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The Art of Felting

Jan 11, 2012

I’ve been play­ing around with sev­er­al new medi­ums late­ly and felt­ing has been the lat­est one. It has always intrigued me and I find tak­ing wool rov­ing and shap­ing it into some­thing is quite relax­ing, that is unless your my dad. Then, well… it’s not so relax­ing. I taught him and mom how to do it dur­ing their Christ­mas vis­it and he was not too impressed. He’s decid­ed to stick to wood­carv­ing. But I do have a star and a bird that they both com­plet­ed that I’ll show you tomor­row. They did a great job. I decid­ed to take this felt­ed heart and cov­er it with small scraps of stamped muslin, linen and burlap then accent them with vin­tage but­tons, pearls and charms. I attached two jump rings at the top of the heart...

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Yes, I’m doing the Happy Dance…

Nov 13, 2011

I can final­ly share what I’ve been up to and can­not wait for you to see the entire line. The entire line will be revealed Sat­ur­day, Novem­ber 19th dur­ing my online chat with A Cher­ry On Top. See you there. Going to be teach­ing my “Christ­mas Wish­es” class today at 11:00 at The Crafty Scrap­per then doing an online chat with Cocoa Daisy about break­ing into the busi­ness. Please join me at 4 pm East­ern and I will do my best to answer any ques­tions that will help you achieve your scrap­book­ing goals. I have a PDF for you to down­load titled “From Artist to Author” on the right side col­umn of my blog. This has lots of valu­able  infor­ma­tion for begin­ners just want­i­ng to get into the indus­try to the more advanced think­ing...

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Snowman Mini Box and Album

Nov 11, 2011

This cute lit­tle guy can be found in the gallery in the back sec­tion of “Delight In The Details”. I just love him and had so much fun sculpt­ing his face. My favorite part is his car­rot nose. I also thought you might like to see what is inside the small altered box. It’s a cute tee­ny tiny, mini album I filled with snow pho­tos of the girls from win­ters past. My lit­tle Mr. Win­ter looks so cute sit­ting on the shelf of my scrap­room and I can hon­est­ly say, I have enjoyed look­ing at him every sin­gle day. This is one of my favorite projects I cre­at­ed for my book and wish Maya Road would bring this box back. Maybe if you bug Car­o­line enough for me she will. It nev­er hurts to...

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Cocoa Daisy Fall Crop: The Craft Fair

Nov 9, 2011

Make sure this week­end is clear because it’s going to be a fun one … NOVEMBER 11- 13 Cocoa Daisy crops always pro­vide you with a ton of chal­lenges, prizes, and most impor­tant­ly laugh­ter & cama­raderie with peo­ple who “get this scrap­py thing” we all love. You do not have to use Cocoa Daisy kits or even be a sub­scriber to play along. If you already do and are that is awe­some but the won­der­ful thing about Cocoa Daisy is they wel­come every­one. You just have to be reg­is­tered on the Mes­sage Boards, espe­cial­ly if you want to par­tic­i­pate in the chats. There is a HOW TO PLAY post­ed on the Mes­sage boards. Don’t for­get to add your songs to the PLAYLIST. You can play music while you chat & have fun. The SCHEDULE...

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Are you a dreamer…

Sep 14, 2011

I often won­der how many peo­ple dream of things they wish they could do but allow fear to creep inside their heads which then ends up keep­ing them from achiev­ing their dreams. Are you one of these peo­ple? If so, you need to break free of the fear and shoot for the moon. I’m sure most of you have heard or read the quote by Les Brown, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it you will land among the stars.” This is so true. I have always been a very goal ori­ent­ed per­son. If I set a goal I will achieve this goal no mat­ter what. Now the “no mat­ter what” does not mean I will push peo­ple to the ground and walk all over them to achieve this goal, it means...

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Artist Trading Cards

Sep 7, 2011

I think I’m going to have to title this ATC “Con­flict­ed” as this is where I’m sit­ting right now in my cre­ative world. This piece start­ed out with a vin­tage feel as I used the awe­some Doily stamp by Cocoa Daisy then before I knew it some of The Crafter’s Work­shop sten­cils start­ed work­ing their way in and BAM I was con­flict­ed in styles and look­ing at this vin­tage gor­geous­ness meets funky brights ATC. There is a lot of lay­er­ing going on, on this lit­tle ATC. I wish you could see how shim­mery this card is as I used Twin­kling H2O’s and Dia­mond Stick­les all over. The “ME” stamp can be found here in the Cocoa Daisy Bou­tique. Chris­tine sold out of her awe­some Doily stamp but Maya Road has some Doily Stamps  (Doilies,...

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Super Cute Idea

Sep 1, 2011

I’m not sure if I should thank Chris­tine Drumheller’s moth­er or not but she now has me on the hunt for vin­tage salt and pep­per shak­ers to make unique dec­o­ra­tive tas­sels. Yes, you read right… tas­sels. Chris­tine did a few blog posts for me while I was gone so I snagged this pho­to show­cas­ing a lay­out she cre­at­ed of her and her Mom. I thought you should see the face of this cre­ative lady. While Chris­tine and I were chat­ting one day at CHA‑S she told me about these unique tas­sels her moth­er used to make from salt and pep­per shak­ers. Well, Chris­tine sent me two and I have just got to share this idea with you. Have I told you how cute of an idea this is… I mean seri­ous­ly how cute is that...

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A Blast from the Past…

Aug 25, 2011

I thought it would be fun to show you some lay­outs I cre­at­ed using Cocoa Daisy kits from around 2007. Now that Ans­ley is a senior this year I find these lay­outs even more spe­cial. She grew up way too fast. In the lay­out above I felt there was too much white space in the back­ground of Ans­ley’s pho­to so I used the end of my paint­brush and some acrylic paints to cre­ate a pol­ka dot back­ground. I like the pop of col­or the pol­ka dots cre­ate and they fill in the white space per­fect­ly. To pop the pho­to a bit more I paint­ed yel­low acrylic paint all around the edge of the pho­to cre­at­ing a bright col­ored bor­der. To fill in the white space on the pho­to above I attached clear but­tons to...

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Just a note.

Aug 19, 2011

Hel­lo again! Chris­tine from Cocoa Daisy here to share a cou­ple fun cards I made using this mon­th’s kit “Siren’s Call”. Every month before I put my kit away to start work­ing with the next one I like to make a cou­ple cards with the left­over bits on my desk. This mon­th’s kit had the per­fect bright, pri­ma­ry col­ors to cre­ate a cou­ple cheery cards. For this first card I punched 1″ cir­cles from the Cos­mo Crick­et paper and then ran them through my sewing machine, let­ting the machine run a few stitch­es in between each cir­cle to cre­ate a ban­ner like affect. I laid them out on the card in ran­dom order, plac­ing foam adhe­sive under some to add a lit­tle dimen­sion. I fin­ished off the card with a tag and this cute...

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Playing with paper flowers.

Aug 12, 2011

Good morn­ing! My name is Chris­tine Drumheller and I am the own­er of the month­ly kit club, Cocoa Daisy. I was thrilled to be invit­ed to post on Lisa’s blog this week. I am nor­mal­ly a very clean, lin­ear kind of scrap­book­er but this being Lisa’s blog I thought I would stretch out of my com­fort zone and add some extra lay­ers of flow­ers and rib­bon to a lay­out. I used bits and pieces from our July kit “Urban Loft” and its add-ons to cre­ate this lay­out about my Mom and I on Moth­er’s Day. Lay­er­ing with paper flow­ers is a fun and ver­sa­tile way of cre­at­ing some tex­ture on your page. I used the Sas­safras kraft flow­ers and some of their new “foldies” on my lay­out but you can cut flow­ers from pat­terned...

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My Friend Card

Aug 5, 2011

The embell­ish­ment on this card can be cre­at­ed and used for so many dif­fer­ent themes. I love mak­ing them for birth­day cards and oth­er spe­cial occa­sions. All you need are two dif­fer­ent sized scal­lop cir­cle punch­es. I used the Fiskars Extra Large and Large Scal­lop Cir­cle Punch­es, pat­terned paper, the but­ton is option­al as you can place a sen­ti­ment in the cen­ter if you would like, some rib­bon, pop dots and Stick­les (of course). Punch one scal­loped cir­cle using each punch, place the small­er scal­lop cir­cle onto the cen­ter of the large scal­lop using pop dots, cut two pieces of rib­bon to the desired lengths and attach them to the back of the large scal­lop cir­cle. I use Fab­ri-Tac as I find this holds trims bet­ter and you use far less liq­uid adhe­sive. You...

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Hello Card

Aug 3, 2011

This card is one I cre­at­ed using the August Main Kit “Siren’s Call” by Cocoa Daisy and the Add On Kits “Calyp­so” and “Mist and Ink”. The win­dow with the flower box was super fun to make so I thought I would tell you how I did it if you want to give it a try. Using Maya Mist I sprayed the chip­board win­dow. Once dry I removed the four panes and placed a piece of pat­terned paper on the back to look like cur­tains. I cov­ered the flower box using pat­terned paper, sand­ed the edges and accent­ed the pol­ka dots with Dia­mond Stick­les. I then cut 4 pieces of 24 gauge wire to about 8″ in length. I thread one end of the wire through a but­ton about 1″ and twist­ed the wire...

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The Ferry Ride

Aug 1, 2011

When we went to Galve­ston a few weeks ago I took a few pho­tos of Ans­ley and her boyfriend Matt while wait­ing for and rid­ing the fer­ry over to Galve­ston. So when I saw the col­ors and pat­terns in this months Cocoa Daisy kit “ ‘Siren’s Call” I was thrilled, as they matched the pho­tos per­fect­ly. The ban­ner is cre­at­ed with the adorable stamp set includ­ed in this months kit. I used the ink from the “Mist and Ink” Add On kit to cre­ate the ban­ner and the red and white twine came from the “Calyp­so” Add On Kit. And I was so hap­py to be asked to be this months Guest Design­er for Vin­tage Street Mar­ket. If you are not famil­iar with this com­pa­ny you need to check them out. They have lots of fun vin­tage...

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Sirens Call

Jul 29, 2011

It’s Cocoa Daisy sneak peek time again and I think you will love the col­ors and tex­tures of the August kit. I cer­tain­ly do. The main kit is called “Sirens Call” and Chris­tine has sev­er­al won­der­ful add-on kits. I picked “Calyp­so” and the “Mist and Ink” Add On kits. Chris­tine cer­tain­ly has an eye for blend­ing pat­terns and col­ors. She has the per­fect bal­ance of neu­trals and brights. I accent­ed the dots on the pat­terned papers above using Dia­mond Stick­les and stitched and stitched and stitched this project like crazy. Aug. 1st I will get to show you all the projects in full. I had fun cre­at­ing these lit­tle wired but­ton flow­ers. I used 24 gauge wire if you want to give them a try. I think they look super cute. I altered the...

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True Love

Jul 20, 2011

This is the last of the cards I cre­at­ed using new Maya Road prod­ucts. They are releas­ing the cutest “Mini Bot­tle Caps” and when I say, “mini” I mean mini they are only .5″. I cre­at­ed the flower by col­or­ing the bot­tle cap using the car­di­nal cop­ic mark­er, one daisy from their “Large Daisy Vin­tage Lace Trim” and their new “Skin­ny Spool”. The “Wavy Lay­er­able Ban­ner” is mist­ed with “Egg­plant Put­ple Maya Mist” and stamped using the alphas from the “Just My Type” stamp set. The love chip­board word is inked using their “Pink 1” Ink Pad”. The“Mini Bot­tle Cap” is half filled with glossy accents and sil­ver Ger­man glass glit­ter then a self adhe­sive pearl was placed in the cen­ter. I accent­ed the pat­terned paper from my Cocoa Daisy “Urban Loft” kit, scal­lop cir­cle cen­ter and chip­board pieces...

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Anniversary Card

Jul 18, 2011

I cre­atead this card using pat­terned paper from my Cocoa Daisy “Urban Loft” kit and sev­er­al new Maya Road release items. The new “Win­ter’s Ros­es in Hound­stooth Pump­kin” goes per­fect­ly with their new “Satin Pleat Edg­ing in Gold­en Yel­low” and “Ruf­fle Cro­chet Trim — Sin­gle”. I had to put a “Black Wood­en Bin­go Cal­en­dar Piece” inside the rose cen­ter as it fit too well to pass up. I then accent­ed the Win­ter’s Rose with “Vin­tage Pearl and Leaf” Trin­ket Pins. And one can nev­er get tired of accent­ing cards or projects with the “Large Daisy Vin­tage Trim”. I love the soft­ness it adds to my projects. FYI: You can mist this trim with any of the sol­id Maya Road Mists to col­or coor­di­nate it with any of your projects. To make the col­or per­ma­nent just heat set it...

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Jul 15, 2011

Cameos… one can nev­er have too many cameos and now you can stamp them on any­thing you wish. Maya Road has a new set called just that “Cameos”. The stamp set includes three ornate frames, an oval cen­ter stamp, four dif­fer­ent sized  ladies, small accents and words. You get 17 stamps total. I will cer­tain­ly be using this set a lot. I accent­ed the lady’s hair using one of the new “Vin­tage Paper Posies” and three self adhe­sive pearls to cre­ate a tiny chok­er. The pat­terned paper used are scraps from my Cocoa Daisy “Urban Loft” kit. Sun­day, I’m off to Chica­go to meet up with Ron­da and then Chris­tine, Mon­day for CHA. It’s going to be a blast room­ing with them again. The last time I saw them we were room­ing togeth­er in...

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Hi, my love

Jul 14, 2011

Here is anoth­er new stamp set Maya Road is releas­ing at CHA. It’s called “Just My Type.” I love the old type­writer stamp and font which I’m sure comes as no sur­prise to you. The words “my love” are from their new “Tell Your Sto­ry” stamp set. It too has a cute type­writer just not the old Under­wood style. And I can always find a place to put some of their adorable “Large Daisy Vin­tage Lace Trim.” I like to accent the cen­ter with a 5mm self adhe­sive pearl. And here is a lit­tle sneak peek of tomor­rows project. Oh how I love tomor­row’s stamp set....

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Memory Makers Blog Bounce

Jul 12, 2011

It’s time again for anoth­er Mem­o­ry Mak­ers Blog Bounce. The theme this month is “Vaca­tion.” I know I try to keep in touch with friends when I trav­el by send­ing them a lit­tle note or post­card from dif­fer­ent places. What about you? I remem­ber get­ting post­cards from my grand­moth­er and aunt when they trav­eled. It was always so excit­ing to see where they were trav­el­ing to and from. I cre­at­ed this card using a new stamp set by Maya Road called “Love Ban­ner” it includes 3 tri­an­gle, 3 pen­nant shaped ban­ner pieces, an alpha­bet set and 3 addi­tion­al ban­ner embell­ish­ment stamps. You get 30 pieces in all. And look at these… I LOVE their new “Vin­tage Paper Posies”. You can ink, mist, glit­ter and alter these any­way you want. These are cer­tain­ly going to...

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Us ~ 1972

Jul 4, 2011

Above is the com­plete lay­out using the sil­hou­ette I cre­at­ed of me and my broth­er, Richard. I was around 7 or 8 and Richard was around 5 or 6. Sad­ly, Richard passed away in 2004 from alco­holism at the age of 38. The pho­to below has always been a favorite of mine and even though I can­not see or talk to him now, I know he’s always at my side. July 4th has nev­er been the same since he passed. His 5 niece’s and 1 nephew (poor boy) knew Richard would pur­chase a ton of fire­works for them to shoot off. He would either take all the old­er kids out of the city lim­its to shoot them off or take his chances and shoot them off down the street at mom and dad’s house. Watch­ing Richard...

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