EnviroTex Resin Charm Trio

Feb 5, 2013

I just real­ized I for­got to show you the Charm Trio I cre­at­ed for my old­est niece Aman­da. If you are still on the fence about try­ing resin stop think­ing about it and DO IT NOW! It is so much fun and Envi­ro­Tex Resin is so easy to use. So here is pret­ty much what I did for each charm. Start­ing from Top to Bot­tom. Charm One has a lay­er of Martha Stew­art Brown­stone glit­ter and a Mak­ing Mem­o­ries Glit­ter Alpha Stick­er. Charm Two has a punched cir­cle of sheet music that is sealed using Nunn Design Glue. After about three appli­ca­tions of glue which was dried com­plete­ly in between appli­ca­tions I attached a Nunn Design Trans­fer Decal on top of the sheet music as instruct­ed on the pack­ag­ing. I love that the decals...

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Glittering Thrift Store Vases and Bottles

Jan 28, 2013

This was a fun late night, last minute project I decid­ed to do since I’ve seen this tech­nique many times pinned on Pin­ter­est. Some things on Pin­ter­est look super easy and amaz­ing but in the end, end up being epic fail­ures. I have heard sev­er­al sto­ries. But I am hap­py to say this tech­nique works like a charm and makes this glit­ter girl super hap­py. Sup­plies Used: Col­lage Pauge Instant Decoupage ~ Glossy, Rec­ol­lec­tions Extra Fine Glit­ter ~ Cham­pagne, Thrift Store Vas­es or Bot­tles, Non-Stick Craft Mat, Alu­minum Foil, Pop­si­cle Stick Instruc­tions: Squirt some Glossy Col­lage Pauge Instant Decoupage into the bot­tom of your vase or bot­tle. I just count­ed one, two, three while squirt­ing the Col­lage Pauge Instant Decoupage into the vase and stopped. No rock­et sci­ence here.  Next I placed about 2...

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Queen Bee EnviroTex Resin Charms

Jan 7, 2013

This year, Aunt Bren­da spent Christ­mas with our fam­i­ly. This is the first Christ­mas I can remem­ber hav­ing her with us at Christ­mas since I was a very lit­tle girl, some­where around the age of 3 or 4 years old. It was fun and she made my mom and dad the best heir­loom ever, which I will share on anoth­er blog post. It’s amaz­ing! I decid­ed to cre­ate two dif­fer­ent styled charms for her this Christ­mas. Aunt Bren­da sews a lot and has cre­at­ed some beau­ti­ful quilts and remem­ber, she is the one who made my “Trav­el­ing Apron”. You can read about it in my “Every­thing Has A Sto­ry” blog post. So I thought I would cre­ate her a tex­tile style charm using a Maya Road mini can­vas tag for the base and hand...

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EnviroTex Memento Key Chain

Jan 4, 2013

Here is anoth­er key­chain I cre­at­ed as a gift for Christ­mas. This one was for my mom. I start­ed by cut­ting a piece of wall­pa­per from the old home­stead that mom and I peeled off the wall one sum­mer. I then placed the wall­pa­per piece inside the heart bezel. Using a paint­brush I cov­ered the wall­pa­per with three coats of Nunn Designs Glue allow­ing the glue to dry thor­ough­ly between coats. I then mixed a small batch of Envi­ro­Tex Resin and filled the bezel halfway. I set this aside and let it cure for 12 hours. Remem­ber there is no need to waste any of your resin. If you don’t have anoth­er charm you want to cre­ate, cre­ate resin paper by plac­ing the paper onto wax paper or foil and brush the left­over resin onto the papers...

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Owl Charms

Dec 31, 2012

My sis­ter, Belin­da has a seri­ous love of owls. She likes the fun whim­si­cal style so I thought I would cre­ate a few charms for her to wear. I print­ed off some owl images using my laser print­er then cut them to fit the bezels shown above. Using a paint brush I applied Nunn Design Glue inside each bezel then placed the image on top of the glue press­ing down with my fin­ger to make sure I removed any air bub­bles. Then I applied a lay­er of the glue on top of each image, let­ting it dry com­plete­ly then applied anoth­er lay­er of glue. Once dry I accent­ed the images with Dia­mond Stick­les. After the Stick­les dried I applied Judi Kins Gel du Soleil and used a Judi Kins UV Lamp. This prod­uct is dif­fer­ent than...

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Pre-Teen Jewelry

Dec 27, 2012

For Christ­mas I made my niece Made­lyn charms for each day of the week and a match­ing bracelet. This is a super easy project to cre­ate and one kids Made­lyn’s age love. All I did was cut the brads off the back of some Basic Grey brads I’ve had in my stash for­ev­er using wire cut­ters. Then using E‑6000 I attached each brad to a sil­ver bail that is slight­ly small­er than the brad for each of the 7 days a week charms. To make the bracelet I just attached one brad to each blank of the pre-made bracelet. The bails and bracelet can be found at Hob­by Lob­by in the jew­el­ry sec­tion. It’s as sim­ple as that and Made­lyn LOVES being able to pick which charm she is going to wear each day....

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Three Simple Words ~ Charm Tutorial

Nov 19, 2012

This charm requires sev­er­al steps with a 12 hour wait­ing time in between the two resin pours and 48 hours before it achieves a hard cure. Once the hard cure has been achieved it’s ready to wear. Below is a lit­tle info on this resin that I copied from the Envi­ro­Tex webiste. Pro­fes­sion­al results are easy to achieve with Envi­ro­Tex® Jew­el­ry Resin!  This prod­uct adds depth and crys­tal clear clar­i­ty like no oth­er.  It visu­al­ly enhances the sur­face on which it is applied, result­ing in brighter, deep­er and more intense col­ors.  Envi­ro­Tex® Jew­el­ry Resin has amaz­ing bub­ble release.  It is easy and fun to use and has a pleas­ing cit­rus scent!  For­mu­lat­ed for high resis­tance to light expo­sure and UV rays from the sun.  When cured, the resin coat­ing is extreme­ly durable, water­proof, heat...

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Three Simple Words

Nov 17, 2012

It’s amaz­ing the amount of pow­er words have when you real­ly think about it. I’m sure we can all remem­ber a moment when an unkind word was said to us on the play­ground, or whis­pers in the hall in school. I know I can. Sad­ly, it’s dur­ing those years that we real­ly don’t know the pow­er those words spo­ken have on a per­son. It’s so easy to remem­ber the neg­a­tive as I guess those are the ones that impact us and hurt us the most. The neg­a­tive words are the first ones which creep up on us instead of the kind, they are the ones that I and I’m sure you, always have to push back down. So today, my wish is that we all give hope, courage and love to a stranger, a...

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