What a week…

Feb 18, 2008

As I was com­ing back from lunch I ran into Gre­ta Ham­mond MMM ’08, Vic­ki Boutin, the Queen of Foof her­self Tere­sa McFay­den and the super sweet Jen­ni Bowl­in as you can see at every turn there were peo­ple to meet, chat with and get to know bet­ter.

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It’s a great day…

Feb 7, 2008

We will be using prod­ucts from our Chip­board Crown Album, Heart Coast­er Album, ATC’s, Blos­soms, Post­card Stamp, Crushed Vel­vet Rib­bons and Scal­lop Ric Rac. Here is the design team can­vas I cre­at­ed for the design­ers wall that will be in Maya Road­’s booth.

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Oh what fun…

Jan 6, 2008

Since all the projects I am work­ing on right now for Maya Road are for CHA and can’t be shared I thought I would show you a por­tion of my first Win­ter Bel­la project. Gonna make anoth­er one of these of Ter­ri.

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Lots of creativity going on…

Jan 4, 2008

absolute fits I tell you when you see what Car­o­line and Deb have cre­at­ed for Maya Road. Tere­sa’s projects are cre­at­ed so that you can use what you already have in your stash which is a very good thing this time of year.

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Serious Blog neglect…

Aug 1, 2007

Got­ta love friends like her that give you that lit­tle extra push. Catch­ing up with friends from all over, meet­ing online friends for the first time and the ear­ly morn­ings and late nights, to me are so addict­ing.

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Maya Road Sneak Peek… #4

Jul 12, 2007

old) now known as the “Big Sis­ter” of the house (nev­er mind that Aman­da “THE BIG SISTER” will turn 16 in just a few days) said this the day Isabel­la Kate came home.

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Maya Road Sneek Peek… #3

Jul 12, 2007

I love the week before CHA as I get to share all the projects I cre­at­ed for the show. fun, fun, fun I tell ya! I love this size and the lit­tle birds and twigs on the cov­er, well I can­not get enough of these lit­tle trea­sures.

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Nothing like a Maya Road day…

Jul 7, 2007

I total­ly under­stand why Car­o­line says when she thinks of these her mouth waters… it is the strangest thing you real­ly do get this mouth water­ing, sweet/salty taste in your mouth when the thought enters your mind.

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Rain, rain and more rain as well as something new!

Jul 5, 2007

I tell you I think we are going to wash away here in Texas. it’s a kit club called Bad Girls Kits. Still avail­able is a real­ly cute project kit called Beach Beau­ty and two add on kits called Sun­set Love and Angel Baby.

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How about a little Maya Road Sneak Peek…

Jul 3, 2007

YEAH, final­ly Car­o­line gave me the okay to give a lit­tle sneak peek of an album I just com­plet­ed. Not every­thing is being shown as this lit­tle album is filled with new prod­ucts to debut at CHA…

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How sweet…

Jun 30, 2007

Since every­thing I am work­ing on at the moment is for CHA and I can­not share I thought I would share a few pho­tos my sis­ter sent me of Made­lyn and Isabel­la. Made­lyn and Isabel­la were watch­ing a movie, then Made­lyn decid­ed to read Isabel­la a book and before she knew it Isabel­la was out like a light…

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Art Warehouse Fresh Line

Jun 20, 2007

Oh I love the Fresh line… I just love her freck­les and pink cheeks in this pho­to. I just fin­ished one of my Maya Road projects for CHA using the suit­case and binder (old­er prod­uct).

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and the best packaging award goes to…

Feb 3, 2007

I was so hap­py to be able to cre­ate on of my make-n-takes for Maya Road using some of their new papers. I have pho­tos of Cos­mo Crick­et, Bazz­ill, Dream Street Papers, Basic­Grey, Foof-a-la, Pig­gy Tales, A2Z, Rouge de Garance, Tech­nique Tues­day, Scenic Route and of course…

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Just a quick Hi and…

Jan 26, 2007

to let you know the Maya Road cat­a­log is fin­ished. Just know, I will take lots of pho­tos while at CHA so you can see the won­der­ful new items that will soon be hit­ting the stores.

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Our house is completed…

Dec 17, 2006

All the dec­o­rat­ing is com­plete and ready for our hol­i­day guests to arrive. Final­ly I can sit back and enjoy the hol­i­days and think of what I am going to cre­ate with all the new pho­tos I have tak­en.

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Give a kid a camera…

Dec 4, 2006

I have so much fun look­ing at what pho­tos my daugh­ter Ans­ley (12 yrs. Next, will be my PaperDil­lies prod­ucts once that gets start­ed in Jan. I have a few projects and Chal­lenges I need to work on and try to fin­ish today for Maya Road.

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