Trying to find balance…

Sep 6, 2008

Gosh, I so stink at this blogging. I guess they like my blog even though I am a bad blogger. Then link the person you received the “I Love Your Blog” award from. Then put links to those blogs on your blog.

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What a week…

Feb 18, 2008

As I was coming back from lunch I ran into Greta Hammond MMM ’08, Vicki Boutin, the Queen of Foof herself Teresa McFayden and the super sweet Jenni Bowlin as you can see at every turn there were people to meet, chat with and get to know better.

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It’s the first of the month…

Apr 2, 2007

Journaling reads: I wish I could honestly say this photo was taken December 1st but I must confess it was not, it was taken March 1st. Every year, I tell myself I’m taking our Christmas tree down before the middle of January but when the time arrives… I just can’t make myself do it.

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