Maya Road Photos take 2…

Feb 21, 2008

These projects were cre­at­ed by Wendy, Jes­si­ca (sure wish some­one would get a blog Jess) and Car­o­line. The projects shown are cre­at­ed by Wendy. The projects shown were cre­at­ed by Wendy and Katie.

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Maya Road’s booth at CHA…

Feb 19, 2008

Here are are the new But­ter­fly, Artis­tic Scroll Frame, Clas­sic Scroll Frame and 2‑Ring Heart Chip­board Books cre­at­ed by Katie and Andrea.

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WOW… what a great way to start my day…

Jan 31, 2008

Today I woke up anoth­er year old­er… yep 43 years old today. Today is also a very big Maya Road sneak peek day. Tomor­row is final­ly the day to start the project sneak peeks.

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Hurry up and check this out…

Jan 11, 2008

Would you like to have your Maya Road project fea­tured at the CHA‑W show? It will be well worth the wait because Car­o­line and Deb have real­ly put togeth­er some incred­i­ble new prod­ucts for CHA‑W and if you keep check­ing their blogs you just might be the first to see some ear­ly sneak peeks. This way you can keep updat­ed with all the new hap­pen­ings going on at Maya Road.

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12 boxes…

Jan 8, 2008

of won­der­ful new Maya Road prod­ucts are com­ing in tomor­row. I love see­ing all the new prod­ucts Deb and Car­o­line cre­ate. Usu­al­ly I am work­ing on a lay­out or project for a design team or a spe­cif­ic call.

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more Winter Bella fun…

Jan 7, 2008

Here are a few close up pho­tos of my sec­ond Win­ter Bel­la project. I love this project so much. I love, love, love and want, want, want every sin­gle item they will be releas­ing at CHA‑W.

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Lots of creativity going on…

Jan 4, 2008

absolute fits I tell you when you see what Car­o­line and Deb have cre­at­ed for Maya Road. Tere­sa’s projects are cre­at­ed so that you can use what you already have in your stash which is a very good thing this time of year.

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Clear Ornaments…

Dec 13, 2007

Sup­plies Need­ed: Clear Orna­ments Trans­paren­cy Maya Road Rubons Rib­bon Faux Snow Tools Need­ed: Coluz­zle (cir­cle) Instruc­tions: Print wal­let sized pho­tos in greyscale onto trans­paren­cy Cut out pho­to using your Coluz­zle or oth­er form of cir­cle cut­ter to appro­pri­ate size for your orna­ment Roll up trans­paren­cy and place inside of orna­ment (you might need to flat­ten it out just a bit, I used the eras­er on top of a pen­cil) Add Faux Snow to inside of orna­ment Using Rubons place a word or date along the front of the orna­ment Tie a bow to the hang­er Enjoy.

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Happy Birthday Caroline

Oct 23, 2007

Today my dear friend Car­o­line Lau is cel­e­brat­ing her birth­day. I would love it if you would help make her day a spe­cial one by leav­ing her a birth­day greet­ing on the MR Design Team Blog. You will find lots of inspir­ing ways to use Maya Road prod­ucts as all the design team mem­bers cre­at­ed Car­o­line a spe­cial birth­day tag.

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Serious Blog neglect…

Aug 1, 2007

Got­ta love friends like her that give you that lit­tle extra push. Catch­ing up with friends from all over, meet­ing online friends for the first time and the ear­ly morn­ings and late nights, to me are so addict­ing.

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Maya Road Sneak Peek… #4

Jul 12, 2007

old) now known as the “Big Sis­ter” of the house (nev­er mind that Aman­da “THE BIG SISTER” will turn 16 in just a few days) said this the day Isabel­la Kate came home.

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Nothing like a Maya Road day…

Jul 7, 2007

I total­ly under­stand why Car­o­line says when she thinks of these her mouth waters… it is the strangest thing you real­ly do get this mouth water­ing, sweet/salty taste in your mouth when the thought enters your mind.

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How about a little Maya Road Sneak Peek…

Jul 3, 2007

YEAH, final­ly Car­o­line gave me the okay to give a lit­tle sneak peek of an album I just com­plet­ed. Not every­thing is being shown as this lit­tle album is filled with new prod­ucts to debut at CHA…

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Just a quick post…

Jun 29, 2007

I have been so busy cre­at­ing projects for Maya Road and can­not wait for the sneak peek go ahead. Here are a few cards I cre­at­ed using some of my tem­plates. I will have these tem­plates for sale on my blog soon for those of you that might want to make your own.

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Making Progress…

Jun 21, 2007

I am almost fin­ished with this project… It is CUTE CUTE CUTE. They just keep get­ting bet­ter and bet­ter and before long I’m going to have to rent a ware­house to use as my scrap­room… I am real­ly hav­ing fun cre­at­ing a project that doc­u­ments some of the jew­el­ry that was giv­en to me by my grand­moth­ers.

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Happy National Scrapbook Day

May 5, 2007

In hon­or of this day I will be giv­ing away a nice lit­tle Maya Road RAK. The class is to show every­one how to cre­ate real­ly cute mini albums using Maya Road jour­ney tins. I would love to see some projects that were cre­at­ed using some of my tuto­ri­als.

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What a fun 24 hours…

Apr 29, 2007

Fri­day night and Sat­ur­day, I got to hang out with some of my Maya Road friends… After our IKEA adven­ture we head­ed to Col­leyville to do some make-n-takes at the Scrap­book Pad. After our lunch we head­ed to Richard­son to pick up items from the Mag­ic Scraps garage sale.

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ScrapGal Challenge

Apr 15, 2007

tomor­row is my day to host the Man­ic Mon­day chal­lenge at Scrap­Gal. So my chal­lenge lay­out this week shows Sophie and Son­ny when he was 10 weeks old and teething, poor Sophie.

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Maya Road and CHA

Feb 4, 2007

The crushed vel­vet rib­bons, the vel­vet blos­som trims, the vel­vet ric rac, the vel­vet blos­soms, the tapes­try and clocks chip­board, the cal­en­dar flip book, all the binders, all the keep­sake box­es all I can think of is OH ALAN.…

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more Maya Road sneak peeks and an OMGosh moment…

Jan 20, 2007

Here is a tag I cre­at­ed using the new clear stamps, twill and rub ons by Maya Road. the stamps are great and the rub ons go on as smooth as but­ter.

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