Weekend of Family Fun

Dec 23, 2014

This past week­end, my sis­ter and her fam­i­ly came up for the week­end. Her Christ­mas gift to Brit­tain was a tick­et to see the Cow­boys play the Colts, Sun­day. It was­n’t the game Brit­tain was hop­ing for but it was a fun time spent with his mom. Since he isn’t able to go to Beau­mont for Christ­mas I decid­ed to have a fam­i­ly Christ­mas par­ty for him at our house. Sat­ur­day morn­ing, Made­lyn and Bel­lie made snow­men out of donuts for break­fast. These were a big hit with the girls. All you need are pow­dered donuts, orange jel­ly beans for the nose and mini choco­late morsels for the mouth and eyes. A cup of hot choco­late is a great drink to go with the snow­man donuts too. Sat­ur­day evening, we had our fam­i­ly par­ty....

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Are YOU Going to GASC in Arlington, TX?

Jun 7, 2014

If you are attend­ing the Great Amer­i­can Scrap­book Con­ven­tion June 12th — 14th in Arling­ton, Texas I have a spe­cial offer just for you. Start­ing today through Tues­day, June 10th, you can avoid ship­ping costs on any items pur­chased in my Etsy shop. Your pur­chased items will be avail­able for pick up in the Maya Road booth June 12th, 13th & 14th. If you find some­thing you like con­vo me and I will cre­ate a Reserve List­ing just for you that excludes the ship­ping fee. I have list­ed sev­er­al new ear­ring and ring designs shown below, leather bracelets, neck­laces and have my ever so pop­u­lar Hand­made Frozen Char­lotte Dolls.   I look for­ward to see­ing every­one at the con­ven­tion. It’s always so nice get­ting to chat with cre­ative...

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Watching a Dream Come True

Jan 24, 2013

It was so awe­some to walk into The Crafter’s Work­shop booth at CHA and see the new sten­cil line designed by my friend Ron­da Palaz­zari. After CHA sum­mer Ron­da spoke about ideas she had for her own sten­cil line and by gol­ly, I’m thrilled to see her Dream Came True. What Ron­da cre­ates with her sten­cils is beyond amaz­ing. Below are links to all the sten­cil projects she cre­at­ed and blogged about as each sten­cil made it’s pub­lic debut. You have to look at every sin­gle one. I tell ya, it’s pure eye can­dy. Kalei­do­scope Urban Land­scape Sub­way Hon­ey­comb Pic­ture Per­fect Pie Chart Con­fet­ti Qua­tre­foil This lay­out is just one of the many favorite projects I love that Ron­da cre­at­ed. This lay­out fea­tures her new Kalei­do­scope sten­cil. No one does col­or like Ron­da....

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CHA~W 2013 Schedule

Jan 11, 2013

Just one more day until the fun begins and if you’ve got a flair for but­tons make sure to come find me and ask  for one of my “Delight In The Sea­sons” Flair But­tons. I have a lim­it­ed amount of but­tons to pass out and once they’re gone… they’re real­ly gone. Each flair but­ton will have a num­ber writ­ten on the inside. If I blog, tweet or face­book the num­ber that match­es the one on the back of your flair but­ton you win an auto­graphed copy of my book “Delight In The Sea­sons”. Car­o­line will pick the num­ber Mon­day, the 14th around 3 p.m. You must pick up the auto­graphed copy in per­son at the Maya Road booth #565 and have your flair but­ton to ver­i­fy you are the win­ner. If the win­ner does...

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CHA-Summer 2012 Day 2

Jul 18, 2012

Today, I was in the Maya Road booth all day doing make-n-takes. Let me tell you my feet and knees hurt so bad tonight I can hard­ly stand it. But before head­ing to bed I want­ed to show you some of my favorite Maya Road prod­ucts which just so hap­pen to be pret­ty pop­u­lar with store own­ers too. But before I show you these pho­tos let me first show you this one… this is Ter­ra Cameron with Simon Says Stamp. You can pur­chase my Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion stamp sets from Simon Says Stamp HERE. If you ever have a chance to chat with Ter­ra and/or Hei­di you will love every sec­ond. They are the sweet­est. Okay now on to the pho­tos of my favorite new Maya Road prod­ucts. You will be see­ing these a lot...

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CHA-Summer 2012 Day 1

Jul 17, 2012

Today was a total blast of a day. It was a busy one with make-n-takes, teach­ing a meet­ing and more make-n-takes but it was a fun one. Here is a run down of day one… 10:00 — 11:00 ~ start make-n-takes in the Maya Road booth. Gail Hol­ley an instruc­tor for The Scrap­book Page and More was my first make-n-take attendee AND knew the pass­word *** I love Maya Road Pearl Bead Chain *** so she won a signed copy of “Delight In The Sea­sons”. 11:00 ~ take work­shop kits and sup­plies to my class­room then head back to the booth to do a few more make-n-takes. 11:45 — 12:50 ~ back to the class­room to set up for my work­shop “Wel­come Home with Maya Road.” 1:00 ~ 3:00 ~ Teach my “Wel­come Home...

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What a DAY!

Jul 16, 2012

Today, cer­tain­ly did NOT start out as a nor­mal sec­ond day of set up in the Maya Road booth. Our booth did NOT arrive until 11:30 this morn­ing… YES, 11:30 and the first day of CHA is TOMORROW!!!  I have nev­er had such a pit in the bot­tom of my stom­ach as I had today. I can­not even imag­ine how Car­o­line and David felt. There is so much work to be done get­ting this booth ready for a show it will make your head spin and eyes glaze over. We stopped for 30 min. to eat lunch and thank­ful­ly, Jim­my John’s deliv­ers. We inhaled our food and it was right back to work unload­ing crates filled with floor­ing, the dis­play, prod­uct and lots of design team box­es… One good thing is we do have...

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I Love Downtown Chicago

Jul 15, 2012

I think Chica­go is one of my favorite cities to vis­it and I nev­er tire of walk­ing down­town. The archi­tec­ture, land­marks and win­dow shop­ping is amaz­ing. Get­ting to spend the day with Car­o­line, David, Lau­ra, Ron­da, Emi­ly and Jes­si­ca made it even bet­ter. So what start­ed out not being such a great day end­ed up being a blast. I love rid­ing the train into down­town and am intrigued with how close busi­ness­es and homes are to the train. The train is lit­er­al­ly in their back­yards. I’m sure it has to be super loud but I guess they get used to it. The Civic Opera House was real­ly pret­ty and walk­ing over the riv­er is a guar­an­teed beau­ti­ful view and for some rea­son I real­ly like see­ing all the met­al beams under­neath the train. I think...

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NEW Maya Road Pearl Bead Chain

Jul 14, 2012

Be still my HEART.… I am so excit­ed about this new Maya Road prod­uct. Their new Pearl Bead Chain is AMAZING. I love using rosary type beads in projects and now hav­ing TWO dif­fer­ent sizes to pick from makes me gid­dy! You can pur­chase the Pearl Bead Chain by the yard and in two dif­fer­ent sizes… 6mm and 8mm. You are so going to want this, I promise. I made this cuff using pieces of the vin­tage quilt my great great aunts made long ago and accent­ed it using Maya Road Pearl Chain, Rhine­stone Trim, pearls, trims and vin­tage shell but­tons. I plan on wear­ing this at CHA. Here is the Pearl Bead Chain used as a neck­lace I cre­at­ed to wear at CHA. This Pearl Bead Chain is the per­fect weight and it’s super...

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Taking a little Blog Break…

May 28, 2012

I’ve been swamped with lots of project dead­lines as well as prepar­ing for this sweet girls upcom­ing High School Grad­u­a­tion, Sat­ur­day. So I’m tak­ing a bit of a blog­ging break. Once things calm down I’ll be back but until then, you might want to check out my blog Archives for fun sum­mer projects I’ve cre­at­ed over the years… lots of good tuto­ri­als can be found all the way back to August of 2006. Those of you attend­ing GASC in Arling­ton, Texas this week, I’ll be sign­ing my books “Delight In The Details” and “Delight In The Sea­sons” in The Crafty Scrap­per booth after lunch, Thurs­day, May 31st. Come and see me and Car­olyn’s amaz­ing booth....

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Flower Wall

Feb 6, 2012

Since I passed out each night before get­ting a blog post com­plet­ed dur­ing CHA, I thought it would still be fun to tell you about the show and share pho­tos. While we were get­ting the booth ready for day one, Emi­ly Pitts was giv­en the task of assem­bling a wall of flow­ers on the end of one of the dis­play walls. She worked and worked and worked attach­ing small pieces of Vel­cro to the back of zip­per flow­ers, rib­bon blos­soms and oth­er small hand­made flow­ers cre­at­ed from lots of Maya Road trims. This flo­ral arrange­ment was very pop­u­lar and pho­tographed many times dur­ing the show. Here is Emi­ly hard at work arrang­ing each hand­made flower along the wall. Maya Road Wood Mini But­ter­flies were placed among the flow­ers to look as though they were flut­ter­ing...

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The Oh So Non-Glamorous Side of CHA

Feb 5, 2012

I thought I would share with you some of the pho­tos Car­o­line, David and I took while we were all set­ting up the Maya Road booth for CHA‑W. It’s amaz­ing how it takes 2 days to set up and only 5 hours and 20 min­utes to break it all down, re-pack pan­els, shelves, signs and prod­uct as well as repack all the design team projects and get every­thing back in the crates ready to ship back to the ware­house. It’s crazy!!!  First you start with a few hand­fuls of these and a nice cold Diet Coke Then we start putting down the floor­ing (Ron­da, Lau­ra & Emi­ly)  After the floor­ing is down we start build­ing the walls (Ron­da, Lau­ra & David)  While putting up the walls we dodge fork­lifts and trees (not kid­ding the...

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Day 1 of Set Up

Jan 28, 2012

Today, we will have the Maya Road booth com­plet­ed and all ready for Open­ing Day. With all the team work that was going on the booth is now 80% com­plete. I think this is a record for day one of set up. It all went far too smooth­ly if you ask me… kin­da makes me ner­vous. We start­ed unpack­ing some of the design team projects and oh my good­ness are you all going to LOVE their projects. I do believe the design team out did them­selves this show. AMAZING stuff was cre­at­ed for the show. I thought I would share some behind the scene (hope you don’t mind me using that say­ing Mario) type pho­tos so you can kin­da see what it is like prepar­ing for the show. Set up days are not glam­orous one tee­ny...

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The Anatomy of a Design Team Canvas

Jan 17, 2012

This is the design team can­vas I cre­at­ed for the Maya Road booth 1793 at CHA‑W. I thought it would be fun to share with you my thought process and why I used some of the items. The way this works is Car­o­line sends each design team mem­ber a blank can­vas to alter any way we want. The only cri­te­ria is it must include Maya Road prod­uct, our pho­to and be a reflec­tion of us. Super fun is all I can say. The first thing I did was cov­er the can­vas with vin­tage sheet music then aged it a bit more using ink and paint. I want­ed a bit of whim­sy so I paint­ed the scal­lops all around the inside edges. Since you all know I LOVE glit­ter I had to add a lit­tle...

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Miniature Charms

Dec 14, 2011

I’ve been hav­ing fun cre­at­ing these minia­ture charms in between work­ing on CHA projects and oth­er design com­mit­ments. Yes, it’s that time of year again… CHA‑W is just a lit­tle over a month away. I will be work­ing in the Maya Road booth again with some won­der­ful make n takes lined up and have two book sign­ings for my new book “Delight In The Sea­sons”.… I can­not wait for this book to debut. I’m so proud of it! Ok on to the charms… the base mea­sure 3/4 inch­es square and are actu­al­ly vin­tage bin­go pieces. I attached heavy white card­stock on the top of each bin­go piece then using Cof­fee Archival Ink and sev­er­al dif­fer­ent Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion stamps I stamped parts of the images from the Per­fumery (crown), Pock­et Watch and Robe Pat­tern (Fine...

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Took a quick trip…

Oct 12, 2011

I decid­ed to go to Beau­mont over the week­end for some antique and thrift store shop­ping as well as hit this won­der­ful flea mar­ket. Mom, dad and I were up and out ear­ly Fri­day, Sat­ur­day and Sun­day and found some AWESOME items for me to use in upcom­ing class projects and work­shops. I was so hap­py. I just give mom and dad a list of items I’m look­ing for and they are off and run­ning. They scored some great finds for me this trip. Those two are keep­ers I tell ya. I took a few pho­tos of some of the items we found. I have box­es filled with great vin­tage stuff. But some I’m gonna keep a secret as a girl can’t share all her sur­pris­es… can she? We found salt and pep­per shak­ers,...

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Studio 490 and Maya Road

Jul 28, 2011

I can­not believe these are the only pho­tos I took of Wendy’s incred­i­ble art pieces. I was in the Ranger booth sev­er­al times look­ing at her art as well as in the Stam­pers Anony­mous booth. But as you can see she nev­er ever dis­ap­points. I could look at her art over and over again and still find things I did not notice the first 100 times I looked at them. Not one detail is for­got­ten. I must say the door knob projects above real­ly fas­ci­nate me. They are awe­some! As you can see Wendy has lots of new Art Parts that go with her stamps. I think I’m an Art Parts kin­da girl too. Just look at how cool they are. And her flow­ers below are just amaz­ing. Wendy even tells you what prod­ucts...

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Anniversary Card

Jul 18, 2011

I cre­atead this card using pat­terned paper from my Cocoa Daisy “Urban Loft” kit and sev­er­al new Maya Road release items. The new “Win­ter’s Ros­es in Hound­stooth Pump­kin” goes per­fect­ly with their new “Satin Pleat Edg­ing in Gold­en Yel­low” and “Ruf­fle Cro­chet Trim — Sin­gle”. I had to put a “Black Wood­en Bin­go Cal­en­dar Piece” inside the rose cen­ter as it fit too well to pass up. I then accent­ed the Win­ter’s Rose with “Vin­tage Pearl and Leaf” Trin­ket Pins. And one can nev­er get tired of accent­ing cards or projects with the “Large Daisy Vin­tage Trim”. I love the soft­ness it adds to my projects. FYI: You can mist this trim with any of the sol­id Maya Road Mists to col­or coor­di­nate it with any of your projects. To make the col­or per­ma­nent just heat set it...

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CHA Summer Schedule

Jul 17, 2011

July 19 —  Maya Road Booth #1523  — 10:30 — 1:00 July 20 — Maya Road Booth #1523  — 10:30 — 11:15 July 20 — Assist Car­o­line dur­ing her “Take A Jour­ney with Maya Road 6 Ways” Work­shop from 12:00 — 2:00 in Room 3 July 21 —  Maya Road Booth #1523  —  9:30 — 12:00 While walk­ing the floors in the after­noon at CHA I’m going to give away one auto­graphed book a day. So if you’re attend­ing the show come up to me and say hi, if you’re the first one to do so you’ll get that days signed copy of my book “Delight In The Details”. As you can see the design team can­vas I cre­at­ed for Maya Road is filled with lots of new release items. Click HERE to see their new...

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I survived…

Apr 4, 2011

Bare­ly, but I did sur­vive the tap­ing of two videos Fri­day, while in Cincin­nati. Glad that is over. But I do believe you are going to like the tuto­ri­als and now I know how I want to do some for my blog. Once they fin­ish per­form­ing mir­a­cles in the edit­ing room they will send me the videos to share with all of you. The week was super awe­some and I am so excit­ed to see this book come togeth­er. While talk­ing to every­one there about the design and lay­out I could final­ly pic­ture it com­ing togeth­er in my head. I’m going to be so proud of this book. It is exact­ly how I hoped it would be. Before I left for Cincin­nati I made a few fab­ric flow­ers and thought I would show you...

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4 Chapters and 2 Promos…

Mar 31, 2011

Are in the can!!! Today, we worked it and got 13 tech­niques shot with 30 min. left in the day. So Jen­ni and I start­ed orga­niz­ing for the two tech­nique videos I”ll be shoot­ing tomor­row. I will be so glad when tomor­row is over. I’ve wor­ried about shoot­ing these videos all week long. But Jen­ni says it will all be okay and I have noth­ing to wor­ry about. It’s so strange as I can talk to any­one, have taught at CHA, have instruct­ed 1,000’s of make-n-takes, taught class­es with­out any fear but pull that cam­era out and I freeze up. If I lose my fear of the cam­era tomor­row Amy Coon wont know how to act. Every time she comes to the Maya Road booth at CHA I want to just take off run­ning...

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