Trying to find balance…

Sep 6, 2008

Gosh, I so stink at this blogging. I guess they like my blog even though I am a bad blogger. Then link the person you received the “I Love Your Blog” award from. Then put links to those blogs on your blog.

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Who needs paper…

Jul 2, 2007

when you have your legs, face and feet? I just love these photos of my niece, Madelyn. Although, my sister and BIL don’t seem to think so. And look at these sweet photos… Madelyn so loves her little sister.

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My Maya Road DT Entry…

Nov 10, 2006

I think I have finally calmed down from my fabulous day yesterday. I must say I don’t think I have ever been so surprised over an unexpected gift as I was that day. Well, wishing everyone a wonderful day and thanks again for all your support.

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