Key To My Heart Mini Album

Feb 18, 2015

The cover for this mini album is created from plaster cloth. If you have not worked with plaster cloth you really should give it a try. It’s a fun medium. Once the plaster cloth dried I painted both covers. Then I antiqued the hearts with a color wash. You don’t need anything special to create a color wash. All you need to do is water down your acrylic paint to the desired shade and apply it to your project with a paintbrush. While the color wash is still wet, use a paper towel to dab random areas so some spots have more of a wash then others. Plaster is a great medium to add a color wash to because the wash runs deep into the crevices of the plaster. I plan to fill this mini album with pages created from...

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Merry and Bright

Nov 27, 2013

This shadow box is created from plaster then painted and glazed with an antique wash to give it that perfect aged look. It measures approximately 5.5″ W x 7″ H x 1″ D. The outside edge of the shadow box is wrapped with vintage lace, red seam binding and accented with two vintage Christmas picks. The background of the shadow box showcases hand cut words “Merry and Bright” from vintage sheet music from the early 1920’s and a glittery snowflake with an iridescent rhinestone center. I created the doll from plaster using a mold from a vintage doll in my collection. She is hand painted with acrylic paint and given an antique wash. The dolls dress is created from antique doilies and she wears a crown made from a vintage book page sprinkled with...

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New Handmade Holiday Ornaments

Nov 25, 2013

These are the latest handmade ornaments I created over the weekend. I love cold rainy days when I can just sit, listen to music and create. These cute characters are created from antique ornaments that were made in Japan. I created a mold of each one then filled them with plaster, let them dry and started painting. I think each one is adorable. And since they are all hand painted no two of the same character will ever be alike. Each ornament base is painted, has vintage sheet music from the early 1920’s and is sprinkled with glitter. Glitter and Christmas just go together and I feel makes everything so magical.  Santa’s Helper  Santa Claus  Christmas Caroler  Christmas Angel...

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Silent Night Ornament

Nov 19, 2013

I created this heart shaped shadow box from plaster several months ago. I had an idea for it then changed my mind and well it’s been sitting on my worktable since. Well, over the weekend an idea came to me and I’m happy to say, it worked perfectly. I love it when this happens. I decided to turn this lonely little plaster heart into a holiday ornament. The sides of the heart are covered in vintage sheet music from 1920 and the typed sentiment “Silent Night” is typed onto vintage note paper using my awesome antique Underwood typewriter. Then the entire pieces is covered in glitter. There is something so beautiful about the roughness of plaster being covered in glitter, it’s magical. When looking into this ornament I imagine a beautiful snowy winter night, where...

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Sweet Little Baby of Mine ~ Shadow Box

Nov 14, 2013

Last night, I finished my first fully constructed shadow box. The shadow box, mini canvas and baby are all constructed of plaster, then painted with acrylic paint and aged with an acrylic glaze. The inside of the shadow box is accented with vintage crocheted doilies, ledger paper from the early 1900’s, flocked flowers, tulle trim, and a vintage perfume bottle perfectly sized to hold baby’s first curl. The space just below the baby can be personalized with a child’s name if desired. The name will be typed onto vintage notebook paper that has been perfectly aged using my vintage Underwood typewriter. The vintage perfume bottle is not attached to the shadow box. It sits sweetly inside just waiting to hold baby’s first curl and there is still space left to place other treasured mementos, next...

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Trying something new

Nov 13, 2013

Here’s a little peek at a project I have in the works. I’ve been busy making molds, pouring plaster and painting. Painting on plaster is something I’m finding quite enjoyable. Although after today’s paint session, I’ll be getting some teeny tiny paintbrushes because the tiniest one I have is still too big. The face of this doll measures about 3/4 inches which means the eyes and lips are super teeny tiny. So tiny, I had to put on my cheaters because without them I couldn’t even begin to see the mouth or eyes. Once finished I’ll be listing this project in my Etsy shop. Starting today through Sunday, when you enter coupon code: JUSTBECAUSE you will receive 15% off your entire order of $10.00 or...

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Enjoy The Creative Process

Oct 29, 2013

Today, I thought I would give you a little insight into my creative process. This could be scary so consider yourself warned. I have a really hard time slowing my brain down at night which means I’m always thinking of new things to try. Well several nights ago I had an idea of creating a 3 dimensional canvas using plaster with a collage background. That was really all that came to me as I had no idea what would be created from the plaster just that plaster was going to be used. The next morning, after a few cups of coffee I headed for my studio and started getting plastered and before you know it I had a beautiful girl created using plaster and attached to an 11″ x 14″ canvas. While the plaster...

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Birdcage Home Decor Accent

Aug 27, 2013

This primitive style birdcage was created with wire and you guessed it…. plaster. I truly love the creative freedom plaster gives me. I discovered when creating with plaster, perfection is acquired with it’s imperfect result. This is a freedom I’m shocked I’ve come to embrace as you know with my paper art I’m not this way at all. Everything has to be precise. I find it really interesting how I embrace these two mediums so differently. I’m going to continue adding vintage bits and baubles to the birdcage as I find them as well as a few inspiring words on the bird’s tail feathers. I envision the base of the bird cage having a poem or some kind of wording wrap around it but I’ve not found the perfect saying quite yet. So this...

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Miniature Art ~ Affections

Aug 22, 2013

Today, I’m sharing a fun little (and I mean little as in 2″ x 2″  little) miniature canvas. I wanted the texture of this canvas to have that old stucco look and feel I came to love seeing on so many buildings while in Bellago, Italy. To start I covered the entire canvas with plaster, once dry I applied a thin coat of a cream colored acrylic paint over the entire canvas. Since I wanted the plaster to resemble old stucco I applied a color wash over the dried cream paint using a watered down brown acrylic paint. While the wash was still wet I used a dry paper towel to wipe off the excess color wash. This technique worked beautifully and the plaster finish looks just like the buildings I remember seeing in...

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Plaster Posy

Aug 19, 2013

Before falling asleep one evening, I was thinking about things to create with plaster and thought a flower would be fun. So the next morning, I grabbed some wire and started bending and twisting it into shape creating the base for a neat plaster posy. Once I had everything the way I liked it I applied plaster and got really messy. I love the rawness of plaster and find it so inspiring. After the plaster was completely dry I used bees wax to seal images onto the posy. Then to accent the edges of each petal and the leaf I painted metallic gold paint all along the edges. I love how this little unassuming pop of gold looks. Painting the edges of any project really does help finish off your piece. To complete the...

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