Antiquated Collection

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The Antiquated Collection by Lisa M. Pace stamp line is a tribute to the era of ascots, parasols, fancy hats, patent leather shoes and all things charming and endearing.

“It is always such a thrill to find a magazine, brochure or pile of torn out pages. But the best vintage images are usually unique… just a single sheet of paper… which is an issue when I’m collecting art for use in class projects. While browsing through a vintage 1890’s magazine I wished these highly detailed, beautiful images had been reproduced as stamp sets. Almost immediately, I decided to turn that dream into reality by creating the Antiquated Collection stamp line.[rawr]

[/rawr]My first call was to Darcy and Judi at Pink Persimmon, having met the two sisters in November 2008 while creating an online holiday workshop. Their clear stamp company focuses on vintage inspired images, with most of the designs original illustrations by Judi Andersen. I knew this would be a perfect match for the vision of my new stamp line.”