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Apr 6, 2015

Lemon Cupcakes

I have to share with you an amaz­ing frost­ing that is so sim­ple and so good. I’m all about sim­ple when it comes to the kitchen. I love to cook and bake as long as a recipe does not involve ingre­di­ents that are hard to find or is one that keeps me in the kitchen for­ev­er. If this is the case well, count me out on cook­ing that recipe.

Ingre­di­ents Need­ed: Lemon Cake Mix or mix of your choice plus eggs, Water & Oil, Lemon Curd, Wilton White Sparkling Sug­ar, Cup­cake Lin­ers,

So here is a fab­u­lous cup­cake recipe that is sim­ple and does not take long at all. First mix a lemon cake mix as instruct­ed on the box. Fill a muf­fin pan with cup­cake lin­ers, place lemon cake mix inside each lin­er  then add the mag­ic.… one table­spoon of lemon curd. Bake as instruct­ed on cake mix box. Once the cup­cakes are baked let them cool com­plete­ly. This is very impor­tant so no cheat­ing or you will seri­ous­ly regret your deci­sion.

Now to make your frost­ing. Take one tub of frost­ing and place it into a mix­ing bowl, you can use any fla­vor but since my cup­cakes are lemon and I love lemon fla­vored any­thing I used lemon frost­ing. Now add the mag­ic, place the con­tents of one 8 ounce con­tain­er of thawed Cool Whip into the mix­ing bowl with the frost­ing and mix togeth­er until ful­ly mixed. Once mixed add the frost­ing to you cup­cakes.

FYI… you need to store these cup­cakes in the fridge. If you did not wait for your cup­cakes to ful­ly cool and the frost­ing is run­ny, well the heat from the cup­cakes is melt­ing your frost­ing. Patience is every­thing on this one.

PEEP Cupcake

I added a Wilton PEEP icing dec­o­ra­tion in the cen­ter of each cup­cake for a spe­cial East­er treat this year. My fam­i­ly loved these cup­cakes and have already asked when the next batch will be com­ing out of the oven.


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