Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Mar 17, 2015

Clover French Bread

Noth­ing like a french bread clover cov­ered in cin­na­mon sug­ar to start your St. Patrick­’s Day morn­ing. This is real­ly easy to make and pret­ty darn yum­my too.

Making your clover

All you need to make french bread clovers is a tube of Pills­bury Crusty French Loaf, melt­ed but­ter, ground cin­na­mon and sug­ar. Instead of greas­ing my cook­ie sheet I placed mine on a cook­ie sheet cov­ered with parch­ment paper.

  1. Pre­heat the oven per instruc­tions on the tube.
  2. Cut 5 long strips of the Pills­bury Crusty French Loaf.
  3. Leave about 2 inch­es at one end for the clover stem, then loop the strip as shown in the upper left pho­to.
  4. Cre­ate the sec­ond loop as shown in the upper right pho­to.
  5. Cre­ate the third loop as shown in the low­er left pho­to, tuck the end of the strip under the loop near the cen­ter so it can­not be seen.
  6. Bake until gold­en brown. Mine took about 12 min­utes.
  7. While bak­ing mix ground cin­na­mon and sug­ar as desired and melt enough but­ter to brush on top of each clover.
  8. Once bak­ing is com­plete brush with melt­ed but­ter and sprin­kle with the cin­na­mon sug­ar mix­ture.

Clover Roll

You can leave your clover plain too or instead of sprin­kling cin­na­mon sug­ar on top you can add parme­san cheese, or gar­lic salt to eat with din­ner.


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