Valentine Home Decor Accent

Feb 9, 2015

Valentine Home Decor Accent

This valen­tine home decor piece show­cas­es one of the hand­made Pen­ny Can­dy Dolls I now have in my etsy shop. I love these dolls from long ago and when pos­si­ble make molds of dolls I think you too would like to use in your craft­ing projects. This lit­tle cutie is hold­ing a book under­neath it’s arm. I put togeth­er a tuto­r­i­al so you too can recre­ate this home decor accent. I plan on dis­play­ing this year round in my stu­dio.

Sup­plies Used: Large Wood­en Spool, Vin­tage Sheet Music, White Crepe Paper, 2 Chip­board Hearts, Dina Wak­ley Media Ruby Acrylic Paint, 16 Gauge Wire, Dia­mond Glaze, Maya Road Red Glit­ter, White Embroi­dery Floss, Red & White Bak­er’s Twine, Martha Stew­art Crys­tal Coarse Glit­ter, Ranger Mul­ti Medi­um-Mat­te, Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue, Flocked Flower, Hand­made Pen­ny Can­dy Doll with Book.

Tools Need­ed: Scis­sors, Paper Trim­mer, Wire Cut­ters, Hot Glue Gun & Glue Stick, Paint­brush, Tweez­ers, Zig Zag Dec­o­ra­tive Scis­sors, Sewing Nee­dle, Non-Stick Craft Matt


  1. Mea­sure and cut a strip of vin­tage sheet music that cov­ers the mid­dle of your wood­en spool. Apply Mul­ti Medi­um to the mid­dle sec­tion of the spool and attach the sheet music. Press firm­ly into place. Using a paint­brush apply Mul­ti Medi­um over the sheet music and gen­er­ous­ly apply Crys­tal Course Glit­ter, press into place and tap off excess glit­ter. Set aside to dry.
  2.  Cut two pieces of crepe paper to 24″ in length. Thread a sewing nee­dle with three strands of white embroi­dery floss, at the end of one piece of crepe paper and about an 1/8″ from the edge begin to gath­er the crepe paper piece, once you get to the oppo­site end pull both ends of the floss tight­ly and dou­ble knot. Fold the crepe paper into what looks like a flower bud (gath­ered edge on bot­tom, open edge on top) then using dec­o­ra­tive zig zag scis­sors trim about 1/8″ off the top non-sewn edge. Repeat these steps on the remain­ing crepe paper piece.
  3. Cut two hearts from chip­board, using a paint­brush and Dina Wak­ley Media Paint in Ruby, paint both hearts. Once dry apply Dia­mond Glaze to the top of both hearts, gen­er­ous­ly apply Maya Road Red Glit­ter, tap off excess and let dry.
  4. Using wire cut­ters, cut a piece of 16 gauge wire to 6″ in length. Once the Dia­mond Glaze and glit­ter are dry turn the hearts over, on the paint­ed side attach the wire using hot glue so the top end of the wire is in the cen­ter of the heart, apply Tacky Glue to the entire paint­ed side of the remain­ing heart and attach to the oth­er heart sand­wich­ing the wire piece in between the two hearts. Let dry. NOTE: If you attach the hearts using hot glue you will end up with a space between the hearts. I want­ed my edges to be flush so used Tacky Glue. 
  5. Using a Tacky Glue attach the two crepe paper rosettes on top of each oth­er. Place the wire heart pick through the cen­ter of the crepe paper rosettes, using hot glue attach the wire into the cen­ter hole of your wood­en spool.
  6. Using Tacky Glue attach the Pen­ny Can­dy Doll to the heart, then a small flocked flower to the dol­l’s hand that is accent­ed with a small twine bow.

Valentine Home Decor Accent

Now you have a sweet home decor accent that’s per­fect to dis­play in your home or give to a friend.


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