Valentine Home Decor Accent

Feb 9, 2015

Valentine Home Decor Accent

This valentine home decor piece showcases one of the handmade Penny Candy Dolls I now have in my etsy shop. I love these dolls from long ago and when possible make molds of dolls I think you too would like to use in your crafting projects. This little cutie is holding a book underneath it’s arm. I put together a tutorial so you too can recreate this home decor accent. I plan on displaying this year round in my studio.

Supplies Used: Large Wooden Spool, Vintage Sheet Music, White Crepe Paper, 2 Chipboard Hearts, Dina Wakley Media Ruby Acrylic Paint, 16 Gauge Wire, Diamond Glaze, Maya Road Red Glitter, White Embroidery Floss, Red & White Baker’s Twine, Martha Stewart Crystal Coarse Glitter, Ranger Multi Medium-Matte, Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue, Flocked Flower, Handmade Penny Candy Doll with Book.

Tools Needed: Scissors, Paper Trimmer, Wire Cutters, Hot Glue Gun & Glue Stick, Paintbrush, Tweezers, Zig Zag Decorative Scissors, Sewing Needle, Non-Stick Craft Matt


  1. Measure and cut a strip of vintage sheet music that covers the middle of your wooden spool. Apply Multi Medium to the middle section of the spool and attach the sheet music. Press firmly into place. Using a paintbrush apply Multi Medium over the sheet music and generously apply Crystal Course Glitter, press into place and tap off excess glitter. Set aside to dry.
  2.  Cut two pieces of crepe paper to 24″ in length. Thread a sewing needle with three strands of white embroidery floss, at the end of one piece of crepe paper and about an 1/8″ from the edge begin to gather the crepe paper piece, once you get to the opposite end pull both ends of the floss tightly and double knot. Fold the crepe paper into what looks like a flower bud (gathered edge on bottom, open edge on top) then using decorative zig zag scissors trim about 1/8″ off the top non-sewn edge. Repeat these steps on the remaining crepe paper piece.
  3. Cut two hearts from chipboard, using a paintbrush and Dina Wakley Media Paint in Ruby, paint both hearts. Once dry apply Diamond Glaze to the top of both hearts, generously apply Maya Road Red Glitter, tap off excess and let dry.
  4. Using wire cutters, cut a piece of 16 gauge wire to 6″ in length. Once the Diamond Glaze and glitter are dry turn the hearts over, on the painted side attach the wire using hot glue so the top end of the wire is in the center of the heart, apply Tacky Glue to the entire painted side of the remaining heart and attach to the other heart sandwiching the wire piece in between the two hearts. Let dry. NOTE: If you attach the hearts using hot glue you will end up with a space between the hearts. I wanted my edges to be flush so used Tacky Glue. 
  5. Using a Tacky Glue attach the two crepe paper rosettes on top of each other. Place the wire heart pick through the center of the crepe paper rosettes, using hot glue attach the wire into the center hole of your wooden spool.
  6. Using Tacky Glue attach the Penny Candy Doll to the heart, then a small flocked flower to the doll’s hand that is accented with a small twine bow.

Valentine Home Decor Accent

Now you have a sweet home decor accent that’s perfect to display in your home or give to a friend.


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