Key To My Heart Mini Album

Feb 18, 2015

Key To My Heart Mini Album

The cov­er for this mini album is cre­at­ed from plas­ter cloth. If you have not worked with plas­ter cloth you real­ly should give it a try. It’s a fun medi­um. Once the plas­ter cloth dried I paint­ed both cov­ers. Then I antiqued the hearts with a col­or wash. You don’t need any­thing spe­cial to cre­ate a col­or wash. All you need to do is water down your acrylic paint to the desired shade and apply it to your project with a paint­brush. While the col­or wash is still wet, use a paper tow­el to dab ran­dom areas so some spots have more of a wash then oth­ers. Plas­ter is a great medi­um to add a col­or wash to because the wash runs deep into the crevices of the plas­ter.

I plan to fill this mini album with pages cre­at­ed from vin­tage sheet music and ledger paper, then each page will be accent­ed using pho­tos of Ter­ri and Ans­ley as they both hold keys to my heart.


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