Key To My Heart Mini Album

Feb 18, 2015

Key To My Heart Mini Album

The cover for this mini album is created from plaster cloth. If you have not worked with plaster cloth you really should give it a try. It’s a fun medium. Once the plaster cloth dried I painted both covers. Then I antiqued the hearts with a color wash. You don’t need anything special to create a color wash. All you need to do is water down your acrylic paint to the desired shade and apply it to your project with a paintbrush. While the color wash is still wet, use a paper towel to dab random areas so some spots have more of a wash then others. Plaster is a great medium to add a color wash to because the wash runs deep into the crevices of the plaster.

I plan to fill this mini album with pages created from vintage sheet music and ledger paper, then each page will be accented using photos of Terri and Ansley as they both hold keys to my heart.


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