I Love You Frame

Feb 13, 2015

Glittered Frame

This sparkly chipboard frame is going to be added to the front cover of a mini album. I plan to cover the album with vintage sheet music and ledger paper than add photos of Terri and Ansley. If you want to make this chipboard frame it’s super simple and here’s the tutorial.

Supplies Needed: 2 Maya Road Chipboard Frames, Maya Road Glitter ~ Red & Silver, Red & Silver Acrylic Paint, Vintage Sheet Music, Martha Stewart Crystal Coarse Glitter, Vintage Glass Vial, Flocked Flowers, White Seam Binding, Diamond Glaze, Glue Stick, Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue, Dina Wakley Gel Medium, Book Page Words “I LOVE YOU”, Adhesive Foam Squares

Tools Used: Scissors, Paintbrush, Craft Knife, Craft Matt, Tweezers


  1. Using a glue stick type adhesive, cover the front of one chipboard frame with vintage sheet music.
  2. Using a paintbrush apply Dina Wakley Gel Medium over the top of the sheet music, place the frame onto a piece of scrap paper and generously apply Martha Stewart Crystal Coarse Glitter to the frame, tap off excess glitter, let dry.
  3. Separate the pieces on the second chipboard frame, put away the center chipboard piece as you will not need it for this project. Paint the outer chipboard frame using red acrylic paint and the second outer chipboard frame using silver acrylic paint. Let dry.
  4. Cover the painted pieces with Diamond Glaze, place each painted piece onto it’s own piece of scrap paper and generously apply red glitter to the red frame and silver glitter to the silver frame, carefully pick up the glittered frames and tap off excess glitter, let dry.
  5. Using Tacky Glue attach the red glittered frame to the top of the chipboard frame you altered using sheet music.
  6. Apply adhesive foam squares to the back of the silver glittered frame and attach to the frame as shown.
  7. Using Dina Wakley Gel Medium attach the words “I Love You” to the front center of a glass vial.
  8. Double knot a piece of white seam binding around the top of the glass vial. Using Tacky Glue attach the vial to the center of the altered chipboard frame. Make sure you leave enough room for the flowers to be placed inside the vial.
  9. Place a bunch of small flocked flowers in the vial.

Glittered Frame

If you don’t want to put this on an album cover you can easily make this into an ornament, magnet etc.. I would certainly cover the back with vintage sheet music if it is going to be seen. It makes the piece look finished and that much prettier.


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