I Love You Frame

Feb 13, 2015

Glittered Frame

This spark­ly chip­board frame is going to be added to the front cov­er of a mini album. I plan to cov­er the album with vin­tage sheet music and ledger paper than add pho­tos of Ter­ri and Ans­ley. If you want to make this chip­board frame it’s super sim­ple and here’s the tuto­r­i­al.

Sup­plies Need­ed: 2 Maya Road Chip­board Frames, Maya Road Glit­ter ~ Red & Sil­ver, Red & Sil­ver Acrylic Paint, Vin­tage Sheet Music, Martha Stew­art Crys­tal Coarse Glit­ter, Vin­tage Glass Vial, Flocked Flow­ers, White Seam Bind­ing, Dia­mond Glaze, Glue Stick, Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue, Dina Wak­ley Gel Medi­um, Book Page Words “I LOVE YOU”, Adhe­sive Foam Squares

Tools Used: Scis­sors, Paint­brush, Craft Knife, Craft Matt, Tweez­ers


  1. Using a glue stick type adhe­sive, cov­er the front of one chip­board frame with vin­tage sheet music.
  2. Using a paint­brush apply Dina Wak­ley Gel Medi­um over the top of the sheet music, place the frame onto a piece of scrap paper and gen­er­ous­ly apply Martha Stew­art Crys­tal Coarse Glit­ter to the frame, tap off excess glit­ter, let dry.
  3. Sep­a­rate the pieces on the sec­ond chip­board frame, put away the cen­ter chip­board piece as you will not need it for this project. Paint the out­er chip­board frame using red acrylic paint and the sec­ond out­er chip­board frame using sil­ver acrylic paint. Let dry.
  4. Cov­er the paint­ed pieces with Dia­mond Glaze, place each paint­ed piece onto it’s own piece of scrap paper and gen­er­ous­ly apply red glit­ter to the red frame and sil­ver glit­ter to the sil­ver frame, care­ful­ly pick up the glit­tered frames and tap off excess glit­ter, let dry.
  5. Using Tacky Glue attach the red glit­tered frame to the top of the chip­board frame you altered using sheet music.
  6. Apply adhe­sive foam squares to the back of the sil­ver glit­tered frame and attach to the frame as shown.
  7. Using Dina Wak­ley Gel Medi­um attach the words “I Love You” to the front cen­ter of a glass vial.
  8. Dou­ble knot a piece of white seam bind­ing around the top of the glass vial. Using Tacky Glue attach the vial to the cen­ter of the altered chip­board frame. Make sure you leave enough room for the flow­ers to be placed inside the vial.
  9. Place a bunch of small flocked flow­ers in the vial.

Glittered Frame

If you don’t want to put this on an album cov­er you can eas­i­ly make this into an orna­ment, mag­net etc.. I would cer­tain­ly cov­er the back with vin­tage sheet music if it is going to be seen. It makes the piece look fin­ished and that much pret­ti­er.


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