You’ve Been Grinched

Dec 5, 2014

Here’s a little something fun to do with your family, this weekend. We “Grinched” some neighbors one year in our neighborhood and had a blast. That year, we also decorated our Christmas tree super bright and funky and called it our “Grinch” tree. This is the one tree we still talk about to this day.

The Grinch Tree

You’ve Just Been Grinched!

You’ve been selected as the recip­i­ent of this orna­ment. The Grinch made it especially for you. If you want to see presents under your Christmas tree, Christmas morning, you must follow his demands.

1. Hang up a copy of his fes­tive face where all can see so you aren’t Grinched again!
2. Make or buy two ornaments.
3. Send the ornaments to two unsus­pect­ing friends-you must include a pic­ture of the Grinch and a copy of this let­ter so the next Grinchee can send off his/her orna­ment! Make pho­to­copies if necessary.
4. Now here is the fun part… Bring your pack­age to a friend’s house. Ring the doorbell and take off running to a hiding place! The Grinch would be extremely dis­ap­pointed if you were to get caught.
5. Don’t break the chain if you want a Merry Christmas.

Grinch Coloring Printable Faces and images can be found here.

Lots of Grinch Ornament Tutorials can be found here.


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