Weekend of Family Fun

Dec 23, 2014

This past weekend, my sister and her family came up for the weekend. Her Christmas gift to Brittain was a ticket to see the Cowboys play the Colts, Sunday. It wasn’t the game Brittain was hoping for but it was a fun time spent with his mom. Since he isn’t able to go to Beaumont for Christmas I decided to have a family Christmas party for him at our house.

Saturday morning, Madelyn and Bellie made snowmen out of donuts for breakfast. These were a big hit with the girls. All you need are powdered donuts, orange jelly beans for the nose and mini chocolate morsels for the mouth and eyes. A cup of hot chocolate is a great drink to go with the snowman donuts too.

Snowman Donuts

Saturday evening, we had our family party. I put up a quick photo booth for fun photos that was just a metallic streamer type curtain attached to our wall then used photo booth props that my sister Belinda found in the $1 section at Target. It was fun and simple and the kids loved it.

Photo Booth Pictures

Sunday afternoon, while Belinda, Malcolm and Brittain headed to the game the girls and I made “Grinch” cookies and “Grinch” drinks while watching the football game.

Game Day

Grinch Cookies

To make “Grinch” cookies you need 1 box white cake mix, 1 egg, 2 cups thawed Coolwhip and green food coloring. Mix the ingredients together, roll medium sized balls in powdered sugar (this dough is sticky), bake in a 350 degree oven for 9 min. Cool 1 minute then place red heart sprinkles on top.

“Grinch” drinks are just a scoop or two of lime sherbet placed into a cup with Sprite or 7Up poured over it and garnished with a peppermint candy cane. You can place green sugar around the rim of the cup too.

Once Belinda, Malcolm and Brittain got home from the game we headed to downtown Frisco to see the light display at Christmas in the Square. They were amazing. We even visited the house across the street from our neighborhood to view his light show. This light display is always amazing and never disappoints.

The Lights on Frisco Square

Neighborhood Lights

After driving around looking at Christmas lights once we got home it was lights out for everyone… especially Bellie.

Bellie and Clarice

It was a busy non-stop weekend of fun and I was sad to see everyone go home, Monday morning.


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