I believe…

Dec 17, 2014

Originally Posted December 12, 2011 and to this day it’s still one of my favorites.

Just recently my 8 year old niece was asking if Santa was real. My mom asked Madelyn what she thought to which she replied, I think he is real. Mom left it at that and Madelyn went on her merry way. I remember when I found out about Santa and for a moment I was sad but then discovered since I had younger siblings I was in a special secret club… I got to be a secret elf and help with wrapping and shopping which I just loved. I found this part just as rewarding if not more on Christmas morning. Watching my brother and sister run down the stairs, through the hallway and into the living room staring in amazement at what Santa had brought was so much fun.

Christmas at our house was always a wonderful time. First mom would take forever brushing her teeth and putting on her robe which drove us three kids crazy feeling we were going to bust in anticipation. The house always had the scent of warm banana nut bread, fresh coffee brewing and all the smells of baked goods mom and I had made the week prior. You could hear wrapping paper being torn and boxes being ripped open, GASPS of pure happiness of what we received and overall pure excitement.

With Madelyn’s questioning of Santa it made me think of this layout I created back in 2008 when I was asked to create a layout for Memory Makers. To this day this layout is one of my all time favorite layouts. I decided to create one about my Dad a.k.a. Santa… I titled it “I Believe” and I still do to this day. Because as stated in this letter Santa is love and magic and hope and happiness and this is just what my dad portrays all year long.

If you ask his grandkids (they will tell you he is Paw Paw at home but at the mall in his chair it’s serious and he is Santa) or his great nephews… they will tell you he is… Uncle Santa. Or the kids eating breakfast, lunch or dinner in restaurants that smile and wave and receive a peppermint or small coin stating, “You’ve been caught being good.”  and told, “Santa goes on vacation too.” Or as we drive to West Virginia see the kids who wave and point with eyes as big as half dollars as Santa drives by… it is the most fun ever to experience all these cute moments.

I Believe

The Journaling Reads…

Yes, my darlings I believe in Santa. He exists, as I know this for a fact.

For you see, I have lived with him all my life. I knew him before his beard was white.

I knew him before his belly was not so much like that bowl full of jelly. Those were the days

when he read me “Green Eggs and Ham” and tucked me into bed at night.

Those were the days I called him “Daddy”.

Yes, I knew and loved him then and today know and love him even more.

Santa lives and continues to bring wonderment and joy to all that believe.

I will always believe.

This has always been one of my favorite photos. It’s me with mom and dad celebrating my first Christmas in 1965. I still have that rocking chair too. It was a gift from my grandparents and had a little music box that would play when you rocked back and forth. Although, from what I have heard the music box never did work just right and irritated my grandmother something fierce. Obviously I was not too scarred from it as all I have are fond memories of rocking in the chair.  Mom packed and hauled this rocker during each move from Maine to Texas, to Louisiana and back to Texas. I’m so glad she did too because I love it. It sits high on top of our entertainment center and I enjoy seeing it every day.

Holiday Hugs!


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