Recycle All Those Saved Christmas & Holiday Cards

Dec 10, 2014

In keep­ing with the “I’m using what I have for Christ­mas and cut­ting out the need­less things I don’t” I recy­cled some saved Christ­mas cards and cre­at­ed two super easy gift card hold­ers from one Christ­mas card. I know I’m not the only per­son that saves hol­i­day cards. I can­not throw Christ­mas cards of any kind away. I love them all and espe­cial­ly cher­ish the ones that have my grand­par­ents sig­na­tures inside.

Step 1

I start­ed with a Christ­mas card that mea­sured 4″ x 5.75″ but you can use any card size you want. This size just allowed me to keep the entire image with­out hav­ing to cut it down to fit a gift card. My com­plet­ed gift card hold­ers mea­sure 2.75″ x 4″.

Once you have your card picked out and if you’re like me and save all your Christ­mas cards you had to go through quite a few. Now using a paper trim­mer cut the Christ­mas card in half hor­i­zon­tal­ly as shown in the pho­to above.

Step 2

Using a Fiskars medi­um sized cir­cle punch I punched a 1/4 cir­cle at the open­ing of the gift card hold­er. The top card I decid­ed to punch a 1/4 cir­cle on the front then punched a 1/4 cir­cle on the back of the bot­tom card. The rea­son I punched my 1/4 cir­cles in two dif­fer­ent areas was so I could keep the word­ing from inside the card from being shown.

Step 3

To cre­ate the pock­et of the gift card hold­er, using my sewing machine and white thread I stitched a straight stitch all around the top, left and bot­tom edges of the card.

Stickles for accents

Step 4 ~ Stickles

I decid­ed to dis­tress the edges of one gift card hold­er then added a lit­tle sparkle by accent­ing areas on both gift card hold­ers using Dia­mond Stick­les.


And there ya go… super cute and very orig­i­nal gift card hold­ers. And since the back of most Christ­mas cards are sol­id in col­or you have the per­fect spot to write who it’s for along with a hol­i­day sen­ti­ment.


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