Tamarack ~ Beckley, WV

Sep 17, 2014

If you ever find yourself close to Beckley, WV you should really take the time to look around Tamarack. This retail shop is filled with wonderful West Virginia artisans of all kinds. We always stop on our way home and each time we visit they have new artists.


You will see some gorgeous handmade quilts and tucked among artisans work are lots of jars filled with local honey, bbq sauces and for those with a sweet tooth, handmade candies.

Hand blown Glass

Mom and I instantly gravitate to the molded and hand blown glass. You will find glass everything there, vases, bowls, ornaments, glassware etc.


Wooden Bowls

Dad being a wood carver he gravitates to all the wood working items. They have handcarved sculptures, bowls, toys, utensils, holiday ornaments and more.

Bronze Coffee Tables

Retriever Coffee Table

Retriever Coffee Table Close Up

They have some bronze statues and coffee tables that were out of this world amazing. The fly fisherman coffee table shown is the 6th of 30 in the series. It is $18,000.00 and is worth every penny. Since I spent many hours training Sonny, my golden retriever on land and in water to retrieve birds I personally love the retriever coffee table. The detail on both coffee tables is unbelievable.


Don’t forget to look up either because they have some super unique mobiles hanging all around the ceiling of the building. Every square inch of this place has some incredible art and my photos don’t even show the tip of the iceberg. So, if you have the chance to visit please do. It’s a wonderful place.



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