Needle Felted Oak Leaf

Sep 26, 2014

Oak Leaf

I always love a cre­ative chal­lenge so when a cus­tomer asked if I could cre­ate a pen­dant from one of my dried acorns I of course said sure. As I thought more about the neck­lace I felt (no pun intend­ed) hav­ing a nee­dle felt­ed oak leaf would look adorable along side the acorn. The chal­lenge came when I real­ized I had nev­er nee­dle felt­ed an oak leaf. Amy picked the col­or of the felt for her leaf and away I went. I think this is the cutest pen­dant and I already have anoth­er cus­tomer request­ing a sim­i­lar neck­lace, this time with a teal leaf.

Felted Acorns

Amy’s oak leaf is made using the #3 felt col­or and Diana’s will be cre­at­ed using #9. If you would like a neck­lace cre­at­ed with a dried acorn pen­dant and nee­dle felt­ed oak leaf please feel free to email me at Cus­tom orders are always wel­come and unique jew­el­ry piece can always be found in my Etsy Shop.

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