I’m a Nature Girl Living in The Burbs

Sep 16, 2014

Blue Flowers

I have always loved and appre­ci­at­ed nature. One of my favorite things we did as a fam­i­ly grow­ing up was to go sail­ing near Plea­sure Island hop­ping from island to island or spend­ing the day at Crys­tal Beach or Sea Rim State Park. I was always look­ing on the ground for fid­dler crabs and shells, in the trees for nests and birds or pick­ing flow­ers along the sand dunes. I’m still like that and find natures beau­ty in the small­est of things.

Even though I live in the sub­urbs I still try to find and enjoy all the nature around me. I get dai­ly plea­sure in watch­ing blue jays, car­di­nals, mock­ing­birds and house spar­rows vis­it bird baths I have strate­gi­cal­ly placed out­side my stu­dio and kitchen win­dows. I love look­ing at the red oak tree in our back­yard with it’s branch­es filled with so many beau­ti­ful acorns. Although, these acorns do have me con­cerned for our win­ter because there are so many the weight is pulling down the branch­es. I love watch­ing tur­tles sun­bathe and the mal­lard ducks, Cana­di­an geese and oth­er migrat­ing water­fowl swim in the water­way of our sub­di­vi­sion.

You can only imag­ine if I can enjoy so much nature in my tiny area of the sub­urbs how I love walk­ing around the old home­stead cap­tur­ing lit­tle bits and pieces of nature seen all around me. I am look­ing for­ward to incor­po­rat­ing some of these images into my art­work.

Heart Leaf

Find­ing nature hearts is one thing I enjoy doing and loved find­ing this leaf heart on the dri­ve­way of my aunt and uncle’s.

crawdad hole

Even this craw­dad hole is beau­ti­ful in my eyes. It takes a lot of work for that lit­tle craw­dad to make a house like this. I have so many fun mem­o­ries spent with my broth­er stick­ing a stick inside these try­ing to catch a craw­dad. We caught some a time or two and always put him back. Catch­ing one was fun but putting him back inside his home made us feel bet­ter.

Homestead Tree

This is just one tiny sec­tion of the huge pine tree near the old home­stead. Every time I look at this tree I won­der how old it is as it has to be 100’s of years old. It’s the tallest tree on the old home­stead lot and is filled with per­fect­ly round wood­peck­er holes from top to bot­tom.


I love look­ing at the lichen on the trees as the shapes and shades of green are so pret­ty on the tree trunks.

Golden Rod

Even the dread­ed gold­en rod is beau­ti­ful against a blue sky. I feel so sor­ry for all you aller­gy suf­fers as gold­en rod was plen­ti­ful in every state we drove through.

Snapping Goldfish flowers

Snap­ping gold­fish flow­ers are sprin­kled around the old home­stead. They are a lit­tle more orange than what this pho­to shows. Not sure what hap­pened here.

Queen Ann's Lace

And I believe Queen Ann’s Lace is the pret­ti­est weed ever cre­at­ed. You can find it grow­ing all along the road in front of the old home­stead.


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