I’m a Nature Girl Living in The Burbs

Sep 16, 2014

Blue Flowers

I have always loved and appreciated nature. One of my favorite things we did as a family growing up was to go sailing near Pleasure Island hopping from island to island or spending the day at Crystal Beach or Sea Rim State Park. I was always looking on the ground for fiddler crabs and shells, in the trees for nests and birds or picking flowers along the sand dunes. I’m still like that and find natures beauty in the smallest of things.

Even though I live in the suburbs I still try to find and enjoy all the nature around me. I get daily pleasure in watching blue jays, cardinals, mockingbirds and house sparrows visit bird baths I have strategically placed outside my studio and kitchen windows. I love looking at the red oak tree in our backyard with it’s branches filled with so many beautiful acorns. Although, these acorns do have me concerned for our winter because there are so many the weight is pulling down the branches. I love watching turtles sunbathe and the mallard ducks, Canadian geese and other migrating waterfowl swim in the waterway of our subdivision.

You can only imagine if I can enjoy so much nature in my tiny area of the suburbs how I love walking around the old homestead capturing little bits and pieces of nature seen all around me. I am looking forward to incorporating some of these images into my artwork.

Heart Leaf

Finding nature hearts is one thing I enjoy doing and loved finding this leaf heart on the driveway of my aunt and uncle’s.

crawdad hole

Even this crawdad hole is beautiful in my eyes. It takes a lot of work for that little crawdad to make a house like this. I have so many fun memories spent with my brother sticking a stick inside these trying to catch a crawdad. We caught some a time or two and always put him back. Catching one was fun but putting him back inside his home made us feel better.

Homestead Tree

This is just one tiny section of the huge pine tree near the old homestead. Every time I look at this tree I wonder how old it is as it has to be 100’s of years old. It’s the tallest tree on the old homestead lot and is filled with perfectly round woodpecker holes from top to bottom.


I love looking at the lichen on the trees as the shapes and shades of green are so pretty on the tree trunks.

Golden Rod

Even the dreaded golden rod is beautiful against a blue sky. I feel so sorry for all you allergy suffers as golden rod was plentiful in every state we drove through.

Snapping Goldfish flowers

Snapping goldfish flowers are sprinkled around the old homestead. They are a little more orange than what this photo shows. Not sure what happened here.

Queen Ann's Lace

And I believe Queen Ann’s Lace is the prettiest weed ever created. You can find it growing all along the road in front of the old homestead.


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