Happy Fall Y’all

Sep 22, 2014


To cel­e­brate the first day of autumn I picked at least a bushel of acorns from our red oak tree. I’m now in the process of remov­ing lots of lit­tle acorn caps to add to the tops of some hand­made felt­ed acorns. I love mak­ing felt­ed any­thing and find my felt­ing inspi­ra­tion seems to come more in autumn and win­ter. I’ll have a few sets of felt­ed acorns in my Etsy shop soon.

I plan on dry­ing the remain­ing acorns and plac­ing them around the house. It’s great being able to bring a lit­tle bit of nature inside our home and from the looks of our red oak tree this win­ter is not going to be pret­ty. The branch­es all the way to the tip­py top are filled with 100’s and 100’s of big fat acorns. You can imag­ine how hap­py the neigh­bor­hood squir­rels are at the moment.


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