Happy Fall Y’all

Sep 22, 2014


To celebrate the first day of autumn I picked at least a bushel of acorns from our red oak tree. I’m now in the process of removing lots of little acorn caps to add to the tops of some handmade felted acorns. I love making felted anything and find my felting inspiration seems to come more in autumn and winter. I’ll have a few sets of felted acorns in my Etsy shop soon.

I plan on drying the remaining acorns and placing them around the house. It’s great being able to bring a little bit of nature inside our home and from the looks of our red oak tree this winter is not going to be pretty. The branches all the way to the tippy top are filled with 100’s and 100’s of big fat acorns. You can imagine how happy the neighborhood squirrels are at the moment.


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