DIY Sugar Body Scrub

Aug 27, 2014

DIY Sugar Scrub


  • 1/4 Cup Coconut Oil (sol­id jar form not liq­uid form)
  • 1 1/2 Cups Sug­ar (I used Impe­r­i­al Pure Cane Sug­ar but you can use Raw Sug­ar if you want a coars­er scrub)
  • 10 Drops Lemon Essen­tial Oil
  • 2 Drops Pep­per­mint Essen­tial Oi


  1. Place coconut oil into medi­um sized microwave safe bowl for 25–30 sec­onds to melt.
  2. Add essen­tial oils to melt­ed coconut oil and stir.
  3. Add sug­ar to coconut oil and stir until mixed well.

This sug­ar scrub makes enough to fill a small mason jar and one large med­i­cine bot­tle, I know odd choice but it’s all I could find to hold the excess sug­ar scrub. This sug­ar scrub is not over­ly oily which is how I like my sug­ar scrubs. If you pre­fer more oil in your body scrubs you can increase the amount of coconut oil used or add small amounts of Sweet Almond Oil or Jojo­ba Oil to the mix­ture. I’ve had some body scrubs that I had to mix before using as it had about an inch of oil sit­ting on the top. This is just too much oil for my lik­ing. Plus you had to hold on for dear life when get­ting out of the tub or show­er it was so slip­pery.

NOTE: This sug­ar scrub will still make your show­er floor or bath tub a bit slip­pery so be care­ful when get­ting out.

I put some of this sug­ar scrub in a con­tain­er a.k.a. med­i­cine bot­tle and use it as a lip scrub which is super yum­my. All you do is apply the sug­ar scrub to your lips, gen­tly rub the sug­ar on your lips and lick off the sug­ar. Then I applied some of the pep­per­mint lip gloss I made and man my lips are soft.

I keep the small mason jar filled with sug­ar scrub next to my bath tub and just scoop some out of the jar as need­ed. First, I rub it between my hands just a bit so it warms up the coconut oil then I rub it on my legs, knees, arms and elbows. When get­ting out of the tub I pat myself dry and have the soft­est skin.

This sug­ar scrub also works as a great foot scrub. I’m think­ing about mak­ing one with just pep­per­mint essen­tial oils to use on days my feet are tired and need a won­der­ful cool­ing off pick me up.


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