Basic Bead Wire Wrapping Tutorial

Aug 11, 2014

Several of you have asked me to do a tutorial showing you how to wire wrap a bead. I tried to make this as simple to follow as possible by taking a photo at every step. I hope this tutorial helps you out and doesn’t confuse you even more. At first you will feel like you are fumbling your way through it as I know I certainly did but once you do it over and over again you will be wire wrapping beads without giving it a second thought.

Tools Needed: Round Nose Pliers, Chain Nose Pliers, Side Cutter Pliers

Supplies: Beads, Headpins

Step One

  • Thread headpin through bead, place midway between your round nose pliers.

Step 2

  • Bend the headpin towards you.

Step 3

  • Reposition round nose pliers as shown.

Step 4

  • Bend the headpin upwards.

Step 5

  • Bend the headpin over the round nose pliers.

Step 5 Side View

  • The headpin should look like this photo.

Step 6

  • Reposition the round nose pliers to look like this.

Step 7

  • Pull the headpin towards you so that the headpin wraps around the round nose pliers midsection.

Step 8

  • Remove the bead from the round nose pliers. Now using the chain nose pliers hold the bead as shown. You want the long part of the headpin to be parallel with the chain nose pliers.

Step 9

  • Pull the headpin back (away from you) and up

Step 10

  • Pull the headpin towards you and down. This will wrap the headpin around the section between the bead and the loop.

Step 11

  • Again, pull the headpin back (away from you) and up. This will begin the second wire wrap.

Step 12

  • Again, pull the headpin towards you and down. This will wrap the headpin around the section between the bead and the loop for the second time.

Step 13

  • Pull the headpin back (away from you) and up

Step 14

  • Using side cutter pliers, snip the excess headpin off as close to the bead as possible.

Step 15

  • Using the chain nose pliers squeeze the cut end of the headpin so it is not sticking out and is as flush with the wire wrapped base as possible.

Wire Wrapped Bead

And you did it… you have successfully wire wrapped a bead. Remember, it takes some practice but once you get it, you won’t think a second about doing it, all the steps will come naturally.


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