Altered Art Journal Tag 1

Aug 29, 2014

Art Journal Tag 1

When you find your arty style art flows like a leaf float­ing down­stream but gosh when you try to force it, it’s all upstream and darn near impos­si­ble to cre­ate some­thing you love. I’m so hap­py with the style I’ve final­ly dis­cov­ered as it has tak­en me a long time. But in the end all the tri­al and error paid off. This art jour­nal tag mea­sures 4″ x 8.5″ and is cov­ered in lay­ers and lay­ers of paint. I still can­not get over that I’m using paint and get­ting my hands messy.

On my Art Jour­nal Page 2 blog post I shared with you a quick image trans­fer tech­nique and today I’m going to share with you an image trans­fer tech­nique that gives you a less dis­tressed image trans­fer and a more defined image trans­fer.

Image Trans­fer Tech­nique

  1. Using a paint­brush spread a smooth even medi­um lay­er of Mul­ti Medi­um onto your tag.
  2. Place the laser print­ed or copy machine image face down onto the Mul­ti Medi­um.
  3. Press down on the image to remove any air bub­bles but make sure you DO NOT get any of the wet mul­ti medi­um onto the (white back, now top, of the image you are trans­fer­ring as this will make remov­ing the pulp a bit dif­fi­cult.
  4. Once the Mul­ti Medi­um is dry, using a mis­ter bot­tle filled with water, wet the back of the laser print­ed or copy machine image and gen­tly rub off the excess paper pulp. If you rub too hard the image will rub off so be gen­tle.
  5. Con­tin­ue to mist water onto the paper as need­ed until you have removed all the paper pulp.
  6. If you have some areas where the pulp remains just rub a lit­tle Mul­ti Medi­um with your fin­ger­tips over the trans­ferred image and it should take care of any remain­ing fuzzies.

Art Journal Tag 1

This is a cool way to add cli­part or your own pho­tos to your art jour­nal pages in a very unique way.


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