Altered Art Journal Page 2

Aug 28, 2014

Altered Art Journal Page 2

Oh boy did I have fun cre­at­ing this art jour­nal page. I believe I final­ly dis­cov­ered the art jour­nal­ing style for me. I even got messy hands in the process. This my friends is some­thing because I can­not stand to have messy hands.

I began my page with a sim­ple image trans­fer using two pho­tos I took while in Bel­la­gio sev­er­al years ago teach­ing at Lau­ra McCul­lough’s awe­some A Kiss On The Chic Cre­ative Art Retreat. Lau­ra hosts some amaz­ing art retreats and if you can you real­ly should join her for at least one. She is an amaz­ing host.

If you want to do an image trans­fer onto your art jour­nal­ing page which I high­ly rec­om­mend you do because it is so fun to see the image trans­fer like mag­ic. You will need to print your pho­tos using a laser print­er or copy machine, this is very impor­tant. If you use an ink jet print­er the ink will run and your image will smear. Also, if your image has word­ing make sure you flip the image before print­ing. If you don’t the word­ing will be back­wards once it’s trans­ferred onto your art jour­nal­ing page. This image trans­fer tech­nique is a quick one.

The result will be a dis­tressed image. If you are want­i­ng a more pre­cise image trans­fer I’ll share this tech­nique at a lat­er time.

Quick Image Trans­fer Tech­nique

  1. Apply a medi­um lay­er of Mul­ti Medi­um onto paper
  2. Place Image on top of Mul­ti Medi­um
  3. Using a bur­nish­ing tool rub over entire image to remove any bub­bles between the Mul­ti Medi­um and image you are trans­fer­ring
  4. Let the Mul­ti Medi­um sit for sev­er­al min­utes then lift an edge of the paper to take a peek, if the image is trans­fer­ring onto your jour­nal page slow­ly remove the paper to reveal your image trans­fer. If the image is not wait a bit longer.
  5. Once the image is trans­ferred using your fin­ger tip to gen­tly rub the excess paper pulp from the trans­ferred image.

Once I had the images trans­ferred on my art jour­nal­ing page I start­ed adding paint in shades of yel­low, tan and white. I used a wood­en Pop­si­cle stick to ran­dom­ly add col­or on the edges and around the images. I seri­ous­ly love how the paint appli­ca­tion looks using a Pop­si­cle stick.

Art Journal Page 2

Once I had the paint the way I liked it I attached some old stamps and die cut doilies from a dic­tio­nary page around the page using my fin­gers, a paint­brush & Mul­ti Medi­um.

Art Journal Page 2

The flo­ral accent is an image I cut from a vin­tage post­card and attached using a glue stick and a lay­er of Mul­ti Medi­um over the top. I stamped the word­ing using Jet Black Archival Ink and small alpha stamps then inked the edges  of each word using Sepia Archival Ink.

Art Journal Page 2

To add a bit more tex­ture and visu­al appeal I stitched along the sides of each die cut doily using cream thread and a straight stitch. I left the threads hang­ing from the page as I liked the shab­by look and feel.

Art Journal Page 2

I’m real­ly hap­py with the col­ors, dis­tressed images and all around feel of this art jour­nal­ing page. You can bet I’ll be mak­ing more shab­by chic pages soon.


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