Altered Art Journal ATC 1

Aug 25, 2014


I was so super happy when I discovered (which is what happens when you clean areas of your studio, you discover things) I had a set of 6″ x 8″ pocket pages that fit inside my art journal. Since these pocket pages are a variety pack I have several different sized pockets that are perfect to add different sized art pieces into my journal. Yes, I’m happy.

So once I discovered I had more options for my art journal I decided to create a small ATC type piece to put into one of the pocket pages. This card measures 2.75″ x 4″ so it is a bit off in measurements for a traditional ATC which is 2.5″ x 3.5″.  The base of the card is from a portion of the left over postcard I had from my first art journal piece.

If you wish to create a similar card here are the products I used. Vintage Postcard, Viva Decor Stone Effects, American Crafts DIY Studio Washi Tape, Stencil, Diamond Stickles, Maya Road Vintage Crochet Tape ~ Buttermilk, Small Alpha Stamps, Vintage Photo Distress Ink, Perfect Pearls Mist Biscotti, Ranger Multi Medium, Decorative Napkins (Butterfly) Self Adhesive Pearls, Scissors, Scallop Decorative Scissors, Jet Black Archival Ink, Spatula, Glue Stick, Tape Runner, Paintbrush, Heat Tool

ATC close up

  • Apply glue stick adhesive to front of vintage postcard. Attach book page.
  • Apply Vintage Photo Distress Ink onto the card, randomly mist some Perfect Pearls Biscotti onto the card and ink, hold the card upright allowing the mist to drip and run down the card. Dry mist with heat tool.
  • Place stencil onto card and apply Viva Decor Stone Effects, let dry.
  • Accent stenciled area with Diamond Stickles if you want more sparkle.
  • Attach a piece of washi tape to the left side edge of the card
  • Cut butterfly images from napkin, peel layers of napkin away from cut image, using a paintbrush carefully apply Multi Medium to the back of the butterfly. The cut out piece will tear easily.
  • Place butterfly onto the card, use your paint brush to smooth and pat down the butterfly, apply a thin layer of Multi Medium on top of the butterfly to seal it in place. Repeat these steps for attaching additional butterflies.
  • Once the Multi Medium is dry ink the edges using Vintage Photo Distress Ink
  • Using scallop decorative scissors trim the left and lower right side of the card, using a distressing tool, distress the edges of the card and reink using Vintage Photo Distress Ink
  • Peel the paper off the crochet tape and attach to the base of the card, turn the card over and attach another piece of crochet tape on top of the first piece.
  • Using Jet Black Archival Ink and mini alpha stamps, stamp your sentiment onto a piece of paper, I used the blank margin area from my book page to stamp my words on.
  • Attach the words to your card using a tape running.
  • Accent the lower right area above the crochet tape with 5 self adhesive pearls.


This is how the card looks inside the pocket page. Since I used a vintage postcard the back is super cute. I’ll add a little saying to the back later but I could not help but add the blue butterfly now. I love that the postcard is addressed to a lady in Morgantown, WV. My aunt, uncle and cousin live there so I have lots of fond memories of Morgantown.



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