Tin Necklaces

Jul 15, 2014


Not only have I been making cuff style bracelets but I’ve also been making some cute simply stated 24″ necklaces. This necklace is what I call a dressed up version of a dog tag. Since I like my items to have a distressed feel before stamping my word I gave the metal tag several whacks with my brass hammer. Once I the silver metal tag was banged up a bit I metal stamped the word smile onto the silver metal tag using what is now my favorite letter stamp set 3mm Newsprint lowercase by ImpressArt.  I applied some Mustard Seed Distress Paint with my finger into the stamped letters then instantly wiped away the excess with a paper towel. Next I wire wrapped some beads to create a charm and BAM just like that I was done. I think this will look too cute worn with a boho chic or casual summer outfit. This necklace is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop,  it’s $14.95 + $5.80 flat rate shipping.

NOTE: once Distress Paint dries it is on for good so you do not want to play around just apply and wipe off. 

Heart Necklace

This is another simply stated 24″ necklace. I created the heart accent then wire wrapped a clear vintage iridescent bead which adorns the heart beautifully. This too will look adorable worn with a boho chic or casual summer outfit. It too is available for purchase, it’s $9.95 + $5.80 flat rate shipping.

If either of these tickles your fancy and you wish to purchase one or both, visit my Etsy Shop I will combine purchases to save on shipping so feel free to email me at lisa@lisapace.com or send me a message via Etsy so I can create a Reserve listing.


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