ThermoMorph ~ Moldable Plastic

Jul 8, 2014


I was asked to try ThermoMorph and give an honest review on what I thought and how I liked it. ThermoMorph is made from polymorph granules. I know I was like what the what? I just skipped over the it’s made of this and went straight to playing. Well, ThermoMorph is super cool and so easy to use. It does everything it states on the front of the container.

  • Very Easy to Use
  • Reusable
  • No Tools Required
  • Strong When Set
  • Can be Molded, Carved, Painted, Dyed etc.
  • Applications Are Endless

You all know how I love vintage baubles so I made some molds out of vintage lockets using a silicone mold putty that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Once the molds were set I heated the ThermoMorph as stated in the directions. Again, super easy.

  • Heat water to a boil in a tea kettle then pour it into a suitable container. Allow to cool just a bit to avoid any scalding.
  • Pour ThermoMorph pellets into the hot water.
  • Wait about 2 min., until all the pellets are clear and form a clump.
  • Carefully remove the clump of pellets with tongs and wait until it is cool enough to mold without scalding yourself.
  • I then pulled off enough ThermoMorph from the clump to fill each mold.
  • I allowed the ThermoMorph to cool to room temperature and watched as it created a hard plastic.
  • I popped the hearts out of the mold and BAM instant embellishment just waiting to be altered. Sorry I don’t have a before altering photo… got so excited I forgot to take a photo.


You can see here how the back of the hearts are white like the pellets before heating. After I took the hearts out of the molds I sanded the edges.  Once I had the edges like I wanted I painted several coats of Dina Wakley’s Media Paint on top, once the paint was dry, using my finger I applied a thin layer of Adirondack Metallic Gold Paint to the embossed areas of each heart. To protect the painted areas I applied a coating of Diamond Glaze over the top of each heart. The glossy finish really completes the hearts and gives them a more finished look.


This product has so many possibilities and I will be playing around with it more for sure. Oh and a super cool thing, if the molded piece does not come out the way you like it, just reheat it in hot water and start over. There is zero waste with this product. The remaining pieces I had from the clump I used is sitting inside the container waiting for next time. That is cool!

I give this product two thumbs up, it’s easy to use, has zero mess and no waste. If you want to purchase a jar and give it a try yourself, you can find it on Amazon HERE.


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