Road Trip with Madelyn Day 2

Jul 2, 2014

Crockett Hotel

Wednesday morning, we got up early and headed down for a wonderful breakfast in the Crockett Hotel. As soon as Madelyn found out she was going on a road trip with us she started looking through the gallery of photos on the Crockett Hotel website. She stumbled upon a photo of a Texas shaped waffle and this waffle has been on her mind the entire month. Needless to say we hit the waffle maker first thing and it did not disappoint. She gave it a two thumbs up. While we were eating, San Antonio was having a much needed thunderstorm. We tried to wait out the storm to look around downtown a bit more but the forecast had rain predicted into the afternoon, so after breakfast we checked out of the hotel and headed for Austin. We saw everything she wanted the night before so leaving a few hours early was no biggie.

Congress St. Austin, Texas

Once we got to Austin we decided to take Madelyn to two stores on Congress Avenue that we thought she would really enjoy. The first shop was Big Top Candy Shop. This place is a candy lovers dream. It is filled with every kind of candy you can imagine lots of chocolate, every flavor of jelly beans, bacon flavored candies, sour candies, gummy candies, taffy and more. It was fun showing Madelyn some of the candies I ate as a child.

The next shop we visited was Monkey See Monkey Do. This shop was entertaining for kids and adults. We all laughed at the items they had for sale. They have the best selection of novelty items I’ve seen in a long time.

The next place we took Madelyn was the Thinkery. This children’s museum is amazing. We spent three hours in this hands on museum. At first, it was a bit overwhelming for her because it was so crowded and filled with bad mannered unsupervised kids running all over but once they and some of the larger groups left it was really amazing and Madelyn loved participating in all of the exhibits.


Since we still had a good 3.5 hour drive home and it was now time to eat dinner we decided to surprise Madelyn with an unplanned sleepover in Waco instead of driving back to Frisco. She was thrilled to get to spend the night in another hotel and swim in a hotel pool. It’s the little things that make kids happy. I let her swim until she was too tired to swim anymore. Timing kids doing anything in a pool is a great way to tire them out quick. I timed her swimming laps, holding her breath, floating and doing handstands and she loved that she had the entire indoor pool all to herself.


Madelyn was so excited going to sleep knowing we were going to tour the Dr. Pepper Museum the next morning. This girl loves Dr. Pepper.


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