Road Trip with Madelyn Day 1

Jul 1, 2014

Last week, my niece Madelyn was visiting. Tuesday, started our insanely fun road trip. We left Frisco bright and early (7AM) to head to San Antonio. On our way we saw billboards for the Inner Space Cavern and decided that once we got to Georgetown we would stop and tour this cavern. We loved the tour and highly recommend it. It does get a bit humid and warm inside but we all felt it was worth the sweat.

If you decide to take a tour make sure you are wearing running shoes. Flip flops would be a real challenge when walking into the cavern. You are walking at a slant for quite a bit, it is wet and in some areas a bit slippery. We were all glad we were wearing running shoes. Having some cold water bottles waiting for you in your car will be a much welcomed drink. We had some ice cold bottles in our cooler waiting for us and they were gone in no time.

Inner Space Caverns

Once we finished our tour we jumped back into the car and headed down 35. Once we go to Austin, we made a stop at the Capitol to take a tour. First we toured the Capitols Visitor Center. This is a very nice center and is a great self paced tour to take before you tour the Capitol, especially if you have kids.

Visitor Center

After touring the Capitol Visitor Center we walked over to the state Capitol. There is a guided tour every 15 to 30 minutes that you can take but we decided on our own self paced tour following the pamphlet they gave us at the Visitor Center. We walked every square inch of the Capitol until we could not climb another step.

State Capitol

When Madelyn was ready to leave we climbed back into the car and headed to San Antonio. We checked into the Crockett Hotel then walked across the street to visit the Alamo. After touring the Alamo we walked around downtown and along the Riverwalk.

San Antonio

After dinner we went through Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Madelyn was so funny, the things I thought would freak her out like the shrunken head didn’t but a wax statue, that kid was gone. She did not like any of the wax figures. She had us laughing so hard but she loved the tour.

Ripley's Believe It or Not

After this I sat by the pool and swatted mosquitoes so she could have a nighttime swim in the hotel pool. Once she was finished swimming and I had no more blood to give we headed in, bathed and went to bed. It was only 9PM but we were so tired. It was a full day of wonderful memories, laughter and fun.


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