Leather & Vintage Tin Bracelet

Jul 9, 2014

Leather Tin Bracelet

It makes this mom­ma so proud when one of my daugh­ters sees a jew­el­ry project on my work­table, picks it up and says, “I’d wear this, this is cool.” Late­ly, I’ve been play­ing around with vin­tage tins cut­ting them into sim­ple shapes to cre­ate accents for bracelets and ear­rings. I love old tins and think up-cycling them into jew­el­ry is fun.

The leather lace used on this bracelet is fab­u­lous and is my favorite. It’s 15mm Deer­skin lace and is “SUPER SOFT”. You can find it at Endlessleather.com. The col­or I used to make this bracelet is called cognac.

Leather and Tin Bracelet

If you want to see more vin­tage tin jew­el­ry I’ve cre­at­ed please check out my Etsy shop. It’s filled with ear­rings, bracelets and rings all rea­son­ably priced for hand­made jew­el­ry. I’ve done all the leg work of find­ing the vin­tage items and turn­ing them into some­thing for you to wear. It can’t get much eas­i­er than that for ya!


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