Handmade Gifts are Best

Jul 25, 2014

I truly believe a handmade gift is one of the best gifts one can receive. I know I love to receive anything handmade. The thought that someone took the time to make something special just for me, means more than I can describe. If you are just starting out in hand stamping jewelry charms or are thinking about starting this charm is something you can create fast and easily.

GiGi & Jemma

One tip I have for beginners is to start out with ImpressArt Soft Strike Metal Stamping Blanks. These are amazing!!! The stamping blank used in my example is the Pewter, Square, 15/16″ Item # IAD13102. I secured the blank onto a stamping block using stamp straight tape. Don’t even try to stamp your metal without using this awesome tape. I promise you stamp straight tape saves you loads of stamping mishaps and doesn’t leave any sticky residue on your stamping block.

I attach stamp straight tape across the stamping blank right where I want the word to be. I use the top edge of the tape as a guide when placing the letter stamp onto the stamping blank. In this example, I used the Upper and Lowercase 3mm Newsprint letter stamps.

Centering your words…

Tip: When stamping three lines as I did in this example, I find it is best to stamp the middle line first (3 hearts) then stamp the upper “GiGi” and lower words or names “Jemma”.

Tip: When metal stamping it is important to hold the letter stamp straight up and down on the metal stamping blank. If the letter stamp is held even slightly to the left, right front or back you will not get a nice even impression from the letter stamp. You want the letter to be rest flat onto the stamping blank and you can only achieve this when the letter stamp is straight up and down.

Tip: One strike with the hammer and you are done! Do NOT try to strike the same letter again as you risk getting a double stamped impression.

Okay, I think I’m done with the tips. When you’re ready to start stamping your word you need to find the center of the word you are wanting to stamp. For example, the center of  “GiGi” is between the “i” and “G”, so I stamped the lowercase “i” just slightly to the left side of the hole in the stamping blank. Then I stamped the uppercase “G” to the right of the lowercase “i”. Your stamped letters should look like this, “iG”. Are you with me here?

Next, I stamped the uppercase “G” to the left of the lowercase “i” previously stamped. Your stamped letters should look like this, “GiG” Then to finish the word I stamped the lowercase “i” to the right of the uppercase “G”. The word “GiGi” is now stamped.

ImpressArt has the awesome resource called “Metal Stamp Viewer” that allows you to see what your stamped blank will look like before you begin.

Filling in the letters…

You can fill in the letters using a Sharpie pen and polishing off the excess ink or apply a coating of acrylic paint on top of the letters and wiping off the excess using a paper towel. I prefer using acrylic paint but both work well.

Cheers to Metal Stamping!



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