DART Rail & The Dallas World Aquarium

Jul 31, 2014

Tues­day, Ans­ley and I rode the DART rail into Dal­las to take Bel­lie to vis­it the Dal­las World Aquar­i­um. The ride into Dal­las was made super fun because we sat in our seat so that we were going back­wards. When your 7 that’s awe­some.

Bellie and Me

Looking out the window

Once we arrived it was absolute amaze­ment. I’m a firm believ­er that if you real­ly want to enjoy some­thing like this com­plete­ly take a child. Their won­der and excite­ment is price­less.

Rain forest

We got to the sloth exhib­it at the per­fect time as it was climb­ing up and down the trees ever so slow­ly. This is my third time to vis­it the aquar­i­um and the first time to ever see the sloth move. Usu­al­ly, it’s sleep­ing and not mov­ing a mus­cle. I thought Bel­lie’s eyes were going to pop right out of her head she was so excit­ed.


The man­a­tee was a big hit with LOTS of peo­ple. Bel­lie wait­ed and wait­ed for it to come clos­er to the glass so she could get her pho­to tak­en with it. She also loved watch­ing the sea tur­tle swim and was­n’t too sure about walk­ing into the tun­nel with a huge saw shark just above her head.


We fin­ished out the vis­it watch­ing flamin­gos and pen­guins, ate some lunch then head­ed back home and talked and talked about all the amaz­ing ani­mals we saw. It was a fun day and if ever you get the chance to vis­it the Dal­las World Aquar­i­um I high­ly rec­om­mend you do.


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