DART Rail & The Dallas World Aquarium

Jul 31, 2014

Tues­day, Ans­ley and I rode the DART rail into Dal­las to take Bel­lie to vis­it the Dal­las World Aquar­i­um. The ride into Dal­las was made super fun because we sat in our seat so that we were going back­wards. When your 7 that’s awe­some. Once we arrived it was absolute amaze­ment. I’m a firm believ­er that if you real­ly want to enjoy some­thing like this com­plete­ly take a child. Their won­der and excite­ment is price­less. We got to the sloth exhib­it at the per­fect time as it was climb­ing up and down the trees ever so slow­ly. This is my third time to vis­it the aquar­i­um and the first time to ever see the sloth move. Usu­al­ly, it’s sleep­ing and not mov­ing a mus­cle. I thought Bel­lie’s eyes were going to pop right out...

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Bellie’s Here For A Visit

Jul 30, 2014

This past Sat­ur­day, Isabel­la (a.k.a. Bel­lie) my 7 year old niece came for her week of every­day fun. We have had a blast doing one paint project after the next. This girl LOVES to PAINT! She wants to paint over going to see a movie, get­ting a makeover at Sweet & Sassy, eat­ing break­fast at IHOP etc. I sug­gest some­thing fun to do for the day and all she says is can I just paint. So paint is what we have done all week. I asked her Sun­day what she want­ed to paint and she said a horse. At first I pan­icked because this aun­tie does not draw espe­cial­ly hors­es. So I found some col­or­ing pages of My Lit­tle Pony online, print­ed some out, let her pick which one she want­ed to paint then...

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Handmade Gifts are Best

Jul 25, 2014

I tru­ly believe a hand­made gift is one of the best gifts one can receive. I know I love to receive any­thing hand­made. The thought that some­one took the time to make some­thing spe­cial just for me, means more than I can describe. If you are just start­ing out in hand stamp­ing jew­el­ry charms or are think­ing about start­ing this charm is some­thing you can cre­ate fast and eas­i­ly. One tip I have for begin­ners is to start out with Impres­sArt Soft Strike Met­al Stamp­ing Blanks. These are amaz­ing!!! The stamp­ing blank used in my exam­ple is the Pewter, Square, 15/16″ Item # IAD13102. I secured the blank onto a stamp­ing block using stamp straight tape. Don’t even try to stamp your met­al with­out using this awe­some tape. I promise you stamp straight tape saves you loads...

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Owl Pendant

Jul 24, 2014

This lit­tle cutie is a one of a kind orig­i­nal pen­dant that I craft­ed from vin­tage items. The tin is all hand cut using a tem­plate I designed. I can promise you there will nev­er be anoth­er pen­dant like this owl, it’s tru­ly a one and only. The Owl mea­sures approx­i­mate­ly 2″ in length and 2″ in width. It comes with either an 18″ or 24″ Sil­ver Ball Chain. If you wish to pur­chase this unique pen­dant I have it up for auc­tion HERE, bid­ding ends...

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New Designs and A Giveaway

Jul 23, 2014

Here are some of the lat­est jew­el­ry pieces I have cre­at­ed. If you want to stay up to date on all the new items craft­ed as I make them please go to my Face­book Page “Anti­quat­ed Col­lec­tion by Lisa M. Pace and “Like” my page. Make sure you also click on “Get Noti­fi­ca­tions” so you can view the items right then. Some pieces sell with­in min­utes of post­ing and since no two pieces are ever exact as I craft each piece by hand, once it’s gone it’s gone. I can always cre­ate a sim­i­lar piece but since all the sup­plies used are vin­tage I can’t recre­ate an exact piece. I also have a draw­ing you can enter for a chance to win a $10.00 gift card to my Etsy Shop. The infor­ma­tion is post­ed on...

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Delightful Arty Crush ~ Sarah Weyman

Jul 21, 2014

“Delight­ful Arty Crush” is a fea­ture I have on my blog which show­cas­es artists who’s work I admire and find inspir­ing. It fea­tures a wide range of artists from col­lage, tex­tile, encaus­tic and lots of oth­er amaz­ing medi­ums. I’m sure you will find each artists work just as inspir­ing as I do and I hope you will vis­it their blogs and oth­er links includ­ed in their fea­ture. The images I share with you are just the tip of the ice­berg in regards to their awe­some­ness. Today, my “Delight­ful Arty Crush” fea­tured artist is, Sarah Wey­man. I dis­cov­ered Sarah and her amaz­ing water­col­or art on Face­book. I instant­ly fell in love with her very unique style and I’m cer­tain you will too. I’ve not come across anoth­er artist that paints wildlife or por­traits quite like her. Sarah Wey­man ~ Sells her art on...

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Dress Necklaces

Jul 18, 2014

These dress neck­laces accent­ed with wire wrapped vin­tage beads are the lat­est designs added to my col­lec­tion of hand­made vin­tage boho chic jew­el­ry. I think what I love most about my jew­el­ry line is no two pieces will ever be dupli­cat­ed. They are all one of a kind pieces and I LOVE it. I am always look­ing for items that are unique to wear and this line is per­fect. FYI… If you see a heart, dress, cross or rec­tan­gle neck­lace in one pat­tern but wish it was in anoth­er pat­tern, please feel free to con­tact me as I might be able to cus­tomize a neck­lace for you and the cost will stay the same. I don’t charge more for this kind of cus­tomiza­tion. As you can see my new jew­el­ry line com­bines my love of vin­tage with my love of casu­al...

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One Of A Kind Tin Bracelets

Jul 17, 2014

I’ve real­ly been enjoy­ing the cre­ative process of jew­el­ry mak­ing. Each piece of jew­el­ry I cre­ate is one of a kind and has been cre­at­ed from items I’ve col­lect­ed from all over the coun­try dur­ing my trav­els. Most of the items used are unwant­ed, bro­ken and rust­ed trea­sures that I bring to life in a new fash­ion. I’ve lov­ing­ly tak­en the time to clean and com­bine these items into some­thing you will want to wear proud­ly. These bracelets are the newest items list­ed in my Etsy shop and will make per­fect gifts for any lady in your fam­i­ly....

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Cross Necklace

Jul 16, 2014

This sim­ply stat­ed cross is a reminder that we are all slight­ly flawed yet still beau­ti­ful. I love the red, aqua and yel­low col­ors as they scream RETRO and go with any sum­mer attire. The tin has a few slight scratch­es here and there but I feel it only adds to the beau­ty of the cross. I wire wrapped a vin­tage clear iri­des­cent bead that dan­gles from two jump rings. The cross mea­sures approx­i­mate­ly 2.25″ in length and hangs from a 24″ ball chain neck­lace. It is list­ed in my Etsy Shop. This match­ing bracelet mea­sures approx­i­mate­ly 7.5″ in length. If need­ed, I can cus­tom size the bracelet for you. I attached vin­tage wire wrapped pearl beads to jump rings which dan­gle all along the bracelet.  This piece can be found in my Etsy Shop too. I...

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Tin Necklaces

Jul 15, 2014

Not only have I been mak­ing cuff style bracelets but I’ve also been mak­ing some cute sim­ply stat­ed 24″ neck­laces. This neck­lace is what I call a dressed up ver­sion of a dog tag. Since I like my items to have a dis­tressed feel before stamp­ing my word I gave the met­al tag sev­er­al whacks with my brass ham­mer. Once I the sil­ver met­al tag was banged up a bit I met­al stamped the word smile onto the sil­ver met­al tag using what is now my favorite let­ter stamp set 3mm Newsprint low­er­case by Impres­sArt.  I applied some Mus­tard Seed Dis­tress Paint with my fin­ger into the stamped let­ters then instant­ly wiped away the excess with a paper tow­el. Next I wire wrapped some beads to cre­ate a charm and BAM just like that I was done....

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Leather Cuff with Vintage Tin & One Little Word

Jul 14, 2014

This week­end, I was busy cre­at­ing one of a kind bracelets. This bracelet is mixed with all sorts of fun stuff. The base of the cuff is leather and is accent­ed with tin that I hand cut from a vin­tage tin. The tin is attached to the leather with crys­tal riv­ets that I LOVE. The riv­ets are by Impres­sArt and I need buck­ets of these in every col­or. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them so much. Each end of the leather is cov­ered with a strip of vin­tage tin and is also attached with crys­tal riv­ets. I met­al stamped the word True using the let­ter stamp set Newsprint 3mm low­er­case also by Impres­sArt. Since this bracelet has a boho chic feel to it I did­n’t want the let­ters stamped straight onto the met­al if I had I would have used some stamp...

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Assemblage Makes Me Happy

Jul 10, 2014

I love tak­ing dis­card­ed items found in thrift stores or flea mar­kets, putting them togeth­er and cre­at­ing some­thing won­der­ful. It gives me absolute pure joy and is just what I did to cre­ate this bracelet. I used opaque white beads from a bro­ken rosary, clear iri­des­cent beads from a bro­ken neck­lace, met­al chain, wire wrapped some clear and pearl beads tak­en from a bro­ken bracelet and cut a piece of tin from a beat up old vin­tage tin. When assem­bled togeth­er these dis­card­ed items cre­ate a beau­ti­ful piece. This bracelet is avail­able for pur­chase at $34.95 plus Flat Rate Ship­ping of $5.80. This bracelet is cre­at­ed from hand cut pieces of vin­tage tin and assem­bled along with two vin­tage iri­des­cent beads. This bracelet is avail­able for pur­chase at $24.95 plus Flat Rate Ship­ping at $5.80. These ear­rings are assem­bled using...

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Leather & Vintage Tin Bracelet

Jul 9, 2014

It makes this mom­ma so proud when one of my daugh­ters sees a jew­el­ry project on my work­table, picks it up and says, “I’d wear this, this is cool.” Late­ly, I’ve been play­ing around with vin­tage tins cut­ting them into sim­ple shapes to cre­ate accents for bracelets and ear­rings. I love old tins and think up-cycling them into jew­el­ry is fun. The leather lace used on this bracelet is fab­u­lous and is my favorite. It’s 15mm Deer­skin lace and is “SUPER SOFT”. You can find it at Endlessleather.com. The col­or I used to make this bracelet is called cognac. If you want to see more vin­tage tin jew­el­ry I’ve cre­at­ed please check out my Etsy shop. It’s filled with ear­rings, bracelets and rings all rea­son­ably priced for hand­made jew­el­ry. I’ve done all the leg work of...

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ThermoMorph ~ Moldable Plastic

Jul 8, 2014

I was asked to try Ther­mo­Morph and give an hon­est review on what I thought and how I liked it. Ther­mo­Morph is made from poly­morph gran­ules. I know I was like what the what? I just skipped over the it’s made of this and went straight to play­ing. Well, Ther­mo­Morph is super cool and so easy to use. It does every­thing it states on the front of the con­tain­er. Very Easy to Use Reusable No Tools Required Strong When Set Can be Mold­ed, Carved, Paint­ed, Dyed etc. Appli­ca­tions Are End­less You all know how I love vin­tage baubles so I made some molds out of vin­tage lock­ets using a sil­i­cone mold put­ty that I pur­chased at Hob­by Lob­by. Once the molds were set I heat­ed the Ther­mo­Morph as stat­ed in the direc­tions. Again, super easy. Heat water...

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Road Trip with Madelyn Day 3

Jul 4, 2014

What a great time we had tour­ing the Dr. Pep­per Muse­um in Waco. This three sto­ry muse­um is quaint but fun. Made­lyn absolute­ly loved look­ing at every square inch of this muse­um. They have a nice scav­enger hunt for kids that real­ly helps them learn about the exhibits shown on each lev­el of the muse­um. After the kids fill in all the blanks for the scav­enger hunt they return the sheet to the tick­et area and get a lit­tle gift which is a Dr. Pep­per bot­tle cap. As soon as we got back to Frisco, I turned her bot­tle cap into a charm for a sou­venir neck­lace. Alan and I enjoyed watch­ing some of the old com­mer­cials and remem­bered sev­er­al we saw grow­ing up. We all had the jin­gle “I’m a Pep­per, He’s a Pep­per, She’s a Pep­per, We’re a Pep­per, Would­n’t...

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Fun Holiday Deals

Jul 3, 2014

Vin­tage Ephemera Paper Pack only $14.95 includes ship­ping USA only. Each Pack Includes the fol­low­ing (Please Note: Items will be sim­i­lar but not exact since they are vin­tage finds) Assort­ed Book Pages, Sheet Music, For­eign Lan­guage Book Pages, Bird Guide Book Pages, Chil­dren’s Book Pages, S&H Stamps or sim­i­lar, Paper­doll Clothes, Wall­pa­per piece, View Find­er Piece, Vin­tage Post­cards, Play­ing Cards, Cig­ar Labels, Can­celled Postal Stamps from around the world, Square Dance Cards & old Pre­scrip­tions. This paper pack is great for paper­craft­ing & col­lages. To pur­chase your own Vin­tage Ephemera Paper Pack please click HERE and it will take you to my Etsy Shop. This set of three fun and func­tion­al stamps are per­fect to use for projects and dis­play when not in use are on sale today! Get a set of cam­era stamps along...

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Road Trip with Madelyn Day 2

Jul 2, 2014

Wednes­day morn­ing, we got up ear­ly and head­ed down for a won­der­ful break­fast in the Crock­ett Hotel. As soon as Made­lyn found out she was going on a road trip with us she start­ed look­ing through the gallery of pho­tos on the Crock­ett Hotel web­site. She stum­bled upon a pho­to of a Texas shaped waf­fle and this waf­fle has been on her mind the entire month. Need­less to say we hit the waf­fle mak­er first thing and it did not dis­ap­point. She gave it a two thumbs up. While we were eat­ing, San Anto­nio was hav­ing a much need­ed thun­der­storm. We tried to wait out the storm to look around down­town a bit more but the fore­cast had rain pre­dict­ed into the after­noon, so after break­fast we checked out of the hotel and head­ed for Austin. We saw every­thing...

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Road Trip with Madelyn Day 1

Jul 1, 2014

Last week, my niece Made­lyn was vis­it­ing. Tues­day, start­ed our insane­ly fun road trip. We left Frisco bright and ear­ly (7AM) to head to San Anto­nio. On our way we saw bill­boards for the Inner Space Cav­ern and decid­ed that once we got to George­town we would stop and tour this cav­ern. We loved the tour and high­ly rec­om­mend it. It does get a bit humid and warm inside but we all felt it was worth the sweat. If you decide to take a tour make sure you are wear­ing run­ning shoes. Flip flops would be a real chal­lenge when walk­ing into the cav­ern. You are walk­ing at a slant for quite a bit, it is wet and in some areas a bit slip­pery. We were all glad we were wear­ing run­ning shoes. Hav­ing some cold water bot­tles wait­ing for...

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