Solitude Leather Bracelet

Jun 6, 2014

Leather Cord Solitude Bracelet

I made this bracelet the oth­er night and love it so much I thought I would share a quick tuto­r­i­al so you too can make one. Just a lit­tle note… the crys­tal and pearl beads are from old neck­laces I’ve found in thrift shops or flea mar­kets and the gold heart charm and red and gold glass bead are some mom and dad found. You can find sim­i­lar items I’m sure but if you real­ly want that vin­tage charm you need to dig around thrift shops and flea mar­kets for items you can take apart.

  • Cut a piece of 15m Suede leather cord that is dou­ble the length you wish your bracelet to be.
  • Fold the cord in half, at the bent end about .5″ down from the bent area wrap tight­ly a piece of 24 gauge gold wire at least 10 times around to cre­ate a loop as shown on the right end of the bracelet in the pho­to.
  • Bend the oppo­site two ends of the leather cord in half to cre­ate anoth­er loop and repeat the step above. If the ends are stick­ing out more than you want just trim them off after you have com­plet­ed the wire wrap­ping.
  • Wire wrap your beads onto both leather cord pieces mak­ing sure you alter­nate the beads posi­tions on the cord (mean­ing you do not want all the beads on the same piece of cord) 5 crys­tal beads, 3 pearl beads in vary­ing sizes and one glass heart bead.
  • Attach the large heart charm onto both pieces of leather cord. Using mul­ti medi­um attach a word cut out from a vin­tage book to the hearts cen­ter.
  • Attach a mono­gram charm and clo­sure.

To cre­ate my mono­gram charm I used the fol­low­ing Impres­sArt Prod­ucts ~ Stamp­ing Block, Brass Ham­mer, Stamp Straight Tape, 1/2″ Brass Cir­cle Disk, 6mm Roy­al Crest Let­ter Stamps, Black Acrylic Paint

If you wish to try dif­fer­ent types or col­ors of leather cord click HERE and check out all the col­ors and styles avail­able.



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