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Jun 3, 2014

Scribbly Bird & Stencil

I was­n’t kid­ding when I said I LOVED Dina Wak­ley’s Scrib­bly Birds stamp set. Here is anoth­er piece I made over the week­end. Using Jet Black Archival Ink I stamped the bird image onto a 6″ piece of water­col­or paper, then filled it in with acrylic paints. I paint­ed the entire back­ground with teal acrylic paint.

Scribbly Bird Collage

I used the Kalei­do­scope sten­cil by Ron­da Palaz­zari and some of Wendy Vec­chi’s Crack­le Tex­ture Paste to add tex­ture to the piece. Once the paste was dry and did it’s mag­ic I inked it with Archival Inks and Vin­tage Pho­to Dis­tress Ink. Using Mul­ti Medi­um I attached some vin­tage sheet music and an image from a book. Next I cov­ered the sten­ciled areas and the branch image with bits and pieces of a dress pat­tern.

Scribbly Bird Collage

Once the mul­ti  medi­um dried I paint­ed a cir­cle around the bird with acrylic paint and paint­ed a scal­lop bor­der.

Scribbly Bird Collage

Using the end of my paint brush I added tiny white dots here and there among the sten­ciled areas, scal­lops and bird. I stamped my sen­ti­ment onto the blank mar­gin of some sheet music using mini alpha stamps and Jet Black Archival Ink and attached it to the piece using some mul­ti medi­um. Now I’m try­ing to decid­ed if I want this to be the cov­er for an album or attach it to a gallery wrapped can­vas to hang in my stu­dio.

Scribbly Birds

And to think my fin­ished piece start­ed out look­ing like this water­col­or piece. I did­n’t like the con­trast of the bold lines in the bird with the thin lines of the tree branch and flow­ers I drew so instead of throw­ing it away I went with plan B… an artist can­not fail. You just have to keep plug­ging along or in my case, cov­er it with paint.


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