Mountain Magick Art ~ Jeff Holoubek

May 5, 2014

Dick's Rock Museum Red Rose Rock Shop

Several years ago, mom and dad were given some geodes by a dear friend who picked them up while in New Mexico. When mom and dad found out they were going to Estes Park with me, mom dug them out of the closet and brought them so they could get the geodes cracked opened at Red Rose Rock Shop & Dick’s Rock Museum. If you’ve never been to this rock shop the next time you’re visiting Estes Park you must go. It’s open year round and is filled with some of the most amazing rocks, fossils, gems and minerals from around the world.

Jeff Holoubek

Using this pretty basic contraption, Jeff Holoubek cracked open mom and dad’s three geodes. The first two were nice but the third one, well it was REALLY nice. When Jeff saw what was  hiding inside he was like a little kid at Christmas. Truly excited, showing customers, friends and even took a photo or two.

Mom, Dad & Jeff

Jeff is telling mom and dad all the great things about the crystal formations hiding inside their geodes.


This one is amazing

This is the geode that got everyone excited. I can’t remember everything Jeff said about it but the look on his face when he saw what was inside was priceless. All I remember is, it’s a crystal with a smaller crystal coming off of it with a rainbow something inside.

So exciting to see

Mountain Magick Art

While chatting in the shop we discovered Jeff creates gorgeous pendants from cabochons that he beautifully wire wraps using .999 silver wire. As you can see by the description of this piece he puts a lot of thought into each handmade pendant.

This elegant wrap combines the beauty and power of two wonderful stones, tiger’s eye and rose quartz. They are wrapped back-to-back, the tiger’s eye facing outward to promote vision, the rose quartz resting against the heart to stimulate unconditional love. The bail is left open to symbolize an open heart, a necessity for growth and transformation, and connection to the divine within us all. 

If you want to support a really nice artist check out Jeff’s Etsy shop HERE and his Mountain Magick Facebook Page HERE. You can also follow him on Facebook HERE.


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