Drying Flowers

May 6, 2014


Sadly, my violas are getting to the end of their peak blooming season. I love violas and these have brought me great joy all winter. I can’t stand the thought of tossing them out so I decided to snip off all the blooms and dry them for future art and jewelry projects.


Pressing and drying these tiny flowers is so easy to do. All you need are several sheets of wax paper, some heavy books and 7 days of patience. Since violas are so small 7 days is all you need to wait. If you are pressing larger flowers depending on the size it can take up to 4 weeks.

pressing my violas

To press/dry my violas I lined them on a sheet of wax paper then covered them with another piece of wax paper and placed some heavy books on top. So simple! This is how they look with just 24 hours of pressing. I cannot wait to cover these with resin and or bees wax. They are going to look amazing in jewelry and on canvas art pieces.


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