Be Still Listen ~ Necklace

May 9, 2014

Be Still Listen Necklace

A lot of thought goes into items that are handmade which is one of the reasons I love to purchase handmade items. Most every piece is unique, has a story and is created with lots of love. I’ve discovered that the creative process can be quick and at times, not so quick which is exactly the case for this nature themed necklace.

While working on this necklace, I pondered ideas and dug in my stash several times for the perfect combination of metals and beads. This went on for weeks. I knew I wanted the teeny tiny nest I created to be part of a necklace and that was all I knew. I decided I liked the copper color next to the nest so I hammered and shaped a penny for it to sit inside. Then I started attaching and layering additional metal pieces until I create the square base.

Next, I needed to include nature themed accents. I like eclectic necklaces with lots of movement so I created some bead charms from a  mosaic bead and a few rosary beads from a strand I’ve been hoarding for a very long time. I attached a bird and leaf charm to the rosary beads and a long glass teardrop chandelier piece to the mosaic bead. As I looked at the necklace it still seemed to be lacking something so I added a vintage brass tag that mom and dad found for me. The size, color and shape worked perfectly but would not be complete until I added some words. So I started reading through a vintage book and once I got to page 168 I finally found the three words I wanted, Be Still Listen. I think these words are perfect for a nature themed piece and help rejuvenate the soul.

Be ~ in the moment (I have to work really hard on this one)  Still ~ sitting still allows nature to come to you  Listen ~ hear the birds sing, the wind as it blows through the leaves or the rain is it falls from the sky. (The chandelier piece represents rain.)

Be Still Listen Close Up

To complete this necklace I wire wrapped a vintage iridescent and champagne colored bead and attached them next to the brass tag. I then completed the necklace using white vintage rosary beads as my hope is for whoever wears this necklace feels blessed, always. This piece is listed in my Etsy shop.


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